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A replica tin toy 'Overseas Air lines DC-3 Schylling 513BIG, friction powered tin airplane with spinning propellers, 8 x 20 x 26 cm

A vintage hand made childrens aeroplane, timber, hand painted, Qantas logo, 43 cm high, 78 cm wide, 77 cm deep

Nomura (Japan) Usaf Prop batteryPowered jet Fighter C.1960's (VG - E)

Joustra (France) 'Croix de Sud' red/cream Air France airliner in original box C.1950's (E box G)

Yonezawa (Japan) Usaf B29 friction drive bomber, C.1950's (E)

Gama (West Germany) 1000 Panam Stratocruiser MIB (E - M box E)

Group of Maisto aeroplane models, including a Mustang special edition, F4U Id Corsair, Usaf Bomber B17G, Usaf Boeing B-25 Mitchel, P47 Thunderbolt, Usaaf P47 Thunderbolt green, Spitfire, and Kittyhawk (7)

Group of aeroplane models, including 2 x F4J Phantom II, 2 x Maisto F18'S, 2 x Maisto Us Navy F15'S, 2 x Maisto F16'S, and 2 x F15's (10)

Two vintage tin friction powered models, including Airport Limousine MF910, and 'Lucky sports car MF753 (E boxes E) (2)

The Joey' metal toy airplane by Digger Jnr. made in South Australia, circa 1918 to 1924. 35 cm long

Micro models (Australia)Vickers Viscount passenger Air-Liner (VG-E box F)

CIJ (France) Air France Boeing 707 Continental; Modern toys old Timers no.9 (M boxes E) (2)

Lincoln Toys (NZ), Flying Plane and Tower (OCB fair)

3 Japanese tinplate planes, including Emergency Helicopter (TT), TWA Boeing 727 Jet Airplane, Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet (TT) - all (OCB) (3 items)

3 Chinese tinplate planes, including Avion de Ligne, Super Sonic Jet plane, Ambulance Helicopter - all (OCB) (3 items)

4 Chinese tinplates planes, including Ambulance Helicopter, Friction Airplane MF 107, Training Plane, Friction Fighter MF 951 - all (OCB) (4 items)

Three tinplate models, including Mr Porter and his Truck, Arnold Loop the Loop; and Loop the Loop Plane, A/F (F-E boxes G-E) (3)

Tinplate Biller (Germany) Helicopter, box missing three endflaps, mechanism worked well When Tested (VG box F)

Tinplate Panam Airport with aeroplane, key missing and unboxed (G)

Circa 1928 Wells tinplate aeroplane. Detachable wing passenger plane. Functional. Length 24 cm

C.D.C armour collection plane; and one other, unboxed (E) (2)

Tootsietoy Pan America Airport set 6500 American, including Boeing Stratocruiser Airliner, Lockheed Constellation Airliner, 'Corvair 240 Airliner, North American F-86 Sabre', North American Navion, tanker, tractor, two Baggage trailers, steps and two Pan A

Joustra Air France 'Croix Du Sud' (Southern Cross), France, 1940-70, red and yellow-cream lithographed tin with friction powered propellers that rotate when tyres are in motion, box with cello tape to one end flap (E box F-G) 12 cm x 52 cm x 60 cm

Tudor rose plastic product (England) Inter city Helicopter service fitted with a heavy Duty Gyro friction motor, tail Propeller detached (E box VG)

Automatic toy Company 'Airport Futurmatic with Remote Controlled Airplane' with key (E box F)

Pre war Japanese tin plate Plane. Farman, with sparking gun, clockwork motor rotating propellor. Length 28 cm

Three CIJ diecast 'roplanes; 1/11 Douglas DC7, white; 1/12 Noratlas, grey and white with French military Roundels; and 1/16 Douglas Uat 'romaritime, metallic grey and white, all in illustrated boxes with card inserts (E boxes P-G) (3)

Tekno 788 Super Mystere B2 jet Plane, silver with Danish Air Force Roundels, in illustrated blue, red and white box (E box F)

Biller tinplate clockwork helicopter control station, Helicopter Propellers functional, Main Rotating mechanism no Longer functional, in Brightly illustrated box (G box G)

Tinplate twin jet passenger 'roplane Chinese, circa 1960s, battery operated, grey, white, blue and red, registration number 'Me-789', unboxed (G-VG) 45 cm wingspan

Tipp & Co.67/1 remote control batteryOperated Klm Lockheed Constellation Airliner German, circa 1960, lithographed silver tinplate, upper fuselage in white and blue Klm livery, registration number Ph-Tfq, wired remote with blue tinplate controller, in blue

Schuco Radiant 5600 remote control BOAC Airliner German, impressive battery powered tinplate four-propellor airliner in white, blue and orange BOAC livery, silver-grey wings, detailed cockpit with two aircrew, with control wire and steering wheel, in red b

Daiya batteryOperated Boeing 2707, Japanese, circa 1960s, tinplate and plastic with white and blue 'Pan, American' livery, registration number 'N270pa', one wing damaged, in illustrated box; and a, Japanese friction powered tinplate Douglas DC-8, white, bl

Friction powered Ilyushin II-62 'roplane European, circa 1960s, tinplate, plastic engines, silver with blue and white 'Klm Royal Dutch Airlines' livery, registration number 'Ph-Ils 62-741'; and Joustra battery operated Concorde, French, circa 1960s, white

Rare Tootsietoy pan, American Airport set No. 6500 AmeRican, including Boeing Stratocruiser Airliner, Lockheed Constellation Airliner, 'Corvair 240 Airliner, north, American F-86 Sabre, north, American Navion, tanker, tractor, two baggage trailers, steps a

Meccano No. 11 Constructor Plane set c1930's. Made for German market. Built as a single wing monoplane with Swiss insignia in blue and cream livery, with pilot, propellor and wheel spats. Box is complete with 4 wingspans and 8 wing struts (still strung in

Meccano 'roplane Constructor set No. 2, c.1930s in original box complete with 24 page instruction manual. Contents include three radical cowl engines, wheel spats, pontoons, pilot, two original ''ro' tins and appears to be complete. Wing registration No. I

Meccano Tri-motor plane c.1930's, single wing in cream/red from No. 2 constructor set, three radical cowl engines, wheels spats. Registration No. 'G-Elyu'

Meccano Constructor 'Roplane c.1930's, made up as a biplane in silver/red livery with 4 RAF roundells, propellor and wheels spats.

Meccano No. 0 Constructor 'roplane c.1930's, made up as a seaplane with pontoons and pilot. Wing registration 'G-Eylt' in cream and red. Paintwork fair only