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Well modelled group figure of two ostriches by Goldscheider

Goldscheider Vienna greyhound porcelain figurine 23 cm high approx.

Juan Clara (Spanish, 1875-1958)after Signed bronze of a young toddler climbing on a stool, Goldscheider foundry Paris. Approx 23 cm high

Goldscheider Art Deco mantle vase face decorated earthenware. Height 22.5 cm

Art Deco Goldscheider figure of a fashion model 47 cm high approx

Goldscheider large Deco figurine of a 'Dancing Lady', designed by Lorenzl

Huge Goldscheider art deco Aida figure by Lorenzl, made in Austria, factory marks and model number to base, 46 cm high approx

Huge Goldscheider art deco figure of dancing girl, modelled by Joseph Lorenzl for Goldscheider from the 1920s The figure is known by many names: 'The Captured Bird' The Butterfly Girl' or the 'Bat Dancer'. Made in Austria, factory marks and model number to

Goldscheider Lady Figurineheight eight height 19 cm approx.

A Goldscheider glazed terracotta panel, Austrian, circa 1930. 20 cm high x 15.5 cm wide

A late 19th / early 20th century Austrian painted terracotta bust 'La Rebelle' by Goldscheider, depicting a Nubian warrior with shield, the figure supported on a square form plinth, inscribed 'A Mantovani', 'Reproduction Reserve', '1552 / 6 / 16', 85 cm hi

A Goldscheider porcelain hound', mid 20th century, a naturalistic press moulded figure of a white and brown hound with a single firing hole to the body and upon an oval plinth base; with black stamp mark underside with impressed numerals 5064 over 32 and 1

Goldscheider figurine of Diana, marked to base, pattern numbers and artists signature to the base

Goldscheider wall mask, mid 20th century factory stamp and made in Austria to verso, numbered 7813 /33, 31 cm high

A pair of small Goldscheider mask wall plaques. Mid 20th century, with Goldscheider West Germany stamps, the terracotta masks of typical stylised form, one in the form of modish young woman with white hair, the other a curly haired child with a light green

An Art Deco Goldscheider figurine, circa 1930s, with Goldscheider Wien stamps, the majolica glazed figurine of an exotic oriental dancer with a jewelled bustier and a green and blue girdled and patterned skirt, the edges held up by the dancer in butterfly

Deco F Goldscheider bronze statuette lady stretching. Green stone base, with inset Goldscheider plaque. Couple of minor chips to plinth. Height 39 cm (including base)

A Goldscheider figure of an Art Deco dancer Josef Lorenzl,1940 25 cm

Antique Art Nouveau Goldscheider terracotta figural lamp, stamped to verso, approx 92 cm high

Two C1930 Goldscheider ceramic female wall masks (2) both with hairline crack 36 and 24 cm high

A Goldscheider pottery wall mask of a lady, Austrian, circa 1935, original paper label attached, approx. 27 cm high

A Goldscheider porcelain figure of a dancing girl, Austrian, circa 1930. 47 cm high

Goldscheider figure, Royal Blackamoor, by Barbara Loveday, 37 cm high

A large Goldscheider polychrome figure of a dancer, signed Laurenzl, circa 1925, the figure posed in exotic costume with a white headscarf and band, printed factory marks and signed Laurenzl to the base 48 cm high

A Goldscheider figure, modelled as a dancer in a taselled shawl, printed factory marks to base 22 cm high

A Goldscheider porcelain figure, modelled as an elegant female in a floral gown, printed factory marks to base 35 cm high

Art Deco lady lamp possibly Goldscheider, of Lorenzo design. Height 36 cm

A Goldscheider figure of Pierrot, early 20th century, impressed 3133/202/11 underside together with printed marks painted and painted number XII/D4. Height 28 cm

An Art Deco Goldscheider type wall mask, as a stylish young woman with head turned to her right, brightly glazed stripes to her head band in tones of orange, blue, yellow and turquoise, the unglazed terracotta back with impressed numbers. 19.5 x 8 x 22.5 c

A Goldscheider figure of a lady, Josef Lorenzl, 1929, standing on her toes, dressed in a maroon wide-brimmed hat and floral patterned maroon dress with frilled skirt,mounted on a domed circular base, 32 cm high. Impressed marks 6229, impressed and printed

A Goldscheider figure of a lady in a grey evening gown, 1935, holding a bouquet of flowers and a feather fan, 30 cm high. Incised 7224//493/4, incised and printed signature and factory marks. Refer Ora Pinhas, Goldscheider, 2006. P. 139

A Goldscheider figure of a dancer with tambourine, 1937, Leaning back,her bosom bared and wearing a full frilled green skirt, mounted on an oval black base, 42 cm high. Incised 6692//20//11, incised and printed signature and factory marks. Refer Ora Pinhas

Two Goldscheider terracotta wall masks, circa 1936, one with cut out eyes,green curled hair and blue bordered collar, the other with red hair and green scarf, 26 cm and 27 cm high. Incised 6115, printed and impressed factory numbers. (2)

A Goldscheider terracotta wall mask, circa 1935 of a woman with brown curled hair holding an eye mask to her face together with a wall plaque in the form of a lady's hand, 28 cm high. Incised 7121. (2). Reference: Ora Pinhas, Goldscheider, 2006, page 172

A Goldscheider terracotta mask, circa 1936 of a woman with blue windswept hair, 24 cm high. Impressed 7420, printed factory marks. Refer Ora Pinhas, Goldscheider, 2006. P.174

A Goldscheider wall mask of a woman, circa 1932, with green blue curled hair, a yellow green scarf about her neck and holding a cigarette, 33 cm high. Incised numbers 7453, incised and printed factory marks. Refer Ora Pinhas, Goldscheider, 2006. P.167