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Figures with cherubic grins and blushed cheeks you would just love to pinch, how could anyone not fall in love with the adorable little figures of boys in lederhosen and girls with pigtails that are known as 'Hummels'? M I Hummel figures are produced by renowned German porcelain manufacturer W Goebel Porzellainfabrik ('Goebel'). In the last few years these figures have gained a large collecting base in Australia and New Zealand. The figures are based on the caricatures of Maria Innocentia ('Berta') Hummel- an extremely talented German art student who went on to became a nun. Hummel figures have been produced by Goebel since 1935 and production continues today. All figures are readily identified by the engraved script MI Hummel trademark somewhere on the figure, usually on the base rim. Interestingly, the ownership of the designs and approval of production of all figures, still rests with the estate of Maria Innocentia Hummel (deceased) and the Convent of Siessen, even through to current releases.

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Sixteen Hummel 'Year plates', 1974-1977 and 1979-1989 (inclusive), includes two 1980 plates. Most in original boxes.

Three Hummel figurines, height 15 cm approx (tallest)

Two German Hummel figurines comprising of a boy with trumpet and a girl with basket, 13 cm high approx

Two Royal Doulton & 1 Hummel figurines including Royal Doulton HN2230 'A Gypsy Dancer' and HN3388 'Forget Me Not'

Three various Goebel Hummel figurines, tallest measuring 18 cm tall. Model numbers 630, 112 and 56a

Three various Hummel figurines, tallest measures 13 cm tall. Model number 361, and two others

Three various Goebel Hummel figurines, tallest measuring 15 cm. Model numbers 1411, 171, 107/012

Three various Hummel figurines, tallest measuring 15 cm tall. Model numbers 58/1, 11/20, 12I

Two German Hummel figurines, 11 cm high approx (tallest)

Hummel figure group, of a boy and girl under an umbrella, 16 cm high approx

Two Hummel figure groups, comprising of a boy playing violin 11.5 cm high approx. & a boy with bird 9.5 cm high approx

Two Hummel figures Wayside Harmony and the little Cobbler (2)

A group of three Hummel figurines by Goebel, 1960s and one circa 1972, including a girl with geese marked 47 3/0 and two boys with rucksacks, 82 2/0, one of earlier manufacture with painted mark 8140 and Goebel paper label; all with variations of bee in th

A large Hummel figure group of four young girls playing 'Ring a Ring o' Roses', together with a 'Guide for Collectors' brochure. 16 x 19 cm

Two Hummel figure groups of girl with basket and two children together

A Hummel figurine, mid-20th century, of a boy dressed in a tailcoat speaking on the telephone, blue 'Full Bee' mark to the base. Height 17 cm

Bochmann Goebel Hummel Declaration of Independence group figure set upon a wooden base with plaque edition 24/400, missing a figure

Hummel lamp base with original Retail label modelled as a girl in a tree with a dog and slipper

Hummel figure #43, March Winds with impressed base. Height 13 cm