These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Two wooden models, including a Lego crane (Denmark). One yellow handle missing; and Bilofix tractor with Rubber Champion ground grip tyres, both unboxed (F-E) (2)

Collection of plastic toys, including 4 x plastic milk bottles, boxed; Lego System 270 riding figures boxed; 2 x Vape models and others, most unboxed (G-M boxes P-E) (6)

Lego Systems home built electric model of house with revolving characters, A/F, European plug untested, unboxed (G-VG)

Lego 7866 12 volt remote controlled Level Crossing with flashing lights, all pieces in original unopened bags (M box M)

Lego 4559 9 volt Electric System Cargo Railway Shuttle Express, mint unopened; 4548 9 volt electric system and unboxed Lego Space figures (M box M) (3)

Lego 1251 Biler blue cab with windows, white tray, metal wheels in colourfully illustrated original Lego box (E box VG)

Collection of Lego circa 1955-1970; 270 Motorcyclists still glued to cardboard sheet and boxed; 659 VW transporter, unboxed; VW van with front windows, unboxed; 260 VW 1200, unboxed; 266 Mercedes Benz 190sL, unboxed; 605 Fiat 1800, boxed; 607 VW Samba van,

Very rare Lego plastic Ferguson Traktor grey plastic, metal steering wheel, 'Ferguson' decals to sides, black plastic tyres, in original colourfully illustrated box (VG-E box G)

Wooden Lego truck 625 Denmark, red, silver windows with lego decal to front, white treaded tyres, unboxed with 6X mismatched plastic milk crates and bottles (F-G)

Lego System 325 shell service station including grey, white, yellow, clear and red plastic pieces, petrol pumps, 'Shell' sign and red and yellow 'Shell' petrol tanker, contents unchecked, in illustrated box with original Lego pamphlets in German (E box G)

Lego System set 310 Esso garage including red and white plastic pieces, petrol pumps, 'Esso' sign and red 'Esso' petrol tanker, contents unchecked, in illustrated box