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Harry Tjutjuna (born 1930), Kunakaku Mana Kuliningi (2007), synthetic polymer paint on linen, 122 x 122 cm. Provenance: Ernabella Artists, South Australia (HT311-07), Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney, Private Collection, New South Wales

'Kanpi' by Teresa Baker, 2009 Tjungu Palya. Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 101 cm

Australian aboriginal didgeridoo, ochre, cross hatched painted decoration. Originally purchased 1967 in the Mullumbimby district. Length 118 cm

A Mina figure, with faded ochre decoration, on steel and wood custom stand, remnant ochre decoration, some cracks & chipping A/F, height 160 cm

A didgeridoo, decorated with ochre designs in the form of turtles and a crocodile, Arnhem Land, Northern Australia, length 145 cm

An Aboriginal Message stick, with incised design and traces of remnant ochre, Central Australia, length 45 cm

An Aboriginal hook boomerang, in the number seven style with yellow and white ochre decoration, some damage repaired with glue a/f, Northern Territory, Australia, length 78 cm

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Comprehensive collection of Aboriginal and contemporary prints (one framed), including Florrie Watson Napangardi, Tanyinki, woodblock, 11/40 45 x 55 cm (signed lower right), Raelene Kerenauia, Paddy Ordam, and others.;

An Aboriginal ancestral figure decorated with ochre stripes, Northern Australia 120 cm high.

Two Aboriginal Hollow log ceremonial carvings, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, ochre on wood, 189 cm, 176 cm (height) (2)

A Shield (kuttiji), Central Deserts origin, bean wood and ochre, inscription verso 'Amata. Presented by Willy Connely, 1967', 70.5 cm

Two Aboriginal woomera's - throwing sticks mid 20th century, Kimberley Region decorated with geometric designs and red ochre. Lengths: 64.5 cm & 80.5 cm

A pair of painted shells, depicting an Aboriginal settlement by a river against a lush landscape. Signed MG to lower right. 18 x 29 cm

Aboriginal shield. Carved white ochre filled rectangular pattern. Remnants of peg handle. Collected central West NSW. Provenance: Bungan Castle Museum collection. Length 70 cm

Namiyal Bopirri (Australian, b. 1929), Oysters and Olive python, Earth pigment on canvas, 145 x 124 cm

A Tiwi Islands ceremonial wand with ochre finish, 43 cm, Provenance: Collection of The Late Geoffrey Maxwell Worthington,

Early 20th century Aboriginal Message stick. Extremely dense hardwood, full ochre coating with message both sides. Provenance: Bungan Castle Museum collection. Length 90 cm

19th century Aboriginal Message stick. Hardwood, tapering form with ochre markings. Ex Tyrells collection, thence Bungan Castle Museum. Length 51 cm

Two ceremonial adornments, North Eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory (mid twentieth century), bush string, feathers, ochre and spinifex resin, various sizes. Provenance: Important Aboriginal Art, Sothebys, Melbourne, 28 June 1999, lot 165 (partial)

A shield, Lagrange Bay, Western Australia, both sides are finely carved and ochre painted. 75 x 14.5 cm

Janice Murray 'Flying Fox' ochre pigment on cardboard, 77 x 57 cm

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MOLLY NAPANGARDI WORKING 1980'S, Women Digging Sugar Ants Near Soakage Near Yuelamu, 1988, signed 'Molly Napangardi, dated 1988, Gallery # M3216, 120 x 90 cm

Early 20th century Aboriginal digging implement. Stone worked end; and ochre patina. Length 103 cm

Mitjili Napurrula, Aboriginal painting, size 90 by 120 cm, with certificate

Aboriginal Coolamon with longitudinal incisions. Fluting throughout the entire surface, early dry natural ochre patina. Length 67.2 cm. Width 7.6 cm

Wall plaque in the stylized form of a bird and decorated on one side with a design featuring two hornbills and a male ancestral figure brightly decorated with ochre. 113 cm

Aboriginal Kimberley Riji Bardi carved pearl shell with ochre infill. Older piece with some small edge chips. Length 200 cm

Aboriginal hardwood shield with Ochre decoration. Good old patina. Height 76 cm

George Milpurrurru, (1934-1998), Group Ganalbingu, Fruit Bats 90 x 60 cm

Ray James Tjangala, untitled, inscribed ray James Tjangala, Papunya Tula artists Pty Ltd verso. Accompanied by certificate of Authenticity. 61 cm x 122 cm.

Kathleen Petyarre, region: Utopia, Language group: Anmatyerre/Alyawarre Untitled. Synthetic polymer on Belgian linen. Provenance: Gallerie Australis, Adelaide, signed verso. 107 cm x 107 cm.

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Wanjina Figure Natural earth pigments on wood Karruwara, Attributed to Wattie 38.5 x 33.5 cm Arched panel Provenance: Private collection, Usa

Betty Mbitjana, Bush Melon dreaming signed verso, photos attached verso

Aboriginal school Initiation Ceremony 55 x 43.5 cm Ochre on board