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Space Productions (1998), Lost in Space, Jupiter II, mint in original carded box, length32 cm

Space Productions (1997), Lost in Space Robot B9, near mint in original carded box, height 32 cm

Gold and amber cigarette holder, in hallmarked silver original holder with space for matches, London hallmarks rubbed

Lonestar James Bond 007 'Moonraker' Space gun; and Lonestar James Bond 007 shoulder Holster & gun based on the model Used in film 'A View to Kill' (2)

Horikawa 'Space Capsule'- unboxed with two 'Planet Explorers' - unboxed and two others, untested, A/F

G.I Joe Defiant Space Shuttle Complex, Rocket Booster and Space Shuttle

Provincial south American Arts & Crafts style bureau bookcase modelled with an arched pediment leading to dual panel doors, with a hinged fall front, enclosing storage space, and a selection of short and long drawers below all resting on a plinth base widt

2001, a Space Odyssey, Directed by Stanley Kubrick. Starring Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, original movie poster day bill, 1978 good condition 34 x 76 cm

Concorde, solid plastic model in Qantas livery, length 61 cm, wingspan 26 cm, made by Space Models, England, on metal display stand. Fair/Good condition (minor fault to wingtip). This particular model was presented to Sir Robert Cotton, Minister for Civil

Tootsietoy 1032 Buck Rogers Venus Destroyer, American, circa 1930s, white and blue diecast Space Ship with 2 x suspension Pulleys to top, stamped 'Buck Rogers Venus Duo-Destroyer Mk 24 L', with string, in illustrated blue and white box, flaps to 1 x end de

I Married a Monster from Outer Space Paramount, 1958, Australian daybill poster, condition A- 76 cm x 34.5 cm

Bandai batteryOperated Space jet Vehicle No. 944 Japanese, futuristic red and white tinplate space vehicle with pilot seated under opening plastic dome, large jet engine to rear, black lettering 'Space Jet' and 'X-001', several actions, in box with colourf

Yanoman batteryOperated Space Scout S-17 Japanese, circa mid 1960s, colourful lithographed blue tinplate space vehicle with tailfins, yellow and white pilot seated under a clear plastic dome, firing a laser cannon, light up white plastic dome to front, in

Nomura Toy Industries tinplate and plastic Atomic Space gun Japanese, red, black, silver and white body with green plastic nozzle, red barrels at end of gun move back and forward when trigger is pulled (G) 21 cm long

Four Space toys;, including Chinese boxed Universe car; rocket money Bank and two others, all unboxed except for Universa car (F-VG box G) (4)

Amico battery operated Non-fall moon rocket Japanese, circa 1960s, multi-coloured lithographed tinplate rocket, green, red and amber lights, astronaut seated within cockpit with clear plastic windscreen, detachable astronaut to top looking through blue pla

Horikawa Fighting Space man Japanese, circa 1962, battery operated, dark grey metal body, red metal feet, human face, flashing yellow light to top of head, two folding wire hoops to sides of neck, clear plastic cover to chest with firing, pivoting gun, som

Modern toys (Masudaya) Space man, Japanese, circa 1960, battery operated brightly lithographed orange tinplate space man, silver helmet with working light, silver front pouch and oxygen tanks to backsome rubbing and minor scratches. Height 20 cm

Modern toys (Masudaya) Space Commando, Japanese, circa late 1950s, richly lithographed green tinplate astronaut with orange braces, silver belt, red lettering to chest 'Space man', red and orange oxygen tanks to back with white lettering 'Space 27', wearin

Rosenthal Jr Thunderbird 5 Hong Kong, battery operated gold plastic space monitor with flashing lights and two detachable antenn', in illustrated box 27 cm long

Merit Space Pilot 3 colour Super-Sonic gun with high Frequency Resonator English, circa early 1950s, black, red, green and yellow plastic battery operated gun, in card box with brightly coloured Dan Dare artwork (uncredited) 22.5 cm long

Triang Minic Push and Go Space Cruiser English, circa late 1950s, friction powered silver, red, yellow and blue tinplate spaceship with red plastic spinner to roof, in illustrated card box, repaired 25.5 cm long other notes Last example sold 90 pounds Vect

KTS battery operated NASA Space station, Japanese, blue and red tinplate circular ring with five separate lithographed rooms including 'Communication room' and 'Controller's room', rotating action and sounds, central radar missing, 29 cm diameter

A Modern Toys friction powered Space Sight Seeing bus, brightly printed tinplate with astronaut driver in bubble cockpit, one side of bus with misspelt lettering 'Seeig', circa 1960s 17 cm long

A Horikawa battery operated United States space capsule, Japanese, brightly lithographed space toy with detachable 'Flying' astronaut, circa mid 1960s (E box G) 15.5 cm long

A Modern Toys battery operated Space Explorer ship X8, Japanese, brightly lithographed flying saucer with pilot and flashing lights action, circa 1960s; and a small Deans Mickey Mouse, circa 1930s (P) (2) 26 cm diameter

An SH battery operated New Space Capsule, tinplate and plastic with several actions including hatch opening to reveal astronaut with camera, (G box G) 23 cm long

A Yoshiya (Ko) battery operated flying saucer, tinplate with astronaut pilot, gear detail and two antenn', s; and a Yoshiya (Ko) friction powered X-15 Space Commander, (G) (2) Largest 19 cm diameter

A Nomura battery operated Moon Traveller Apollo-Z, tinplate and plastic space capsule with several actions including elevating command ship and blinking lights, (E box F) 29 cm long

A modern Toys battery operated U.S.A. NASA Gemini X-5 moon rocket, tinplate, with space walker astronaut attachment and 'Non-Fall' action, some tarnishing, (G-E, box F) 23 cm long

A modern Toys battery operated Space Capsule 7tinplate and plastic with several actions, (G) 27 cm long

A Modern Toys battery operated Atom Rocket 7 moon rocket, tinplate, with blue plastic radar antenna, (E box E) 23 cm long

A modern Toys battery operated X-7 Space Explorer, brightly printed tinplate flying saucer with astronaut pilot, flashing lights and various actions, (E box E) 21 cm diameter

An SH battery operated Space Explorer robot, dark grey metal body with red plastic feet, television screen to chest, including red plastic antenna 'Rial, (E Box G) 32 cm High

A T.N Japan moon car (moon spaceship) 1960's, boxed