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A lidded box, often made of oak or walnut with incised carving, designed to hold the family bible with its record of births, deaths and marriages. They were sometimes set on a stand and were popular in the 17th and 18th century, although there are also 19th century examples.
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A fine Anton Seuffert Colonial inlaid glove box, kauri with veneered indigenous burr woods and rewarewa domed lid, ivory keyhole, dimensions 29 x 10.5 x 7.5 cm

Antique rosewood glove box, engraved initials with MOP inlay

A Tasmanian blackwood and musk glove box, together with a spatter work jewel box, late 19th century, largest 6 cm high, 30 cm wide, 11 cm deep

An Art Nouveau coloured timber glove box, circa 1900, a sycamore lined box, probably cherrywood, of typical long hinged form, the top with floral decoration emulating pyrography with black outlines and pale foliage with tinted pink flowers, with key, heigh

Antique French glove / fan box, with brass inlay, 32 cm long, 11 cm wide, 8 cm D

Small antique glove box, with mother of pearl inlay, 19 cm wide

A Victorian walnut and brass glove box, circa 1860s, the dome covered box with shaped and pierced brass strapping and cartouches, embellished with studs, the interior with marbled paper and olive green velvet lining. Height 9 cm. Width 26.5 cm. Depth 10.5

An antique mahogany and bird's eye maple glove box, late 19th to early 20th century, the rectangular box with a lozenge quarter veneer panelled decoration to the lid surrounded by bird's eye maple, the sides with feather banding, opening to a bird&

William Norrie New Zealand inlaid timber glove box, mottled kauri, puriri, rewa rewa, burr totara and maire, c1890. 11 cm high, 33 cm wide, 14 cm deep

Early Karlsbad wood glove box. Shell decoration. Length 26 cm

Antique French lined interior glove box, no key, approx 8 cm high, 29 cm wide, 10 cm deep

Tunbridge ware glove box, with mosaic scene of ruins to lid, 27 cm wide approx

Antique rosewood glove box, with fruitwood inlay, 27 cm x 10.5 cm x 8 cm high approx

Victorian glove box, with fiddle grain and decorative inlay, 25 cm x 13 cm, 9.5 cm high

A Victorian burr walnut glove box in the Gothic manner, circa 1860s, of rectangular form with an arched hinged lid, with pierced and engraved scrolled brass and ivory motifs to the lid with prominent brass studs, the cartouche conforming, the interior reli

A French rosewood inlaid glove box, circa 1880s, with a hinged lid and a fall front, inlaid with a quatrefoil cartouche and foliate brass and ebony inlay, and with additional brass stringing to the lid and front; with key. Height 8.5 cm. Length 30 cm. Widt

A domed glove box of inlaid New Zealand native timbers, maker unknown., geometric starburst pattern to lid. Width 28 cm. Height 8.5 cm. Diameter 13 cm

A superb Anton Seuffert domed glove box, burr totara with native timber inlay, pink label attached underneath. Width 29.5 cm. Height 7.5 cm. Depth 11 cm

A good New Zealand woods William Seuffert glove box of traditional long rectangular form, the mildly domed lid with multiple star on star central inlay framed by 12 various width bands to each side, these matching to the front and back, bone inlaid keyhole

A colonial New Zealand woods glove box of long rectangular form, the mildly domed hinged lid with various banding and triangular detail inlay, the vertical bands repeating to the front and back, plain kauri lined interior. 29.2 x 12.3 x 9.7 cm

A Victorian glove box, the top inlaid with herringbone Tunbridge inlay and a panel of Coromandel wood, the fascia and walls with satinwood. Width 28.5 cm

A brass inlaid amboyna and ebony glove box, 19th century 31 cm wide

A superb Anton Seuffert domed lid glove box in New Zealand native timbers, burr totara ends, the rest in striped inlay with geometric floral top. A. Seuffert green label to inside. a very similar example is illustrated on p. 135 in Brian Peet's 'The Seuffe

A ladies glove box, circa 1870, the brass bound top with cross veneered mahogany and boxwood string inlay bordering a satin wood body containing a mother of pearl medallion, the interior set with rosewood veneer and hinged front. Height 8 cm. Length 29 cm.

A Victorian lacquered papier-mache glove box, the lid decorated with, Japanese figures in kimono dress. Length 30 cm

W.A. Jewell glove box c.1895 inlaid glove boxes, such as this fine example, were popular during the colonial period. W.H Jewell established himself as a cabinetmaker in Christchurch about 1875 and he and his family, including W.A. Jewell, continued in the

An elegant William Seuffert domed glove box incorporating a range of patterns used on other Seuffert pieces but never previously seen in this format. William Seuffert specialized in making small decorative boxes of approximately the same size but widely va

NZ timber glove box with paua shell edge brass inset diamond shape on top of lid, worn red lining. Length 32 cm. Diameter 8.5 cm. Height 7.5 cm

Anton Seuffert domed glove box made of burr totara with native timber inlays and a black label inside indicating construction prior to 1869 when Seuffert's label was upgraded to reflect his Royal Appointment