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Originating in the 17th century as a device for suspending seals, by the late 18th century the chatelaine had evolved to become a major item of jewellery, worn from the waist, to which a variety of small implements, cases, and containers could be attached. It took the form of a metal shield or plate fitted with a hook at the top to attach it to a belt, with a number of hooks at the bottom from which hung a number of short chains. The objects attached to those chains covered the full gamut of household and personal activities and depending on the station of the wearer, could typically include about 4 to 6 from the following selection: sewing scissors, a scent bottle, keys, a spectacles case, a seal, a sovereign case, a vinaigrette, a vesta case, a pin holder, a snuff bottle, a tape measure, a thimble and a notebook. Again depending on the station of the wearer , materials used included gold, sterling silver and silverplate. Nowadays it is common for single items from the chatelaine to come onto the market.
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Sterling silver shield chatelaine belt clip with five chains maker F. G (Francis Frederick Grady, Willis St. Wellington), with attached photo-sphere, scent bottle, note pad, pencil and mesh purse

Antique sterling silver chatelaine, hallmarked Birmingham 1911

A rare chatelaine of three silver lidded boxes, south East Asian, early 20th century, the melon-shaped boxes engraved with various foliate & geometric designs, D 1.5 - 8 cm. Provenance: collection of a former Australian Diplomat

Sterling silver Chatelaine, with various English hallmarks

A sterling silver chatelaine, with five appendages, including scissor scarab, thimble holder and pin cushion. Glasgow, 1890.

Three chatelaine pencils, one sterling silver, Birmingham 1919.

Chatelaine. Sterling silver ornate five chain with various accessories mostly hallmarked Chester 1903

Antique sterling silver chatelaine the clip hallmarked London circa 1910

A late Victorian silver chatelaine, open pierced mount suspending three links terminating to a tassel, T-bar and carnelian fob and a retractable hook; Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings shepherd, Chester 1899.

Continental silver part chatelaine with matching scent bottle in ivory

German silver 800 standard chatelaine. German silver 800 standard chatelaine with a coin purse, a hinged case, a perfume bottle, a pencil holder, a notepad & pencil & a mirrored rouge case. Length 23.5 cm. Weight 127 cm

A silver chatelaine with note-case, mirror and needle case, suspension chain and belt ring; Birmingham 1911-12

An Edwardian sterling silver chatelaine with silver items comprising an embossed thimble (1905), hanging clip and a silver mounted spectacle case (1909).

Chatelaine: antique sterling silver with scissors, perfume bottle and needle case.

Sterling silver chatelaine spectacle case hallmarked Birmingham 1889

A French 19th century sterling silver chatelaine with floral pierced catouche and scroll link hanging chains for watch scent bottle compact guard. Marked sterling with cockerel punch, circa 1880.

English hallmarked sterling silver chatelaine with putti and grotesque decoration on a five link chain, consisting of a vesta case, scissor holder, scent bottle, folding knife and a pin cushion. (some damage to the central link). Chatelaine Birmingham, 189

An silver chatelaine, the 800 standard silver scrolling clip with five chains suspended from base holding silver tools, including a tape measure holder, thimble holder, button hook, etc. 7gms

A silver chatelaine, comprising a sovereign case, a vinaigrette, a vesta case and various implements; and a glasses case

An Edwardian silver chatelaine, various dates and makers, comprising a soverign case, a perfume bottle, a cigar cutter, a gold mounted amber cigar holder (damaged) and case, and a miniature hand mirror; a silver glasses case, Birmingham 1903; and a silver

A gilt metal chatelaine and etui, probably late 18th century, finely cast with a belt hook, decorative plaques, side appendages and a central swivelling etui complete with scissors, a pencil, a miniature spoon, a folding knife, a pick and a small scoop, th

A Victorian repousse silver chatelaine sheath for a pair of small scissors. Hallmarks 1899

Victorian hallmarked sterling silver chatelaine - the nut charm, probably plated

Sterling silver chatelaine ornate cast belt clip supporting four-way implement slide, vesta, pen (af), note pad and mesh purse various dates, clip Birmingham 1900

Hallmarked sterling silver glass case for a chatelaine

Silver chatelaine. Four chains suspending miniature scales, cameo glass miniature bottle, silver scent bottle and pin holder

A Victorian five Implement sewing chatelaine consisting of a pin cushion, pencil, scissors sheath (with scissors), aide-memoire and thimble bucket (containing a silver thimble by Charles Horner, Chester 1897). Length 37.8 cm

Eastern style metal chatelaine holding patterned velvet sewing gear and sterling silver cotton egg, pencil and early cut steel scissors

Mother of pearl and silver/ivory chatelaine notebook

Sterling silver chatelaine with a central sterling latch, moulded links to the chain, including a pair of scissors housed in a pierced holder, a wheel of purple velvet ribbon, a tape measure within a pierced sphere, a thimble cased within a pail shaped hol