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Tri-Ang Minic clockwork 'Green line' Bus with key, unboxed (VG)

Tri-Ang Minic scale model clockwork single Deck Bus in original box, missing key (VG - E box G)

Two Tri-Ang Minic scale model clockwork toys, including 75M ambulance with 'L.C.C.' decals to sides; and short bonnet Shutter van, both in original boxes (VG - E boxes F - G) (2)

Tri-Ang Minic clockwork toys mechanical horse & cable trailer in original box (VG box VG)

Tri-Ang Minic clockwork tin plate British Railways van with red and cream body with original decals and in original box (G-VG box F-G)

Bag lot of 6 vintage tinplate and cast toys, including early English tinplate Fire Engine, Sanshin (Japanese) remote control MGA in red, early clockwork field gun, Tri-Ang Minic Steamroller, Tri-Ang Minic racer in green & cast metal horsedrawn firewagon

5 Tri-Ang Minic (NZ Lines Bros), clockwork vehicles including .2 x Evening news van in yellow, Tractor in red, Saloon in blue & Truck and boat on trailer, (OCB)

3 Tri-Ang Minic (NZ Lines Bros), clockwork vehicles including Petrol Lorry in red/yellow, Farm Tractor and Trailer in pale blue/red & Truck and boat on trailer, (OCB)

3 Tri-Ang Minic (NZ Lines Bros), clockwork vehicles including .2 x delivery lorries in green/blue & pale blue/red and cabriolet in two tone blue, (OCB)

3 Tri-Ang Minic (NZ Lines Bros), clockwork vehicles including .2 x delivery lorries in green/red & pale blue/red and cabriolet in two tone blue, (OCB)

Tri-Ang Minic Jack in the Boat Novelty boat, NZ made plastic clockwork toy in fair original box

Morris 8, Tri-ang Minic clockwork tinplate in working condition with key. Length 8 cm and a newspaper vendor's trolley in red and cream, maker unknown. Length 10 cm (2)

Chrysler Airflow convertible with caravan, 1930s clockwork tinplate by Tri-ang Minic in near mint condition. Length 24 cm

Six models, including unboxed tinplate Wells Transport Bus 'Buy British', boxed Triang Minic clockwork dump truck; and boxed Triang Minic breakdown lorry and 3 others (G-VG boxes F-VG) (6)

Boxed Tri-ang, England motor Lifeboat, white and blue hard plastic clockwork 26 cm

Tri-ang Minic military Jeeps, large and small tinplate clockwork together with Minic land speed racer

Boxed Tri-ang Minic short bonnet Shutter van, 'Minic transport' green tinplate, clockwork (no tyres)

Minic 19M Vauxhall Cabriolet & Caravan; clockwork mechanism with key in working order. Original finish & tyres. VG condition

Minic 13M Pre-war Racing car based on the 1934 Mg Magic Midget. Clockwork mechanism appears to be in working order with original 'Minic Triang' key. Beautiful original red finish, minor surface wear, original tyres & exhaust pipe, a classic. VG condition

Five Triang clockwork plastic models, including two Austin A40 saloon, Morris van, Morris Royal Mail van and Minic standard Vanguard (E boxes P-F) (5)

Tinplate clockwork Minic fire engine; four Minic plastic 'Push and Go' models; and another plastic Minic model (G-E boxes P) (6)

Minic No.1 Pre-War Construction Set comprising metal parts for 6 x clockwork Minic vehicles including Delivery Lorry; Transport Van; Cabriolet; Streamline Saloon; Limousine; and Tractor; with motors, tools, brushes, paint and instructions, in compartmental

Triang Minic presentation set No. A, clockwork with key Present (E-M box VG-E)

Two Triang Minic clockwork LCC ambulances, both white with white cross on red background transfers, in illustrated boxes (VG-E boxes G) (2)

