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Frank Hornby (1863-1936) the inventor of 'Meccano' was also responsible for the introduction in about 1915-20 of the clockwork train sets that bear his name. Electric powered Hornby trains first appeared in 1925. The Hornby trademark was used until 1940 when all construction of Hornby trains was halted with the onset of World War II. Production of the toy trains resumed in 1946, though in the immediate post-war years, a general shortage of raw materials restricted production. Hence, new toy trains items were not introduced until the early 1950s. By the late 1950s, when construction of plastic toys begun, sales began to decline, and in 1965, Hornby was taken over by Tri-ang (Lines Brothers), who incorporated some items from the Hornby line into its catalogue.
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A Hornby O gauge 2E Junction signal, fitted for electric lighting, with blue base & finial, boxed

A Hornby O gauge E2E engine Shed fitted for electric lighting, green base Version, boxed

A new unopened Hornby R2788 Coronation train pack consisting of L.M.S 4-6-2 'Princess Alexandra' locomotive & three coaches, all in blue & silver livery

A new unopened Hornby R2445 silver Jubilee train pack consisting of Class A4 Liner 4-6-2 'Quick Silver' locomotive & three coaches, all in silver livery

A new unopened Hornby R2560 Lord of the Isles train pack consisting of 4-2-2 'Lord of the Isles' locomotive & three coaches

A new unopened Hornby R2610 the Caledonian train pack consisting of Caledonian Railway 4-2-2 '123' locomotive & three coaches

A new unopened Hornby R2146 LNER 4-6-2 Class A3 locomotive 'The Flying Scotsman' Millennium limited edition with 18ct gold metal parts, limited edition no 190, complete with Hornby box, presentation box & certificate

A new unopened Hornby R2986 'A Date with the Duchy' train pack consisting of Castle Class 'Taunton Castle' & three coaches

A new unopened Hornby R2906 'Rare Bird' train pack consisting of a 4-6-2 A4 'Kingfisher' & three coaches

A new unopened Hornby R2329M Thames-Clyde Express train pack consisting of Britannia Class 'Dornoch Firth' 4-6-2 locomotive & three coaches

A new unopened Hornby R2598M 'Queen of Scots' train pack consisting of Class A1 4-6-2 2569 'Gladiator' locomotive with three Pullman cars

A new Hornby R1038 'Orient Express' Premiere boxed train set consisting of Merchant Navy Class locomotive, coaches, Track, Transformer/Controller & Hornby Virtual Railway Cd Rom

A new Hornby R1074 'The Master Cutler' Premiere boxed train set consisting of Class A3 locomotive, coaches, Track, Transformer/Controller, Track Mat & Hornby Virtual Railway Cd Rom

Two Hornby O gauge clockwork sets, including a goods set no. 50 & a 201 tank goods set

A Triang Hornby R5083 Terminus/through station composite Kit

A Triang Hornby boxed RS17 'The Satellite Set' Battle Space series

A Hornby Dublo three rail electric goods train set consisting of #69567 0-6-2 BR tank locomotive, four pieces of goods rolling stock & three rail Track, boxed

A Hornby Dublo EDP11 silver King boxed passenger train set consisting of 4-6-2 silver King, two passenger cars & Track

A Triang Hornby boxed RS16 Strike Force 10 Battle Space train set

A Hornby Dublo P15 'Flying Scotsman' train set consisting of a 4-6-2 Mallard, two passenger coaches & Track

A boxed Hornby OO gauge Hamley's Express train set, Only Available in the UK

Hornby series boxed No1 timber wagon, fibre wagon and unboxed McAlpine rotary tipping wagon and NE lumber wagon (no load) both on early classis

Hornby series LMS brake van, NE milk traffic van and breakdown van and crane

Hornby series early Classis four various coaches (some faults) and rotary tipping wagon Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons

Hornby electric 4-4-2 locomotive and tender, 'Lord Nelson' Southern 850, green with two Pullman coaches Loraine and Arcadia, track

Hornby No3 locomotive and tender, flying Scotsman LNER 4472, green in Riviera blue lid box only, reproduction tender box

Hornby No2 tank locomotive, great Western, 2243 in box (LMS)

Boxed as new Hornby Southern Railway 2-Bil '2041' electrical powered multiple unit

A Hornby Dublo 40 ton Bogie well wagon and a 3-rail Track Uncoupling rail (2)

A collection of Hornby, including four tin station Platforms, a flat truck, and curved half rails, and a station platform by Wells Brimtoy (7)

A Hornby Dublo train set, boxed, including Track, Switch, Buffer stop, Signals, carriage, freight wagons, circa 1930s-40s (locomotive lacking Undercarriage)

Two Minic ships model ships by Hornby 'RMS Queen Elizabeth' & 'RMS Queen Mary', in original boxes, each diecast metal, from the Famous Liners series, 7 x 31 x 4.5 cm, scale 1:1200 [each]

OO & HO scale model electric Trains and carriages, made in Great Britain & England [13], brands include Hornby, Hornby Dublo and Tri-ang Railways. All 16.5mm gauge. 4 trains, 9 carriages, including booklets related to model trains.

Extensive Hornby HO electric train set, & accessories, including 2 engines with various rolling stock, rail, tunnel, station, transformer, etc

Hornby Vintage clockwork trains, locomotives and accessories, inspection will reward, early to mid 20th century

Various Hornby O gauge rolling Stock. Including Mo locomotive, two Tipping wagons, shell tank & crane. Also, small platform, signal tower & three other rolling stock. Lot incl. 'Ocean' childs stamp set.