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Treen is a word from Old English meaning "wooden". It is now used as a collective term for small carved or turned timber objects, that were made for household use. The term is also applied to wooden articles that do not fit any other classification. The word is not used to describe objects that are mainly ornamental, nor to furniture.

Before the late 17th century when pewter, silver and ceramic tableware began to come into use for the middle and lower classes, wood was the default material for most dining utensils, from plates and bowls to spoons, and the use of wood extended to other kitchen and household equipment.

Almost all treen is anonymously made - there are no makers names or marks. The objects were made by the local cabinetmakers and wood turners.

Over the years many treen objects have acquired a satisfying patina, through their constant handling and use. Earlier kitchen tools were waxed rather than polished, and today will be rough, stained, chipped, and scorched, revealing a lot of use in their previous lives. more...
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A blackamoor brooch by Ciros, the carved treen face, set throughout with sapphire and diamond detail, mounted in 18ct white and yellow gold, signed, boxed.

Victorian inlaid treen pin cushion, in the form of bellows, 18.2 cm wide

Antique French Napoleonic carved treen snuff box, approx 3 cm high, 8 cm wide, 5 cm deep

A bracelet by Casoar Paris, of geometric design, featuring three panels including mother of pearl, treen and a cameo of Alexander the great, mounted in sterling silver, total length 180mm.

An English elm treen Dairy bowl, together with a treen string box, circa 1800, the bowl of typical turned form, the string box of cup and cover form and 22 cm high, the bowl 33 cm diameter, (2).

A pair of diamond stud earrings, each set with a round brilliant cut diamond of 0.65cts, surrounded by a ring of treen, mounted in 18ct gold

An Art Deco style diamond ring, featuring three round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.76cts, mounted in a panel of treen with ten further diamonds set to the underbezel, set in 18ct white and yellow gold, ring size N

A large faceted treen mortar and pestle, 18th/19th century. 15 cm high, 20 cm diameter

A turned treen mortal and pestle late 18th/early 19th century. 16 cm high, 22 cm diameter

Two treen porringers one of elm, the second of lignum vitae wood. Width 10.5 cm max

A burl wood treen cigarette case 19th century; 11 cm x 8.5 cm and a cinnabar lacquer box 8 cm (2 items).

Six carved treen items to include a Georgian spring dispenser (6)

Treen pieces including spoons, snuff box and lidded trinket box (4)

Three painted Spa treen boxes, Continental, 19th century one box 20 x 16 cm, two boxes 21 x 7 cm

A Victorian treen ware cotton reel box holder, c.1880's, turned elm with dark patination. The box is constructed with a screw-mount lid which, detaches, concealing 8 interior cotton reels on, holders, with side opening holes allowing threads to, pass throu

A well patinated treen flask and cover, 19th century. 20 cm high

A good treen barrel, French, 19th century, with acorn finial. 23 cm high

A set of eight French fruitwood Skittles three treen Balls and six wooden shoe lasts (17)

Two various 19th century treen items. Snuff box in form of gent in frock coat, with ivory buttons (losses); and nutmeg scraper with marquetry lid. Length 8 cm (snuff bottle)

Two various early wooden items. Carved Continental nutcracker in form of man's head (sml crack), with screw mechanism; and sml screw-top treen. Height 14 cm (nutcracker)

An unusual Georgian treen tea caddy in the form of a miniature wine cooler on stand, brass bound with a painted equestrian scene. Height 17 cm

Two antique treen boxes, one English, beech, rectangular with hinged inlaid cover; the other boxwood, egg-shaped, in halves screwing together, geometrically carved and pierced, width 10.5 cm, and smaller

A Georgian period Treen snuff box in the shape of a woman's buttoned shoe with banded decoration and brass inlay. Old repair. Length 10 cm

Set of six treen inter-fitting round fruit wood boxes. Largest height 5 cm. Diameter 7.5 cm

Treen bottle holder, together with two lidded boxes, English, 19th century (3)

Two treen bottle holders, together with a spice container, English. 19th century (3)

Three treen bottle holders, complete with bottles, English, 19th century (3)

Pair sterling silver trumpet vases on turned treen bases. Chester 1902