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Samplers can be found dating back to the 16th century, but most samplers date from the 19th century, although 17th and 18th century examples can be found.

Their purpose was to teach girls from as young as 9 or 10 and young women a variety of sewing stiches through instruction and practice, in the era before examples were available in printed magazines and books. They also were an aid to teaching the embroiderer the alphabet and numerals - most samplers include both of these in the lower section.

Samplers often carry the name of the embroiderer and the date. Sometimes the age of the embroiderer is given and occasionally the name of her house or school. This information adds interest to the piece, and can also affect the value, particularly if it verifies that the sampler was completed in Australia.

Samplers were sewn on linen and wool or silk threads were used for the embroidery.

Coloured silk samplers tend to command the highest prices, particularly when combined with raised work and metal threads, such as gold or silver, which would only have been used by the wealthy. more...
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LUCY ANN SHAW, Solomon's Temple, embroidery – sampler, inscribed centre: LUCY ann Shaws work done 1845, Solomans Tempel (sic), 64.5 x 62.5 cm

An antique French sampler, 1824, by Rachel Rouget, aged eleven, a cross stitch and pulled work sampler in muted colours on broad weave linen with fruiting trees, flowers, pot plants, birds and two figures. Height 50.5 cm, width 41 cm

A Victorian cross stitch sampler, 1887 by Rosa Tompkin, aged nine, an alphabetic and numeric cross stitch sampler in red and green colours, upon a course weave linen. Height 50 cm, width 39.5 cm, (includes frame)

A Georgian sampler, 1823, by Ann Callis of Loughborough, aged ten, embroidered in petit point on linen with a sombre religious poem, trees, small animals and cupids, and deep borders of floral crewel work. Height 59 cm, width 51.5 cm, (includes frame)

Sampler worked in coloured wools, dated 1822 in original rosewood frame

Botany Bay needlework sampler, 19th century, cross-stitch needlework design on canvas, 60 x 48 cm

A good 19th century pictorial and epithet sampler, dated 1837. 25 cm x 32 cm.

Georgian needlework sampler, 1837, hand sewn by Phoebe Ann Layster, age 12, 41 x 44 cm

Georgian Alphabet needlework sampler, hand sewn by Hannah Lee, age 10, dated 1826, framed, 25 x 22 cm

Georgian framed needlework sampler, c. 1840, hand-sewn by Mary Coles, age 10, 42 x 32 cm

A George II sampler by Betty Horn, dated 1739 and 1740, 'Aged 10 Years', with strawberry and floral vines, multiple alphabets and verse, 'September 20, 1740, this was finished by Betty Horn, daughter of Roger and Elizabeth Horn aged 11 years

Victorian pictorial needlework sampler depicting Adam and eve and the serpent in the garden, worked by Grace James aged 18, dated 1841

A fine and large George III silk thread sampler, on fine linen, including multiple plant and flowering vase motifs, the central two-storied house with elaborate fence and gates above 'MARGARET FINDLAY' and various initials, further motifs including

A Petit point sampler by Elizabeth Eather 1838, extensive moth damage leading to many losses, 43.5 x 30.5 cm

A needlework sampler, 18th century, by Mary Standing aged 9 years 1793, 40 x 32 cm

A Victorian darning sampler, English, 19th century, 41.5 cm high, 34.5 cm wide

A needlework silk on linen Sampler '1725', English, 18th century, 29.5 cm wide, 29 cm high

A needlework Sampler 'Mary T Chenhalls 1844', English, 19th century, 31 cm wide, 42 cm high

A needlework silk on linen Sampler '1725', English, 18th century, 21 cm wide, 41 cm high

A needlework Sampler 'Sarah Eardley March 23rd 1814', English, 19th century, 29.5 cm wide, 39 cm high

George II sampler dated 1753. Hand stitched exercise sampler named & dated by 'Abigail Bond her sampler Age 15 in year 1753 Mb Mh Rb' (the letters J & U are missing on all lines). Cloth 54 x 20 cm

An early Victorian sampler in burr elm frame, embroidered by Sarah Fearnley, 64x53 cm

A needle work sampler by Annie Petitt, Swansea, Tasmanian, dated 1866, further stitched Ap. Tasmania Nov

A sampler, possibly Tasmanian made by Mary Ann Pash, aged 7, 1847, 32 x 32 cm

A good and fine George IV sampler by Agnes Trotter Kerchesters 1829, with numerals, alphabets and traditional imagery including uncommon crowns and saying, worked in red, green and gold dominant tones. 36 cm x 32 cm

A George III silk and linen cross-stitch needlework sampler, 18th century, dated 1787, worked by Mary Braine Warkton taught by Mary Blackburn Kettering and dated Northamptonshire, 1848, 53 cm high x 64 cm wide. Provenance: Witney Antiques, England

A Victorian needlework sampler depicting Abraham sacrificing Isaac and the appearance of an angle, the reverse with a hand written note by Frank Robertson, Melbourne, January, 1895, stating that it was done by his Great Great Grandmother, framed and glazed

A late George III sampler, embroidered in autumn tones with house, trees, figures, animals, insects, ship and a floral border. Signed and dated Eliza Wisley Coward aged 11yrs 1810, in oak frame under glass. 52.5 x 40 cm

18th century sampler worked with petit point cross stitch, estate manor houses and gardens by Elizabeth Webb Cabburn, born at great Marlow 1792, 47 x 42 cm

A sampler with impressive pictorial needle work by Maria Le Leria, 1858, 54 x 47 cm

A sampler by Elizabeth Atherton, 1834 in a rosewood frame, 43 x 33 cm

A sampler with floral border by Sarah Ann McKean, 19th century, 43 x 34 cm

A fine sampler, silk and linen by Mary Ingram aged 13, 1839, 40 x 32 cm