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19th century Russian silver and enamel Orthodox icon of 'Mother of God', egg tempera on wood panel hallmarked Moscow 1876, 32 x 27cm

19th century Russian icon, of rectangular form, painted with saint and Madonna, standing in front of church, with script, surrounded by finely carved border, with Christies label verso, 20.5 cm x 16 cm

Large rare Russian icon, in silver and enamel, 'Sign'of mother of God, set with a finely painted central image of mother of Christ and child, surrounded by ten well painted saints, with silver oklad accented with enamel work, set within a glass cas

Russian silver 840 standard icon Kazanskaya mother of God with ornate enamelled cloisonne halo & a finely etched oklad. Tet in a timber & glass frame, 29 x 34 x 6 cm

A Russian Icon of the Mother of God, 19th century with silver and gilt oklad and halo, outer glazed case, 27 x 22 cm

A Russian icon, St George and the Dragon, oil on wooden plaque, 26.5 x 23 cm;

A Russian icon of the Ascension, 19th century, depicting Mary and the twelve apostles bearing witness to the Ascension of Christ, 43 x 35.5 x 3 cm

A Russian icon of Christ with a crown of thorns, circa 1820, overlaid with a chased and embossed silvered oklad, 58 x 45 x 4 cm

A Russian brass and blue enamel quadripartite travelling icon of the Resurrection with The Twelve Principal Feasts, 18th century, 36 x 15.5 cm opened

Kazan Mother of God. A Russian icon, 19th century, tempura and gilt on beech board, 31 x 27 cm, Sold in aid of St John's Church, Flinders, to fund David Wright Window

Russian icon, of rectangular form, depicting St Nicholas, with silver oklad, accented with silver enamel crown and halo and enamel work to the corners, Russian silver marks to side and crown, 27 cm x 23 cm

A collection of three Russian icons, 18th/19th century, one of the Evangelist Mark, one of the Mother of God Kazan and one of two Saints, largest, 33 x 35 cm

A 19th century Kazan mother of God icon in gilt & wooden frame, 29 x 25.5 cm

A 20th century Saint Nicholas Deisus story icon, Tempera, 31 x 26 cm

A c. 1800 mother of God icon, Tempera, 36 x 30 cm

Greek icon 'Mother of God' set in a pierced timber frame. Condition good, minor tarnishing. Dimensions 24 x 22 cm

An antique polychrome painted crucifix / Icon, 50 cm high, 32 cm wide

An antique Russian Orthodox icon of St George and the dragon, 19th century, the icon in tempera colours on a gesso prepared ground on a timber panel with battens, painted in the Western manner with an animated saint and horse in a landscape setting, with c

Hand painted Icon of Jesus, St George and St Dimitry, approx 35 cm high, 27 cm wide

A Grand Tour framed giltwood Devotional icon, after Fra Angelico, 67 x 21 cm (including frame)

An antique Russian 'Mother of God - Hodegetria' icon, 19th century, in tempera colours upon a prepared timber panel, a naïve depiction of a half length figure of the Virgin gesturing with her right hand to the Christ child seated upon her left knee

A fine Russian Orthodox icon of Saint Alexander Nevsky, 19th century, in tempera colours upon a gesso prepared timber panel with battens, Alexander typically attired in a suit of armour with a Royal robe trimmed in ermine, a Crown, sceptre and orb beside h

An 18th century Greek icon of Saint Demetrious., 20 x 18 cm

A Spanish polychrome carved timber religious statue icon of Jesus, mid to late 17th century, housed in custom built timber and glass wall mount display cabinet. Cabinet 49 x 56 cm.

A fine mid 19th century Russian icon depicting the descent into Hell and the Resurrection and the twelve feasts, tempera on wooden panel, 48 cm by 38 cm

Russian silver 950 standard icon of Saint George hand beaten & painted, set within a timber frame. Stamped '950'. Condition: good, minor wear. Dimensions 22.5 x 16.5 cm

Russian icon painted in earthen tones, depicting a Saint within a hollow relief window, flanked to each side with carved painted flowers. Condition: good, general age related wear. Dimensions 51.5 x 29 x 2 cm

A brass and timber hand painted Russian icon. 31.5 cm high, 26 cm wide.

A Russian icon in bronze and enamel, 18th/19th century, mounted and framed, 10 x 11 cm, 37 cm square frame and mount

A fine Russian icon, Archangel Michael, Florus, Lauzus, Modestus, Blaise & Laurus of Iiiyria, Russian school of Novgorod, Archangel centrally depicted holding aloft the shroud, surrounded by the various saints and three on horseback within landscape, tempe

An egg Tempura Ikon of the Madonna and Child, 24 x 33 cm

Early cased Russian icon of Kazan mother of God. Painted image fully lost. Moscow hallmark. Silver oklad with turquoise and coral decorated halo. As inspected. 15 x 12 cm (icon), 23 x 20 cm (boxed)

Large 19th century Russian icon of Christ mother and Saints. Silver oklad and halos all marked for Moscow 1890, maker 'BC' (attrib. Vasilii Semenov). 36 x 31 cm (icon only) 43 x 38 cm (incl. case)