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A basket hook, old and used, ex Leo Fortess collection Hawaii, middle Sepik river, 58 x 22 cm

A Papua New Guinea buka-Ware flower basket, 49 cm long, together with Papua New Guinea covered basket 39 cm high, 33 cm wide.

Large Buka basket, finely woven cane with handle. Minor damage to rim. Bougainville Provine,Papua New Guinea, length 83 cm

Basket hook, coastal Sepik, basket hooks were carved with ancestor figures, hung from the inside of the house ceiling by a rope and then string bags with food were hung from the basket hooks, thus preventing rats or mice from being able to steal or spoil f

An old middle Sepik basket hook finely carved with two opposing ancestral faces, mounted on steel stand. Length 61 cm

Buka ware basket and place mats together with another woven tray and sword

An old middle Sepik basket hook, this old and well used basket hook is finely carved with two back to back spirit faces and old patina. Provenance: Collected in the 1960's by Father Benedict from the Catholic Mission in Angoram, lower Sepik, Paulian Missio

Papua New Guinea East Sepik Province basket hook. Middle Sepik river, c.1970s. Collected in situ by Keith black. Provenance: Keith Black collection, 1978. Wood & pigments. Height 59.5 cm &. Wt.32.5 cm

A large Janus figure basket hook and a middle Sepik ancestor mask, the hook, 97 cm high

A Southern Highlands Mendi Payback figure, raphia skirt, ample jobs tear seed decoration, cassowary feathers on head, plaited fibre bilum basket at back of head, 48 cm high

An ancestral figure, middle Sepik Region, Papua New Guinea in the form of a basket hook 145 cm

A Buka basket and three sepik ancestor Amulet masks (4) 11 cm, 17 cm

An old basket hook, huon Gulf. Ex- Daalders collection, early 20th century 30 cm

Eleven various Papua New Guinea Domestic items. Decorated bamboo pipe; 3 bamboo hair combs; decorated lime gourd & dipper; two tall, woven cane grass baskets; decorated long gourd; & 3 billums (one A/F). Height 28 cm (basket)

Phallocrypt - penis gourds (2) from Telefomin with basket weaving to top. Length 34 cm. Width 4 cm. Length 26 cm. Width 4 cm

Papua New Guinea woven cane basket and woven string Billum, the latter with faded polychrome decoration. Old glued repair to basket handle. Length 58 cm width 38 cm

A Papua New Guinea ancestral basket hook, in frog form. Ex Dutton collection. Height 61.5 cm

Large Papua New Guinea buka-Ware flower basket, together with a smaller basket, collection of place mats and a fan

A Papua New Guinea woven bag, with seed decoration and a finely woven small basket. Ex Denis Dutton collection.

Papua New Guinea basket hook. Carved hardwood with cowrie eyes and faded line decoration. Small loss to side of head. Height 68 cm

A Sepik basket hook, of wood in openwork form, remnant polychrome pigments, Papua New Guinea, 101 x 28 cm

Two Papua New Guinea Abelam basket yam masks, Sepic river area, each of woven vegetable fibre and decorated with applied natural pigments. Height 30 cm

A fine Buka Island basket, of woven cane, smooth glossy patina, 49 x 44 cm