Collection of Triang Minic plastic clockwork models, including a boxed No. 2 musical car, red; No. 2 musical car blue; Royal man van, red; post office telephones van, olive green; and 6 others, all except musical car unboxed, all with keys (G-E box E) (10)

Collection of Triang Minic tinplate clockwork models, including 2 x articulated Brewery Lorries; 71M Minic Dairies; Ambulance with patient on stretcher; and others, all unboxed, all with keys (F-VG) (12)

Solido clockwork Scooter Transformable En Tri-Porteur French, light metallic green Scooter and Tri-Porteur, white suited rider, smooth cream tyres, slightly perished, key present, strung to inner red card, in faded blue box with red and white 'Solido' labe

Four plastic Triang Minic models; clockwork 3124 evening News Delivery van, yellow plastic with 'Evening News' Advert to roof; clockwork plastic Cowley Pick-up truck, green with orange tinplate back; 3M post-war Ford Royal Mail van, red; Push and Go Morris

Three Triang Minic 103M post war Shutter Vans, tinplate, clockwork; red; mid green; and dark green, all missing keys and unboxed (G-VG) (3)

Solido clockwork Scooter Transformable En Tri-Porteur light metallic green Scooter and Tri-Porteur, white suited rider, smooth cream tyres, key present, pamphlet included (G-VG box G)

Triang Minic clockwork double Deck Bus 'Putney No. 14' destination decals to both ends, 'London Transport' decals to sides, 'Pedigree Dolls/Pedigree Pets' and 'Tri-Ang Pedal Motors' decals sides, BPW; and Minic Push and Go 255 double Decker Bus, 'Go Well-G

Triang Minic mother and Pram red and white plastic mother pushing a clockwork white and blue pram with child, key present, in card box with colourful illustrated label mother 12 cm high

Triang Minic Jack-in-the-boat clockwork brown and white plastic rowing boat with red tinplate oars, plastic rower, in brightly coloured illustrated card box 18 cm long

Triang Minic post-war clockwork Carter Paterson van red cab, green back, plated parts, 'Carter Paterson' decals to sides and 'Minic' decal to headboard, in illustrated box, flaps missing to one end

Triang Minic Bentley Tourer clockwork, red, white interior, black fender and chassis, silver bumpers, radiator and spun hubs, black rubber tyres, two seated figures, key present, box missing 1 flap; and Triang Minic Vauxhall Town Coupe, clockwork, powder b

Triang Minic Ford Royal Mail van clockwork, red, silver radiator and bumpers, 'Royal Mail G R' decals to sides, black plastic wheels, rust to chassis, key not included; Triang Minic Ford saloon, clockwork, dark green, silver radiator, bumpers and spare rea

Triang Minic clockwork double Deck Bus red, 'Putney 14' decals to front, rear and side, 'Pedigree Dolls Pedigree Pets' 'Pedigree Prams' 'London Transport' decals to sides, 'Frog Penguin' decals to rear, wooden seats, green lower floor, silver radiator, cre

Triang Minic timber lorry 68M clockwork, red cab, silver fender, radiator and bumpers, dark blue trailer and timber brace, spun hubs, black plastic wheels, wooden plank cargo, some rust to fender, key not included; Triang Minic petrol tank lorry, clockwork

Triang Minic Caravan and Vauxhall Cabriolet dark green Vauxhall Cabriolet, clockwork, back fender, red chassis, spun metal hubs, black plastic tyres, silver radiator and bumpers, cream and red caravan, black chassis, spun hubs, black plastic tyres, key inc

Minic presentation set No. B including two clockwork horse Units, green; log trailer, green; fuel Tanker, red with gold and black 'Shell BP Fuel Oil' decals to sides; Brewer's trailer, green with eight barrels; and Pantechnicon, red, with gold 'Minic Trans

Triang Minic 6 wheel army truck clockwork camouflaged green tinplate army truck with green concave hubs, key present, in plain buff card box with green printed lettering