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Yoruba lidded container, lid with for recessed face designs with elaborate coiffure. Base is worn and damaged, A/F, Nigeria, Africa. Diameter 41 cm

Yoruba mask, with metal staples, elaborate coiffure, A/F. Nigeria, Africa. Height 35 cm

Cameroon ancestral mask, with remnant human hair decoration around mouth.. Provenance: collection number CC409347 (Christensen collection), Africa. Height 28 cm

A Miro signed print, 'The Marching Circus' (A/F, foxing to edge). 55 x 77 cm.

Old African war mask on stand (ivory coast), approx 56 cm high (including stand)

A Zulu Shield, leather and wood, South African, 19th century, 118 x 55 cm

Carved African tree trunk sculpture, depicting figures surrounding an elevated hut with a lion beneath, 87 cm high approx

African Janus head figure, with Nagaland snake necklace

African school, (20th century), Femal torso with raised arms, carved timber, signed verso, indistinct, 65 x 29 x 18 cm

Cameroon yaka swork, with riveted copper hilt, 47.5 cm long

Yoruba male twin figure, Nigeria, early 20th century with Antiquity beads, Depicted standing upright with linear scarifications to cheeks, bejewelled with antique beads, of rich red/brown patination, 24 cm high

A carved African ivory glove box, circa 1930's, each panel carved in relief with depictions of African, animal wildlife scenes. Height 5.3 cm. Width 20.5 cm. Depth 11 cm

An Upper Congo Machette, with timber hilt and incised blade,

A large & fine Songe Kifwebe mask, the grooved pattern on the face of the mask is a common characteristic of a Kifwebe mask from the Songye tribe in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central sub-Saharan Africa. The white paint in the grooves symboliz

A West African Senufo tribal mask, 20th century, Ivory Coast, in timber and of highly stylised form, with a prominent brow, tapering to a pointed chin and having distinctive stem like headwear; with a display stand. Height 79 cm.

Knobkerrie Zulu club, South Africa, 19th century. 41 cm

A rare antique 19th century Yoruba tribe carved ivory elephant tusk horn pipe, as used for ceremonies, fitted with a wood collar carved in relief with cowrie shells, spiders and symbols, the tusk section incised with bands of beetles and spirit figures, te

A rare antique 19th century Yoruba tribe carved ivory elephant tusk horn pipe, as used for ceremonies, fitted with a wood collar carved in relief with cowrie shells with petals and cross hatching, the tusk section incised with bands of figures in head dres

A mask, West Africa (early twentieth century), carved wood, nails, mud, resin, animal hide, string and feathers, 27 cm high. Provenance: West African Masks and Figures, Chapman Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne, 29 October - 9 November 1973

A headdress (chiwara), Bambara, Mali (early-mid twentieth century), carved hardwood, animal hide, nails, shells, rattan and tin, 115 cm high

Ivory carved nude African lady figure set upon a timber base. Condition good, minor age related wear. Height 23 cm

Benin (African) bronze cat statue, with a good character face and raised spot decoration Height 43 cm approx

A collection of Ashanti bronze figures-gold. Weights, circa, post World War II. Heights: 4.5 cm-8 cm

Central African Malady mask. Carved wood, with peripheral tassel holes. Label from Sidewalk gallery attrib. Republic of Congo origin. Wood. Height 31 cm

African carved wood figure pole. Tall figure tenon base. Remnants of lime & leaf decoration, with stand. Losses to top knot. Height 79 cm

African carved male with child. Dense wood carving, undecorated. Ivory Coast. Height 104 cm

Kusu Figure. Carved wooden male figure with arms resting on abdomen. Heart-shaped facial plane, raised features and scarification to cheeks. Democratic Republic of Congo. Height 20.5 cm. Width 7 cm

Luba Figure. Carved wooden figure with arms resting gently to the breasts. The ovoid head with raised facial features and carved coiffure, base fragmented. Height 13 cm. Width 6 cm

Hemba Figure. Kabeja a Janus statue representing a male and female figure, hands resting on abdomens, the raised coiffure hollowed at the top, coffee bean shaped eyes under raised eyebrows. Rich patina. Dem Republic of Congo. Height 28.5 cm. Width 9 cm