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Under the New Zealand Protected Objects Act 1975, administered by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture & Heritage, the sale, trade, export and ownership of some Maori artefact are regulated Objects over 50 years old that also have Maori cultural significance must be inspected by Ministry for Culture & Heritage, and if significant the object will be allocated a "Y" number, a unique identification number. Artefacts that have a Y number can only be purchased by those that are registered collectors with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. These collectors have a ‘registered number’. Y numbered artefacts cannot leave the country without written permission from the Ministry for Culture & Heritage. Those who are not registered collectors, and usually reside in New Zealand, can apply to the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to become one. There are no restrictions on the purchase of Maori items that have no Y number or Pacific Island or other artefacts from around the world. As this site is a price guide, and does not offer items for sale, the Y numbers applicable to any items on this site are not displayed..
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A Maori bone fish-hook repatriated from the U.K., presented to Wesleyan preacher James Everett (1784-1872,) by Samuel Leigh (1785-1852) pioneer Wesleyan missionary in Australia and New Zealand. Leigh was sent to, and became, the first Wesleyan missionary t

An early 20th century waka huia (treasure box), the handle with mirrored tekoteko figures connected at the head above carved wheku heads with inset paua shell eyes. The bowl supported on two humanistic forms with tongues extended and full moko, carved with

An early/mid 20th century Maori folk art storage box, with profuse carved decoration to the top and sides including Maori lineal and notch detail, the hinged lid decorated with opposing lizards and elaborately highlighted with paua shell. Side handles miss

A Folk Art Maori waka huia, of rectangular shape, the base carved with tiki figures to the sides and weku head handles issuing from the ends, the fitted lid with a handle formed as a recumbent tiki figure. Width 47 cm

Maori folk art box. the top with a carved wheku head with paua shell eyes. Width 16 cm

A wooden Folk Art box in the shape of a Maori Whare, black with red and white detail to the faces, one portion of the roof forms the lid. 25 cm x 22 cm x 20 cm

Lidded box. Carved box with tiki face to top with inset paua eyes. Length 12.4 cm. Width 10 cm. D.4.8 cm.

An excellent 19th century greenstone mere with a three-ring carved butt. Light green colour. Comes with a carved waka huia box. Length 38 cm

An old Maori carved donation box/whare, with carved gable facade boards (Maihi), highlighted with paua shell inserts, woven fibre panelled roof and sides, the recessed front with coin/note slot above a lockable removable window panel. 67.5 cm x 35 cm x 45

Folk art boxes (2), fully carved hinged box inscribed 'Ngaio 1945', together with an un-lidded box inscribed 'Puriri 1945'. Length 26.5 cm. Width 14 cm. Diameter 7 cm. Length 15 cm. Width 7 cm

Bemo hoe B1005, metal construction kit for narrow gauge tender locomotive, 'Sweg', unchecked (E box E)

A carved wooden Maori Wakahuia (treasure box), of classic canoe shaped form with tikis to mid section and each end, probably carved by Tom Heberley. Paua shell inlay eyes. Length 46 cm

A contact period carved Maori treasure box (Wakahuia). Overall carving in spiral fashion with wide notches and flat bottom. Carved head at each end, one with tongue partly broken, both with paua inserts. Early paper tag to interior. Provenance: Purchased D

A vintage carved waka huia, high quality detailed carving all over, the side handles in the form of a head with matching head to lid, profuse detailed carving to inside of lid, old typed explanation note inside from the Kowhai Room, Hotel Intercontinental,

Tackle box (fishing tackle box) Hollowed box and lid with protruding rectangular lugs on side for attachment. Rich, dark-brown patina. Height 16.5 cm. Width 23 cm

Taluma (fishing tackle box) Hollowed box and lid standing on four legs. Inlaid shell decoration. Highly polished, rich-brown patina. Length 18 cm. Width 19 cm

An early 20th century Maori carved 'Pouaka' tinder box, the stylised figure bent over clasping his feet, his back as the box, the domed cover with two full relief stylised figures, clasping their extended tongues, all-over notch, linial and spiral carving,

Rare 18th century Maori papahou (treasure box) This superb stone carved treasure box has a flat rectangular form instead of the wakahuia canoe shaped form. This box would have held personal objects such as combs and greenstone pendants of a high ranking pe

