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A Harvey School Australian cobalt blue & tan glaze cheese dish modelled in high relief with cover, signed 'Val. McMaster 1933'. Provenance: Valerie McMaster (1913 - 1983) modelled this work in 1933 under the tutelage of Lewis J. Harvey who regarded her as

Harvey School pottery lidded bowl, incised monogram 'S.E.B.W.Q, 1928', 11 cm high, 14 cm across

Harvey School, vase of squat globular form with applied gum leaves and gumnuts, in a mottled purple glaze, incised to underside 's M clay, January 25. Height 9 cm

Harvey School two pin trays one in the shape of a gumleaf with gumnuts and branch handle, the other of oval form with applied gumnuts and incised gum leaves in a mottled blue lustre glaze, underside incised 'M C' and glazing instructions (2), length 20 cm,

Lewis J. Harvey stamp box, c. 1930 of rectangular form, the sides decorated with gum nuts and gum leaves, one Christmas beetle and a tree frog seated on rim, mottled blue and green glaze. Height 8 cm, length 8.5 cm

Mary MacDonald, Harvey School footed vase hand built with four planar sides, two sides each decorated with carved and raised kookaburra on branch, underside incised with monogrammed conjoined 'MM', 'Q, 1927, green'. Height 11.5 cm

Muriel Macdiarmid (1879-1945), Harvey School. Mustard glazed fluted vase with applied Chinese Auspicious Symbols, Firing cracks

Harvey School blue glaze dish on four feet, signed 'Flo & J Holt Todd 'Xmas '23' also signed with signature & 1923. Diameter 23 cm

Harvey School glazed pottery twin handled vase, incised R.R.E 10/33, 24 cm high

Harvey School pottery beaker. Marbelised/agate clay. Stylised kangaroos and birds decoration underglaze, inscribed 'Morris' and 'Q': Height 9 cm

Etching of Pulteney Grammar school by M. Harvey (with enamel school badge)

Harvey School pottery pierced footed vase, inscribed R and R 9.45, 18.5 cm high

Harvey School, pottery ewer inscribed R and R 12.36, 15 cm high

Harvey School a brown glazed vase modelled with mice and ear of wheat, inscribed initials ACB and indistinct signature 15 cm high

Harvey School, a glazed earthenware vase moulded with trees in a mottled green glaze inscribed monogram Gw, and another moulded with grapes and vines (2) 18 cm high

Harvey School, a green glazed earthenware figure of a frog inscribed monogram CMG, 15 cm high

Lewis Jarvis Harvey (1871-1949), a metallic glazed earthenware titled bust 'Aboriginal Woman Q'land' raised on a socle inscribed LJ Harvey, 14 cm high

Edith white, a Harvey School glazed earthenware jug with a brown and green landscape, inscribed monogram EW and date 1925, 16 cm high

Lewis Jarvis Harvey (1871-1949), a green and brown glazed earthenware bowl with mottled ground, inscribed and dated LJ Harvey 1919, 16 cm high

Harvey School, blue glazed earthenware chamberstick inscribed 'A Book and a Light, What at the Night' and modelled with moths, inscribed monogram SH and date 1937, 14 cm high

Lewis Jarvis Harvey (1871-1949), a plaster portrait panel depicting the profile of a young girl and carved lettering 'On the Sweet Sounds of Spring That Strike the Ear', carved signature and date L.J. Harvey 17, within an original gum leaf and nut carved f

Elise Harvey, a brown glazed earthenware three handled vase with bandsof floral carved panels, the base inscribed 'To Valerie From Elkie 1920', 14 cm high. Notes: By repute the vase was made by the daughter of L.J. Harvey and given to the potter Valerie Mc

Lewis Jarvis Harvey (1871-1949), a metallic glazed earthenware bust of an indigenous man, raised on a socle with a boomerang, inscribed LJ Harvey and Q'land Abo. 15 cm high

Lewis Jarvis Harvey (1871-1949), a 'Bronzed' plaster bust of a young woman, raised on a socle, inscribed and dated L.J. Harvey 19 Q, 19 cm high 7' high)

Harvey School, a blue glazed earthenware vase decorated with trees in a landscape, inscribed monogram GW and date '2614 cm High

Harvey School, a glazed earthenware rectangular box and cover carved with fish and reeds, inscribed monogram, 20 cm wide. Provenance: Stanley & Co. Auction, 14 Nov 1999

Lewis Jarvis Harvey (1871-1949), a metallic glazed earthenware bust of an indigenous man, raised on a socle with a boomerang, inscribed indistinctly, 21 cm high. Reference: illustrated Australian Art Pottery 1900-1950, Casuarina Press, page 179, plate 180

Harvey School, a brown glazed earthenware cheese dish and cover by N. Marlay, 1915 the cover with a mouse, inscribed N Marley and date 1930, together with a preserve pot and cover by AM Lerhy, inscribed signature and date July 30th 1915, 11 cm high (2)

An Art Nouveau Harvey school grey glazed earthenware three piece tea set, with inscribed stylised decoration, the base with inscribed monogram SE, initials ITC and dated 1925, the teapot 20 cm wide and a similar brown glaze teapot, inscribed monogram EAD a

R. E. Rookwood Harvey School Australian pottery vase. Applied lyrebird decoration on blue glaze C.1939

Art Nouveau Australian Pottery vase, Harvey School Queensland, incised 'K' within a 'B' 1927

H B (Harvey School), circa 1920s Art Nouveau Influenced vase. Quad footed, brown and pink glaze. Height 12 cm

Marlay, N (Harvey School) Gumleaf embossed brown and green glaze coffee pot. Signed and dated '1933 Q.'. Height 26 cm

School of L. J. Harvey Queensland, circa 1928, tapering rectangular earthenware vase decorated with gum nuts and leaves, green ground, incised S E B W, Q 1928. Height 15 cm

Harvey School brown and green glaze vase with floral decoration and another (a/f)

Harvey School lead glaze lidded jar with applied lizard and frog (a/f) and another small vase (2)

Gilt salt glaze classical figure of a lady, attributed to L. J. Harvey

L. J. Harvey gilt salt glaze lidded jar, signed 1921

Gilt salt glaze figure of an elephant with Riders, attributed to L. J. Harvey