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A British Railways freight train set by Mettoy, circa 1950s

A Mettoy tinplate toy London double Decker, in original box, with pamphlet and key, 12 x 23 x 6 cm

Fire engine with turntable extending ladder, Mettoy brand, British tinplate, clockwork wind-up toy in good condition complete with four fireman figures, c. 1950s. Length 39 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Mettoy train Mechanical Streamline train with Track and automatic Turn-tables in original box, 1950'S (VG - E box G - VG)

Collection of train accessories and rolling Stock from various Makes, including Jep, Joytown, Mettoy and others, unboxed, A/F (A Lot)

Four mixed trucks, including Mettoy Soft drinks truck; spot on U.D milk float; Barclay milk and cream truck; and Vilmer milk truck, all unboxed (VG-E) (4)

Mettoy mechanical tractor made in UK, circa 1950s, clockwork with mechanism in rear wheel complete with key in original paper bag, 19 cmS long & 12 cmS wide (box has Silverfish damage); and 'Atom Tug' steam Put-Put boat 'Distributed Melbourne Australia' (V

Rare Mettoy clockwork 'Express Delivery' van, clockwork issue, yellow with grey base, black Rubber wheels, with original Price (E-M box F-P)

Mettoy Castoys B.O.A.C. Van; and Londontoy mechanical tractor and car trailer (G-VG box G-P) (2)

Mettoy Joytown grand Prix Race Track, A/F, 1 x car missing body

Mettoy (UK), tinplate clockwork motorcycle rider in red-striped blazer and goggles, with pressed steel wheels, extremely rare

Mettoy O Gauge Passenger Train Set, #5362 Set consists of clockwork locomotive, carriages and tender (4) track in original carded box. Box dms 31 x 38 cm

Mettoy O Gauge 'Safetylectric' Express Train Set, #5022 in original carded box. Set consists of loco, 3 carriages, track and figure of 8 crossing. Excellent and complete set. Box dms 49 x 56.5 cm

Mettoy O Gauge Combination Passenger Train Set, #5563/1 in original carded box. Set consists of clockwork locomotive, 6 rolling stock, track, station, tunnel, crossing and signal, near complete. Box dms 48 x 55 cm

Mettoy O Gauge Freight Train Set, #5561/2 Set consists of clockwork locomotive, track and accessories in original carded box. Excellent and complete set. Box dms 34 x 51 cm

Two Trucks, including Mettoy Electrically operated Bedford tipper, plastic cream cab with red tray, untested; and Welsotoys no. 621 plastic and tinplate Haulage truck (E boxes F-VG) (2)

Nine Mettoy Joytown unboxed rolling Stock, A/F; chassis of Marklin racing car Kit, A/F and HRCAA souvenir loading gauge in home-made box (F-E box G) (10)

Mettoy Railways passenger train set. Hurricane clockwork locomotive, coal tender & 3 carriages; & 6 connecting rails. In original box. Key available.

Mettoy 870 mechanical delivery van with 2 x keys, orange/red; and 872 plastic friction drive milk float, with milk crates still in packaging (E boxes F-G) (2)

Collection of vintage Japanese tinplate trucks, (6) matching with lithograph advertising (23 cm each) & a Japanese Mettoy 'Transport Express' battery powered truck. VG condition (7 items)

English lithographed tinplate toy cars (2) & Caravan (c1950s); Japanese Mettoy Co. clockwork Cadillac. Good condition (4 items)

Collection of Meccano sets, including Elekrikit; Gears Outfit A; Accessory Outfit 1A; Outfit 1; and loose, unboxed, unchecked parts of Meccano Aeroplanes; and others, including Mettoy tanker (A Lot) (P-E)

Large Mettoy tinplate metal filling station No. 6283, with instruction booklet, unchecked, some patination to some metal parts, otherwise excellent condition (VG-E box G)

Mettoy No. 722 Delivery van, yellow plastic with 'Mettoy' stickers to sides, (G box G-VG)

Vintage British Toys: Includes Mettoy typewriter and sweeper; Tri-Ang Jones Crane; Dinky and Lesney toys; Ttr (Twix Twin) trains with Tri-Ang track and more. Mixed lot in mixed condition. (c40 items)

Toy Train Set: Well used British mixed set including; O gauge wind-up locomotive(Brimtoy?) with track, Mettoy signal box and station, destination box with Australian stations, 'Liverpool Cables' carriage, Meccano crane, and other well loved and worn pieces

Victory Models 'Mighty Midget'; electric racer; and Mettoy Streamline friction drive deluxe car (G-E boxes G) (2)

Mettoy tinplate clockwork saloon, circa 1950s, green, red interior with lithographed chauffeur, possibly retouched (G box F)

Mettoy pre-war tinplate clockwork Rolls Royce, blue with lithographed chauffeur and permanant key (G-VG box F-G)

Collection of Hornby Stock, including 5 x No.1 Buffer stop; Hornby Girder bridge; 3 x Mettoy Girder Bridges; right hand 3-rail points; 2 x left-hand 3-rail points; and 2 x Y-Junction (P-E boxes P-E) (Lot)

Boxed Sel No.730 Railway Signal, Hornby 10th Anniversary loco with keys, Mettoy tracks and others (P-VG box VG) (Lot)

Mettoy Railway station no.5617, Colourfully Lithographed in original box (G-Vg box F-G)

Mettoy Mechanical Tractor set, including Tractor and Hay Rake, disc Harrow, trailer and Mowing machine, Wear to rear wheels of Tractor (VG box F-G)

Mettoy Tinplate No.7 Boat Tail Racer circa 1938, red and cream body with driver, permanent key, unboxed (F-G) 32 cm long

Two Mettoy 920 tinplate clockwork Luxury motor Coachs one light blue, clear upper body and roof, blue interior, silver trim, olive-grey tinplate base, 6x white figurines, electric lights, in colourfully illustrated box ; one marbleised sea-green, clear upp

Mettoy 872 milk float English, blue and white plastic friction powered milk float with load of crates and milk bottles, in box; and Kleenware blue and red plastic milk bar, with lift up clear plastic roof and yellow stools to interior, in box (2)

Mettoy plastic garage with sliding doors English, yellow and red and blue with decal to front 'Joy Town Service garage', in box; and Ideal plastic garage, red and white, with green roof, including two red plastic cars, in box (2)

Mettoy clockwork tinplate 'roplane English, circa 1940s, cream, blue and red, blue lettering 'Mettoy Airways', registration number 'Ga-Agx' 38 cm long 51 cm wingspan