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Rugby Union Badges, wonderful collection, noted Nswru 1925, Queensland Rugby Union 1934, All Blacks (12), British lions (10), Australia (5), Springboks (11), France (7), Ireland (7), Argentina (3), Fiji (2), Japan, Tonga, Wales (2), Scotland (5), England,

Fine Tongan club extremely rare form with bulbous head finely carved with lineal decoration leading to a tubular shaft, rich dark brown patina, length 52 cm

Fine Tongan head rest of elegant abstract arching form with small wedge shaped feet supporting the lower edge, length 41 cm, height 16 cm

Large Tongan adze good example with polished top and sharp striking edge, length 26 cm

Fiji or Tonga, painted bark tapa cloth, late-20th century, 128 x 108cm

Three celadon bowls, Tongan wares, 13th-14th century, each one moulded and incised with lotus and other flowers, beneath a grey green glaze, D:19 cm (moulded), 19.5 cm (carved), 13 cm (3)

Two large Fijian Tapa cloths and a large Tongan Tapa cloth, various sizes. (3)

A Neckrest, Tonga, 19th century; this classic neckrest of the type called Kali Hahapo, its elegant form carved out of a single piece of hardwood. Many people describe the form as 'Soft and beautiful like a woman's hips'. The bottom of the neckrest shows ev

Three ancient Fijian tabua ornaments, all are carved to get the fine shape that was desired by chiefs. All have a deep ancient patina and piercings for hanging the tabua, one has the original fibre necklace attached. Provenance: These tabua were a gift to

A Tongan neckrest, narrow arching legs with small feet under top ledge, legs lashed to top with vegetable fibre, 25 x 19 cm

A Gugu war club Tonga. Flat form shaped club with intricate incised decoration on one side, 85 cm

A neckrest (kali hahapo), Tonga, Polynesia (late nineteenth century), carved hardwood, 51.2 x 13.5 x 12.5 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, United Kingdom. Private Collection, Melbourne

A south Pacific club, with transverse ridges and inlaid with limestone. Possibly a Tongan Apa Apai club or Samoan Uatongi club. Length 81 cm

Fine Tongan headrest, of elegant, abstract, arching form with small, wedge-shaped feet supporting the lower edge. Old sennit-bound native repair to one side. Length 37.2 cm. Width 13.5 cm. Height 17.5 cm

A rare early 19th century Samoan tapa cloth, the cloth a fusion of Tonga, Samoan and Fijian styles. The Tongan style of block painting is over painted with Samoan siapo dots and framed by a traditional Fijian Masi Kesa boarder, 420 x 290 cm. Provenance: Fo

Tongan carved club. Hatched incisions with human face forms each side. Length 84 cm

A 19th century Kali Hauhapo, Tongan headrest. Length 47 cm

Fine Tongan inlaid neck rest, of elegant, abstract, arching form, with small wedge-shaped feet supporting the lower edge, inlaid with mother of pearl to top and one side. Length 46 cm

A Tongan food bowl. Height 11 cm. Length 45 cm

A Tongan female figure, Tonga wood 23 cm high. Provenance: cf. Oldman fig., Auckland, N.Z

A fine Tongan comb, helu, used as a comb and also hair decoration. Coconut leaflet midribs, coir. 19th century. Height 27.8 cm. Width 5.8 cm.

Tongan Cowrie shell skirt, finely constructed skirt of tan and white shell, fibre. Length 112 cm D45 cm.

A large 19th century ceremonial Tongan kava bowl, hardwood, raised on four tapered legs, with a V shaped unpierced lug. Diameter 74.1 cm

A fine early 19th century Tongan leaf shaped kava bowl, raised on four tapered legs with a double pierced suspension lug. On the underside, an affixed Union line label. Collected circa 1930. Length 70.7 cm. Width 54.3 cm. Height 18.5 cm

A 19th century Tongan hardwood kava bowl, raised on four tapering feet, two with indigenous repairs. Diameter50.5 cm

Tongan axe club, with incised crescent head, heavily carved shaft

Gugu war club, Tonga, of flat form shaped club with intricate incised decoration on one side

Four (4) hair combs, Tonga. Displaying fine and detailed woven craftsmanship. 17 cm, 20 cm and 21 cm

Rare Tongan Kava bowl on 10 legs and in the form of a large turtle, presumed to have come from a Chief. Height 23 cm. Diameter 73 cm. (to outer edge)

A 19th century Tongan war club wood, tapering lozenge-section head with three ridged sections, the lower section with four ridges, the middle section with six ridges, the upper head with eight ridges (some loss), triangular butt lug for wrist cord. Provena

Two old Tongan Fans, of woven polychrome cane and fibre, 26-30 cm (2)

A Tongan headrest, 19th century, of wood, the slender section rectangular rest with graceful curve and medial ridge to base, above two bowed bipod supports with flaring terminals, bound with woven sennit and stabilised with wood wedges, fine smooth glossy