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Fine Samoan war club of tapering form with flared end, fine decoration to shaft inlaid with white pigment, length 98.5 cm

Antique fine Samoan hair comb decorated with trade beads, 19 cm together with other

Samoan Club. Flared head with triangular decoration inlaid with lime. Rich brown patina. Length 34 cm. Width 18.5 cm. Provenance: T. Clemence Collection, New Zealand

Samoan Club. Pole club with triangular decoration inlaid with lime. Rich brown patina. Length 94 cm. Width 4 cm. Provenance: T. Clemence Collection, New Zealand

Samoan Club. Long form, with a diamond shaped blade, Raised fins to mid-section and a tubular handle. Length 120 cm. Width 12 cm

Early Samoan War Club. Diamondsectioned top half with pyramidal head. Serrated carving around midsection and remnants of white chalk in carved decorative grooves. Length 86 cm. Width 8.6 cm

An early Samoan club and spear, late 19th - early 20th century; both finely carved from hard wood, the club with incised lime filled designs. Provenance: George Cann collection (1890s-1965); Cann was known as the snake man of La Perouse, entertaining crowd

A Samoan short club, with flattened lanceolate blade decorated with bands of notched carving highlighted with inlaid lime. Length 80 cm

Throwing club, Samoa. Double edged sword shaped club, serrated and terminating in a sharp tip. 66 cm

A south Pacific club, with transverse ridges and inlaid with limestone. Possibly a Tongan Apa Apai club or Samoan Uatongi club. Length 81 cm

Rare Samoan Mitre, a unique and intriguing wooden mitre tapering shaft with the upper half fully carved with traditional motifs, date inscribed '1939'. Hourglass insert with pierced flower design. Light brown patina overall with traces of red pigment. Heig

A Samoan club with wooden blade and triangular inlay detail. Length 78 cm

Western Samoa: 100 Tala proof, 22ct gold commemorative 1976

A Samoan folk art figure carved crouching holding a bowl carved in the form of a turtle, raised on a circular base inscribed Apia, Samoa. Height 70 cm

A rare early 19th century Samoan tapa cloth, the cloth a fusion of Tonga, Samoan and Fijian styles. The Tongan style of block painting is over painted with Samoan siapo dots and framed by a traditional Fijian Masi Kesa boarder, 420 x 290 cm. Provenance: Fo

19th century Samoan kava bowl with 12 legs and suspension lug. Diameter 39 cm. Height 15 cm.

Samoan short club, with incised Missionary script lettering 'Mitteli' on handle and with a suspension hole. Length 35 cm. Width 6.5 cm.

A Samoan kava bowl, raised on twelve cylindrical legs. Diameter42.5 cm. Height 16.2 cm

A 19th century small fine Samoan kava bowl, raised on six tapering legs and with a suspension lug, traces of Yaqona. Diam.26.8 cm height 10.2 cm

Four (4) spears. Samoa and Vanuatu. All with finely carved barbed tips. 153, 197, 220 and 235 cm

Samoan double edged sword shaped throwing club, serrated and terminating in a sharp tip

Club. Samoan origin. Sword shaped club, each side adorned with a single raised line terminating at the tip. 19th century. 124 cm

Paddle club. Samoan origin. Leaf shaped with tapering shaft and carved handle. 19th century patina. 130 cm

Two (2) Tapa cloth beaters. Samoa. Used to beat bark into tapa cloth for traditional clothing, sails and so on. 35 and 36 cm

Tapa cloth tent, Samoa. Late 19th century bark, the main body decorated with geometric patterns, the ends with a finely detailed border. 700 x 500 cm approx.

Paddle club. Fiji or Samoan origin. Heavy shaft with broad blade and partially serrated edge. Good clean patina. 103 cm

A Samoan hardwood carved Tonoa kava bowl, supported on four tapering feet, plaited vegetable fibre rope embellished with three cowrie shells, oiled/stained rim and exterior surface