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A small West African Nigerian face mask, in blackened wood with pointed chin and carved side locks and cheek scarification, length 24 cm. Provenance: Christie's, Melbourne, Decorative Arts (1033) 17 - 18 September 2002, Lot 52

Three carved wooden Kuba pipes, Congo, 19th century, the largest 54 cm long

A Lega ivory figure, stained with palm oil to give dark patina, collected in 1950's, Congo, Africa. Provenance: on document, height 21 cm

An African mask, with carved visage and hair tassels, Ghana, Africa, length 33 cm

A pair of West African ladles, in mock colonial form, West Africa, length 37 cm

A deep African ladle, finely carved in hard wood on a fitted metal stand. Provenance: Xanadu gallery, San Francisco 1980/90s, south American Private Collector, height 22 cm

A carved and painted West African Panu mask, the female mask with a jutting jaw and protruding lips, painted with thick white pigment, mounted on fitted metal stand, Gabon. Provenance: Xanadu gallery, San Francisco 1980/90s, south American Private Collecto

A Lega ivory mask, this Lega mask is known as lukungu lwa tata, which literally means 'Skull of My Father'. on fitted metal stand, Democratic Republic of Congo. Provenance: Xanadu gallery, San Francisco 1980/90s, South American Private Collector, height 15

A Dogon female ancestral figure, in classic form, arms raised above head, with crusty patina, Dogon people, Mali, Africa, height 33 cm

19th century ebony club ";Geo Field May 1877" inscribed by owner, possibly a killing club possibly of Zulu origin. approx 80 cm long

North African 'Flyssa' short sword, with original scabbard, camel form pommel. Length 62 cm

A bust of a female Yoruba figure, with exaggerated ears, traces of blue colouring, insect damage to base A/F, Nigeria. Provenance: the Dr George Soutter and Dr John Yu collection, height 32 cm

An ancestral figure, finely carved and patina throughout, Cameroon, Central Africa, height 21.5 cm

An Ashanti Chief stool, beautifully carved from hardwood, the central part of the stool with a long necked bird (a clan totem), the deeply incised designs on both sides and top of the stool, Ghana, 38 x 59 cm

A collection of sixteen African flutes, old and used flutes from various tribes. Men used such flutes in rituals to call the names of ancestors and to communicate with one another when hunting, the tones of a well-played flute mimicking the tone of speech.

A male African ancestral figure, in hardwood with hands extended, palms facing upwards. Provenance: the Dr George Soutter and Dr John Yu collection, height 71 cm

A female African ancestral figure, with horizontal breasts and clasping a green head, signs of rot to base A/F, Nigeria. Provenance: the Dr George Soutter and Dr John Yu collection, height 64 cm

An old African Galoa Gabon wood tribal mask, with traces of original coloured pigment, open eyes and mouth with teeth. Length 33 cm

African fetish figure standing with arms resting to side, adorned with nails, rope and old padlock, traces of white and red pigment to face, height 56 cm

Pair of African Shields wood with hide binding decorated with red, black and white pigments. Length 50 cm max

Early African shield of oval form with dome centre of hide and wood, height 66 cm

Dogon mask hollowed rectangular form with seated figure to top, attached fibre and shell decoration, traces of natural pigments evident, height 70 cm

An African double faced tribal mask, carved wood and polychrome finish, early 20th century, 30 cm high, Provenance: Property of a Gentleman, Melbourne

English composition model of an African woman of retro design (reg. mark to neck)

Decorative Zebra leg light with African form base approx 37 cm high

Large African Sun God effigy, on stand, 84 cm high approx.

Yoruba doll. Nigerian Yoruba culture, standing Ibeji (twin) female doll figure, showing tribal cicatrices, decorated with trade beads & iron bracelet., good patination hardwood, height 30 cm

Fine African Fon ceremonial axe with wrought iron blade and copper over wood handle, circa early 20th century., 30 cm length

A West African tribal mask, dark terracotta with fibre and cowrie shell headdress. Length 23 cm

Yoruba lidded container, lid with for recessed face designs with elaborate coiffure. Base is worn and damaged, A/F, Nigeria, Africa. Diameter 41 cm

Yoruba mask, with metal staples, elaborate coiffure, A/F. Nigeria, Africa. Height 35 cm

Cameroon ancestral mask, with remnant human hair decoration around mouth.. Provenance: collection number CC409347 (Christensen collection), Africa. Height 28 cm

A Miro signed print, 'The Marching Circus' (A/F, foxing to edge). 55 x 77 cm.

Old African war mask on stand (ivory coast), approx 56 cm high (including stand)

A Zulu Shield, leather and wood, South African, 19th century, 118 x 55 cm

Carved African tree trunk sculpture, depicting figures surrounding an elevated hut with a lion beneath, 87 cm high approx

African Janus head figure, with Nagaland snake necklace

African school, (20th century), Femal torso with raised arms, carved timber, signed verso, indistinct, 65 x 29 x 18 cm