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An Obsidian spear, with incised and painted mounting, on bamboo shaft, on custom steel stand, Admiralty Islands (Manus), Papua New Guinea, height 175 cm

An Asmat carving from Irian Jaya. Collected in 2008, a relief carved panel with patterns in natural dark and near white colours on brown, with a barbed spear motif to the centre and surmounted by the figure of a dog. Length 98 cm

Papua New Guinea spear thrower. Bamboo & rattan with carved bird & ochre decoration. Provenance: Bungan Castle Museum collection. Length 86 cm

Old war shield, Simbai area,Papua New Guinea, Bismarck Schrader Ranges, Madang Province, finely carved with clan designs and very old patina. Some arrow and spear tips embedded in the front of this shield. Early 20th century. Provenance: Collected by Jack

Two old Sepik spear thrower ornaments, [2], one in the form of a bird and the other a crocodile, both with incised designs and old patina. Provenance: Anthony Forge collection. Forge (1929-1991) was born in London. He studied archaeology and anthropology u

An early Admiralty Islands Obsidian Bladed spear, together with an Obsidian Bladed dagger, [2], spear with a carved crocodile, ochre painting and fine binding, dagger with tradition resin handle and sharp fine flaked blade. Both late 19th century. Provenan

Two old Sepik river spear Throwers, [2], one of the 'Bamboo type' with a finely carved wood ornament in the form of a stylized bird, the other made from a single piece of hard wood with fine incised designs on both sides and old patina. Provenance:

A fine spear showing a janus head Admiralty Islands, 19th century wood, ochres, obsidian. Provenance: berry collection, Melbourne. Length 147 cm

Group of 12 Papua New Guinea spears, including good carved & bone pointed on grass bound shafts. Some with original reed tip protectors. Collected mid 1950s. Length 135 cm (largest)

Two ceremonial Papua New Guinea spears. One relief carved with lime, the other incised. Both have figure to ends. Length 180 cm (each)

Three old Bows andSpear, two very old bows from the Southern Highlands, together with an orchid stem fibre covered bow from Bougainville Island ( in near perfect original condition), and a mount Hagen spear finial. Collected by Todd Barlin 'Two Bows were c

Three New Guinea objects, including figural garamut drum lug, Maprik region yam digging staff and crocodile spear finial, the latter, 48 cm long

A fighting spear, Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea 323 cm

Three various Papua New Guinea Bows. Also one arrow & hand spear handle (blade missing). Collected 1950s. Length 176 cm (longest bow)

8 various Papua New Guinea spears. Displayed on canvas panel. Different carved tips bound to bamboo shafts. Height 183 cm. Width 61 cm (panel)

Assortment Papua New Guinea spears. Displayed in 3 glazed cases, various carved tips & incised shafts. Total 25 spears. 156 x 54 cm (2) 148 x 92 (1) (case sizes)

A group of assorted New Guinea n tribal artefacts, including carved and painted figures and dishes, bows, and arrows and spears, various sizes

Papua New Guinea long bamboo bow. Traces of ochre. Old use patination. Also four bamboo fishing spears with cane bound serated prongs. Length 210 cm

Papua New Guinea lime container. Stylised spear form with fine cane binding. Length 65 cm

A Sepik spear point and a walking stick, of wood, Papua New Guinea, 103-106 cm (2)

An Asmat spear, of wood with openwork terminal and bone spike at apex, 206 cm

Spear thrower, Papua New Guinea, a split bamboo shaft with wooden carved ornament in form of a stylised bird and end stopper, attached with cane binding blackened varied patina. Sepik river. Length 98 cm .

Two Bougainville spears, of wood one with cane bound barbs, Papua New Guinea, 206 cm Provenance: Ex-collection Dr. Harry Beran, donated to the Oceanic Art Society and now offered for sale in order to raise funds

Five (5) spear and arrow tips. Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands.

Five (5) spears. Pacific Islands and New Guinea .

Three (3) spears. Papua New Guinea. One plain, one with broad head and remains of colouration, the other with barbed tip. 218, 227 and 229 cm

Three (3) spears. Papua New Guinea. One with carved decoration and barbed tip, one plain, the last with serrated tip. 203, 211 and 212 cm

Three (3) spears. Papua New Guinea. Bamboo shafts, wooden tips with woven fibre bindings. 216, 221 and 258 cm

Two (2) spears. Papua New Guinea, one adorned with fibre, feather and shell decoration, the other with a stylised barbed tip carved in the form of fish eating fish. 220 and 266 cm

Spear. New Ireland. Fine wooden shaft with obsidian volcanic glass tip, mounted in gum resin and carved with triangular design. Remains of colouration. 148 cm

Three (3) New Guinea ebony spears. Undecorated. Original patina. 280, 285 and 287 cm

Group of three (3) Trobriand harpoon spears. Traditional carved hand-grips. Beautifully weighted and aged. 312, 322 and 331 cm

Six various New Guinea bamboo spears. Fishing and hunting spears including bone and cassowary toe. Collected in 1960s. Length 142 cm (Longest)