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Frank Hornby (1863-1936) the inventor of 'Meccano' was also responsible for the introduction in about 1915-20 of the clockwork train sets that bear his name. Electric powered Hornby trains first appeared in 1925. The Hornby trademark was used until 1940 when all construction of Hornby trains was halted with the onset of World War II. Production of the toy trains resumed in 1946, though in the immediate post-war years, a general shortage of raw materials restricted production. Hence, new toy trains items were not introduced until the early 1950s. By the late 1950s, when construction of plastic toys begun, sales began to decline, and in 1965, Hornby was taken over by Tri-ang (Lines Brothers), who incorporated some items from the Hornby line into its catalogue.

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Extensive Hornby HO electric train set, & accessories, including 2 engines with various rolling stock, rail, tunnel, station, transformer, etc

Hornby Vintage clockwork trains, locomotives and accessories, inspection will reward, early to mid 20th century

Various Hornby O gauge rolling Stock. Including Mo locomotive, two Tipping wagons, shell tank & crane. Also, small platform, signal tower & three other rolling stock. Lot incl. 'Ocean' childs stamp set.

Mamod steam powered engine, made in England, A/F, and a Hornby OO gauge city of London loco 46245 (2)

Boxed Hornby gauge O accessories, including no.2 Junction signal, no.2 signal double arm in original boxes, and two unboxed no.2 double arm Signals (E boxes VG - E) (4)

Boxed Hornby gauge O items, including no. 50 'Manchester oil Refinery' tank wagon, no.50 Gas cylinder, and no.50 wagon (VG - E boxes E) (3)

Hornby O gauge no.1 Footbridge and three no.1 Refrigerator van's (VG - E) (4)

A collection of Hornby Dublo boxed rolling Stock, including two D3 Junction signal, D2 Signals, D1 water cranes, D1 Buffer stops, D1 meat van, SD6 20-ton Bulk grain wagon, D1 goods brake van and others (VG - E boxes G - E) (12)

Four Hornby gauge O no.50 items, including Hopper wagon, goods break van, cattle truck, and Lumber wagon, in original boxes (VG - E boxes E) (4)

Three Hornby gauge O boxed models, including no.51 coach 1ST Class, no.1 Rotary Tipping wagon, and goods brake van, all in original boxes (E boxes VG - E) (3)

Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3221 locomotive and tender of a 4-6-0 'Ludlow Castle' no. 5002 in BR green livery, in original striped box with internal packaging (E - M box E)

A Triang (Australia) Victorian Railways Observation cab c.1950's/60's, and Hornby post war loco & tender (3)

Hornby series black LMS no. 1 loco and tender, both in original boxes (G -VG boxes G) (2)

French Hornby SNCF open wagon/Vigie c.1940's/50's (G)

Hornby O gauge no. 2 lumber wagon (E box VG)

Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDG18 goods set, comprising of 2-6-4 BR black standard Class-4 tank no. 80054, three goods vehicles (Bogie Bolster wagon, Bogie Brick wagon, brown brake van), and oval of truck (VG box F - G)

Eleven Hornby Dublo boxed rolling Stock items, including D 20 composite Restuarant car, 40 ton Bogie well wagon, Bogie Bolster wagon, ED34 Junction signal, Di Signals Ispl Isolating Switch points, D1 Level Crossing, goods van D1, Di Buffer stops and two D1

Boxed Hornby 501 loco and unboxed tender, and boxed Roco 230-G loco and tender, Roco BR 44 loco and tender, Minitrix 2073 loco and tender, and Bowser Mikado- unchecked (G-E boxes F-VG) (6)

Five Hornby O gauge no. 1 Pullman coaches (G - VG) (5)

Hornby O gauge models, including no. 101 tank locomotive LMS no.2270, no.50 goods van, no.1 tank wagon 'Machester Oil Refinery', and no.50 salt Awgon 'Saxa' (VG - E boxes VG - E) (4)

Hornby gauge O Junction signal no. 2, a single arm signal, and two double arm signal no. 2, in original boxes (E boxes VG - E) (4)

Three Hornby gauge O models, including no.50 Refrigerator van, no.50 goods van, and no.50 side Tipping wagon, all in original boxes (E boxes E) (3)

Three Hornby gauge O models, including no.50 low sided wagon, no.50 Refrigerator van and no.50 salt wagon 'Saxa' (Not in original box) (E boxes VG - E) (3)

Three Hornby series gauge O models, including no.2 Lumber wagon, no.1 cattle truck, and no.1 milk Traffic van, all in original boxes (E boxes VG) (3)

Two Hornby Breakdown van and cranes in blue/green and cream/grey (VG - E) (2)

Two Hornby O gauge models, including no. 1 cattle truck, and no. 952 Bitumen 'Colas' tank (repainted) (E) (2)

Hornby O gauge no. 50 0-4-0 no. 60199 locomotive in black with matching tender (VG)

Hornby O gauge no. 51 0-4-9 no. 50152 locomotive and matching tender in green (VG)

Hornby O-gauge 4-4-2 special tank loco LMS maroon no.6954, and no. 2 special 4-4-2 tank loco LNER no.1784 (VG - E) (2)

Hornby gauge O special no. 2 4-4-2 tank loco (VG - E)

Four Hornby train pieces, including a passenger platform extension, C.1926-1927, no. 2 lumber wagon, brake van no C.1930-32, and lumber wagon C.1930's (G - E) (4)

A large collection of train rolling stock, including Hornby and Bing (Af)

Hornby series no. 2728 loco & tender C.1930's (VG) (2)

Hornby series Wakefield Castrol tanker, and Mobil oil/Gargoyle tanker, both, circa 1930's (VG)

Hornby LNER Silverlink Streamline tender, 2 x coaches and key, 1936 - 41 (G - VG)

Hornby Meccano 'Zulu' loco and tender with key, circa 1924 (repainted) (VG - E) (2)