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For those boys who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, a Meccano set was the equivalent to today's Xbox or Nintendo.

Meccano Ltd was invented by Frank Hornby, a young clerk who worked for a meat importing company in Liverpool, after his idea in 1901 of a new toy - 'Mechanics Made Easy'. This very quickly became known as Meccano, and was soon on sale across the world.

'The Meccano Magazine' - a monthly newsletter - was introduced in 1916 and contained articles of interest to budding engineers. It included new plans for models which could be assembled with Meccano, often requiring the purchase of additional parts or a larger outfit.

At its peak The Meccano Magazine enjoyed a circulation of 50,000 and was published until 1980. Apart from development of new and modified components, Meccano underwent colour changes on many occasions - some of which reflected the mood of the time.

For example in 1936 it was produced in royal blue with gold cross-hatching to mark the coronation of King George VI following the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII; in 1939 with he impending World War, Meccano was produced in matt green similar to the colour of military vehicles then in common use. more...

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Vintage clockwork Meccano Coupe, in red and green. Length 35 cm. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Complete collection of original Meccano Magazines 1939 - 1940 (24)

Complete collection of original Meccano Magazines 1937 and 1938 (24)

Complete collection of original Meccano Magazines 1935 - 1936 (24)

Complete collection of original Meccano Magazines 1933 and 1934 (24)

Meccano construction set 5, in original box with upper and lower tray of parts, unchecked (A/F)

Meccano Flugeug - Baukasten' aeroplane no. 11, made for export Market c.1930's, unchecked (Af box G - VG)

Meccano no. 3 construction set in original wooden box (unchecked, Af)

Meccano Engineering for Boys of all Ages' display card with fold-out stand to back, circa 1950s, 36.5 x 29 cm

Meccano 4 construction set no. 1 with instruction leaflets; and Meccano 5 construction set no. 1 with instruction leaflets, both unchecked in original box (F - G boxes F - VG) (2)

Complete collection of original Meccano magazines 1931 and 1932 (24)

Complete collection of original Meccano magazines 1929 and 1930 (24)

Complete collection of original Meccano magazines 1927 and 1928 (24)

Meccano 5A accessory outfit, with original instruction booklet, items sewn in and 'Tested and Guaranteed' tag to lid, tears to corners of lid (E-M box VG-E)

Collection of original Meccano magazines 1925 and 1926; missing Sep 1925 issue(23 Issues)

Collection of original Meccano magazines 1918-1923; and Photocopies of other Issues 1916-1923 (A Lot)

Collection of unchecked tinplate construction Meccano pieces ( Alot)

Collection of Meccano, including a boxed power control Unit A3; 'The ABC of Primus Engineering set B'; 'Meccano set 1' loose and unchecked; plastic Meccano Caterpillar Track with instructions; 4 x no.187B plastic wheels; and loose parts, A/F (A Lot)

Meccano No. 3 outfit, together with 2 other games, as inspected

Meccano aeroplane constructor set no.2, loose blue and off-white parts with reproduced copy of instructions, unchecked in blue box (P-F box P-F)

Collection of Meccano sets, including Elekrikit; Gears Outfit A; Accessory Outfit 1A; Outfit 1; and loose, unboxed, unchecked parts of Meccano Aeroplanes; and others, including Mettoy tanker (A Lot) (P-E)

Rare Meccano Automobile Constructor set 1, Spanish issue, blue, cream and red parts strung (replaced) to yellow inner card with Instruction pamphlet, some Wear to corners of box (E box F-G)

Three Meccano Outfits, including 3; 5; and 3A, all parts loose and unchecked; and Buz Builder set No. 5, loose and unchecked (P-F boxes P-G) (4)

Meccano Highway vehicles set No. 3, with original internal packaging and two Leaflets, unchecked; and Meccano Airport service set No. 4, with original internal packaging, unchecked (VG-E boxes F-G) (2)

Meccano Accessory sets 4A, 5A and Emebo motor; the 4A set in original box all parts unused and still tied down complete with instruction book and guarantee slip the box good but with tear to one side wear marks to top and some minor label damage, the 5A se

Two Meccano Constructor sets, including Meccano Plane Constructor set 11 with Danish text to lid, made in England, pieces all strung; and 'roplane set 2, parts loose and unchecked (F-E boxes F) (2)

Meccano group Lot of pre and post war items, including original M280 lighting set sewn in; M230 'ro clockwork motor No.1; E15R Electric motor; clockwork motor; Accessory Outfit; pamphlets and others, all boxed (G-E boxes P-G) (Lot)

Meccano microscope set and COC (Japan) microscope set (G-E boxes VG) (2)

Meccano metal child's construction set 1-9 with extra gears and electronics in timber case

Meccano factory built window display model of Blackpool Tower, circa 1950s, red, green and yellow, some parts slightly warped, untested, unboxed (VG) 130 cm x 38 cm x 47 cm

1924 complete set of monthly Meccano Magazines (VG-M) (12)