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Flash Gordon tinplate rocket Fighter by Louis Marx, USA, circa 1939, clockwork with flint wheel at rear, colourful red/yellow lithography, unboxed, 32 cm long (VG-E)

Rocket camera Co. (Japan): new rocket, c1946-49, sub-miniature camera in gold metal, this version with 'Rocket camera Co. Ltd' near lens, with rocket f4.5 20mm lens and the very rarely seen lens hood/filter holder (also in gold finish) plus yellow filter

4 Chinese and Japanese tinplate planes, including Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet (TT), Emergency Helicopter (TT), Avion Aircraft, Passenger Rocket MF 093 - all (OCB) (4 items)

3 Chinese tinplate planes, including Avion Aircraft, Passenger Rocket MF 093, Universe Rocket Express MF 030 - all (OCB) (3 items)

Universe Rocket Express, MF 030, Chinese tinplate toy (OCB). Length 24 cm

G.I Joe Defiant Space Shuttle Complex, Rocket Booster and Space Shuttle

267-A1 rocket Firing Batmoblie with Batman and Robin (box showing age with slight tears to opening)

Four Space toys;, including Chinese boxed Universe car; rocket money Bank and two others, all unboxed except for Universa car (F-VG box G) (4)

Masudaya Sonicon battery operated remote control rocket Japanese, circa 1960s, blue and red lithographed tinplate rocket with astronaut figure to cockpit, detachable blue plastic radar to top, remotely controlled by blue plastic whistle, in repaired box wi

Amico battery operated Non-fall moon rocket Japanese, circa 1960s, multi-coloured lithographed tinplate rocket, green, red and amber lights, astronaut seated within cockpit with clear plastic windscreen, detachable astronaut to top looking through blue pla

Marx Buck Rogers clockwork rocket Ship American, circa late 1930s, multi-coloured lithographed tinplate rocket ship, red lettering to sides 'Buck Rogers', grey tinplate wheels, with maker's mark and black printed lettering to base 'Louis Marx & Co. 200-5th

Tootsietoy's Buck Rogers 25th century rocket Ship set American, circa 1930s, including Venus Duo Destroyer, gold and green; Flash Blast Attack Ship, blue and gold; Usn Los Angeles, silver; Battlecruiser, yellow and blue; and silver and gold figures of Wilm

Modern toys (Masudaya) Space Commando, Japanese, circa late 1950s, richly lithographed green tinplate astronaut with orange braces, silver belt, red lettering to chest 'Space man', red and orange oxygen tanks to back with white lettering 'Space 27', wearin

Rare Triang Mini Push and Go Interplanetary Research Unit presentation set English, containing ten friction powered plastic vehicles including 'Iru' jet Plane, two articulated rocket Launchers, one missing missile, Aviation fuel Tanker, shell Tanker, Radar

The Central Aircraft 'Rocket'. This model was designed by Central Aircraft, one of Melbourne's earliest model aircraft retailers. A sport flying, rubber powered model and an excellent flyer of 55 cm wingspan

Nomura battery operated tinplate Police Patrol auto-tricycle, Japanese, police rider in blue uniform with whistle in mouth on white 'Police Dept. No. 3' three wheeled bike, arms detached, chassis loose, 1960s (F); a Japanese friction powered U. S. Army jee

A modern Toys battery operated U.S.A. NASA Gemini X-5 moon rocket, tinplate, with space walker astronaut attachment and 'Non-Fall' action, some tarnishing, (G-E, box F) 23 cm long

A Modern Toys battery operated Atom Rocket 7 moon rocket, tinplate, with blue plastic radar antenna, (E box E) 23 cm long

An unusual Technofix tinplate clockwork Rocket-Express No. 286