A carved Maori folk art Waka Huia, with gecko lid and manaia handles. Length 38 cm

A carved Maori folk art box. Width 19 cm. Depth. Depth 19 cm

Carved Maori presentation set, a fine presentation set fully carved with Tiki and Manaia figures. H'h' H'h' and dog tooth tching and inlaid paua detail. Together with cigarette case match box holder pen and ink wells. Length 37.7 cm. Width 21.5 cm. Depth 5

20th century oval Wakahuia box with three rauru spirals on lid, the heads on each end have paua shell inset eyes. Length 53 cm

A carved wood cigarette box, in the manner of Rangi Stevens, carved to the hinged lid with a Koruru mask. 6 x 11 x 7 cm

Maori folk art carved box, hinged lidded box with highly reliefed na?

Maori folk art carved tobacco box, a hinged, lidded box. Tiki face carved to top with inset paua eyes. Dog-tooth notching and h'h' lines to front and back, and koru designs to each side. Height 5.4 cm. Width 15.7 cm. Depth 11 cm.

A early 20th centuryNgati Tarawhai ebonised lidded box, the deeply carved lid with a weku head with cut Haliotis shell eyes, further weku heads to the side panels, the front and back panels carved with manaia figures. 21 cm x 11 cm

A mid 19th century Rongowhakaata waka huia, of elongated ovoid shape, the lid fitting into a notch at each end. Decorated with rauponga spirals triple h'h' and pakati notching, each end with a projecting weku head with haliotis-shell eyes. Length 50 cm W.

An early/mid 20th century Maori carved papahou (treasure box), all-over lineal and notch carved, the tall long lid with masks at each end, the base supported by stylised masks, paua inserts. Length 35 cm. Height 14 cm.

20th century Maori carved small wooden box with sliding lid. Carved all over. Length 12 cm.

Early contact period c. 1790s Superbly carved oval waka huia lidded box. Spiral carving; suspension point carved with two giant tiki faces each end with paua shell eyes (one eye missing). Male and female tiki figures carved on the underside in sexual conne

The 'Kronfeld Mere' - rare & magnificent 18th century greenstone mere. History: Known as the Kronfeld mere (also, the 'P&O Mere'), After the first collectors, Dr. and Mrs M. Kronfeld, who presented it to the NZ Shipping Company Ltd. Dr Kronfeld was the Por

Late 18th century stone carved oval waka huia lidded box, with spiral carving all over the underneath with two tiki bodies as handles each end, male and female. Lid has two tiki figures and partially carved in whakarare style carving. Length 42 cm. Width 1

An oval Maori feather box, inlaid with paua shell, circa 20th century

Waka huia by Tene Waitere C. 1853 - 1931, a Ngati Tarawhai carver, Te Aroha, Rororua, l.63 cm. Width 14 cm

Maori feather box. Richly carved with 2 seated figures and paua shell inlay lid

Finely Waka Huia by Tene Waitere c.1853 - 1931, a Ngati Tarawhai carver, Te Aroha, Rotorua, of ovoid shape, full stylized human tiki figures flanking each end, the base with spiral carving and paua inlay, lid with facial detail to each side, the top with k

18th century finely carved Waka Huia - treasure box, stone tool carved with triple h'h' lines framing bold double rarua spirals and finely graduating pakati (dog tooth notching) and Tuara kuri (diamond notching) this remarkable wakahuia expresses the work

Jane Brenkley treasure box exterior all carved with Maori motifs and inset with single paua shell, interior lid painted with lake scene, entitled Kia Ora Ka Toa, signed Jane Brenkley 1946 to lid. Length 32 cm (repair to back hinge)

A fine decorative New Zealand folk art carved kauri box the lid painted with a young Maori woman holding a child, a cloak about their shoulders, enclosed by linear and knotched carving and a mask to each corner. Width 21.4 cm diameter 10.4 cm. Height 4.8 c

A folk art carved rectangular box decorated with Maori masks and paua shell inlay, circa 1930, the hinged cover with a pronounced stylised mask with paua shell eye inlays, the surfaces finished in deep red-brown. Width 30 cm diameter 21.5 cm. Height 9 cm