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An old Solomon Islands fishing lure, the mother-of-pearl body with lashed horn barb, bead highlights extend from the lashing. Length 7.5 cm

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Solomon Island fishing float carved with fish and frigate bird motifs, intricate carving with blackened patina, height 58 cm

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Fine Solomon Islands club leaf shaped blade, raised medial ridge to face bound with very fine orchid fibre binding with black and red highlights, rich brown patina, length 114 cm length

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Solomon Islands Bavara circular base with two seated figures, clam shell, height 20 cm

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A Solomon Islands canoe paddle, with leaf shaped blade, plain shaft terminating in carved finial with cross-bar handle (small loss to cross-bar). Length 116 cm

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An old Solomon Islands cross, ebonised and ornately inlaid with cut sections of mother-of-pearl, the flare sided stand with a three step front. Height 37 cm

A shell wealth disc, of worn appearance, collected in 1970's, Solomon Islands, length 17 cm

A large Tema breast ornament, 20th century, featuring stylised Frigate bird motif on large clam shell disc, including custom made display stand, Santa Cruz Islands. Provenance: Kevin Conru (Europe), Private Collection Melbourne, diameter 18.5 cm

A food bowl, Santa Cruz Island, inscribed in Roman numerals IV-XII [April 1912]. Provenance: bill Evans, length 51.5 cm

A breast piece pendant with ground shell disc necklace together with a Bavara, on natural fibre, stylised frigate bird disc, Solomon Islands, length 21 cm [Bavara]

A Patent Graphoscope by Rows Ellis, complete with assorted slides depicting images of Solomon Island Natives, The Great War, Bondi Beach, Port Moresby, Fiji and the Australian Landscape

A fighting club, 'Alofolo, Malaita, Solomon Islands, height 89 cm

A fighting club, 'Alofolo, Malaita, Solomon Islands, height 94 cm

A fine Pacific comb, with finely woven fibre binding, Malaita Island, Solomon Islands, 17 x 5 cm

A rare and early Solomon Islands dance paddle, with tattooed design of frigat birds. For similar example see edge Partington series 1, page 204. Eastern Solomon Islands. Provenance: purchased from an Old English collection in 2005

A dance club, in good condition with finely executed design, lugs on both sides with sennit bindings, old lateral cracks, San Cristobal Island, Solomon Islands. Provenance: the Dr George Soutter and Dr John Yu collection, length 108 cm

A Solomon Islands carved coral head, of grotesque pronounced features, on metal stand. Height of head 24 cm

Solomon Islands comb good example tightly woven orchid fibre holding strips of coconut wood, height 22 cm

Solomon Island figure rare anthropomorphic shark with humanistic legs, possibly used as a fishing float, blackened patina with shell inlay to body and legs

Solomon Islands club classic form with diamond shaped head and raised medial ridge tapering to a bound handle with flared end, Malaita, Solomon Islands, length 82 cm. Provenance: Private Collection United Kingdom

Solomon Island adornment fine turtle shell nose adornment in figural form, Santa Cruz, Solomon Islands, length 11.5 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, USA

Solomon Islands Breastplate Pendant, with cut tortoise on clam shell, D: 18 cm

A Solomon Islands (Malaita) diamond-headed club., 78 cm length

Old Solomon Islands bowl, well worn with an inlaid band of mother of pearl shell. Nineteenth century. A/F, Solomon Islands, 41 cm x 13 cm

19th century Solomon Island woven flax purse, approx 18 cm x 24 cm

Santa Cruz Island dance club, Napa, classical canoe shape with painted floral and geometric decoration and with coir- sinnet binding. Split to handle and centre section. Length 90 cm. Provenance: Collection of Keith St. Cartmail

Solomon Islands wooden fertility figure, 37 cm high approx.

Early Solomon Islands dance club. Use patina. Length 100 cm

Early Solomon Islands club. Use patina. Possibly 19th century.small losses & native repair. Length 70 cm

A fine & early Rennel Island club, Solomon Islands, of good form carved from a dense hardwood and the handle grip has the original sennit binding. Provenance: The South Seas Evangelical Mission collection, late 19th century / Todd Barlin collection. 60 x 1

Three old Malaita Alafolo type war clubs, 19/20th century, [3], these fine examples are all made from straight hardwood, flaring towards the striking end of the club and with deep incised designs and medial ridge like a protruding nose on both sides of the

A Solomon Islands palmwood comb, with decorative orchid fibre woven to the handle in yellow and red. Length 23 cm

A Solomon Islands baton finely crafted with multiple shell inlay. Height 35 cm

An old Solomon Islands carved bird sculpture, stylised form, the tail of wedge form, remains of geometric painted detail, chip to beak. Length 29.5 cm

A Solomon Islands hardwood and mother-of-pearl Nguzunguzu, the classical stylised head supporting a smaller head below, cut and inlaid mother-of-pearl to the eyes, brows, teeth, etc., good dark toned wood with paler inclusions. These traditional carvings w

Solomon Island Club. Long slender leaf shaped blade in orthodox form with carving to shaft end. Rich brown patina. Length 110 cm. Width 14 cm. Provenance: T. Clemence Collection, New Zealand

Solomon Island Club. Long slender leaf shaped blade in orthodox form. Rich brown patina. Florida Island. Length 128 cm. Width 10 cm. Provenance: T. Clemence Collection, New Zealand

Solomon Island Club. Long flared blade in orthodox form with carved raised ridge to top. Rich brown patina. Length 82 cm. Width 13 cm. Provenance: T. Clemence Collection, New Zealand

Solomon Island Club. Long slender leaf shaped blade in orthodox form with raised medial ridge to face. Rich brown patina. Length 128 cm. Width 10 cm. Provenance: T. Clemence Collection, New Zealand