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A lidded box, often made of oak or walnut with incised carving, designed to hold the family bible with its record of births, deaths and marriages. They were sometimes set on a stand and were popular in the 17th and 18th century, although there are also 19th century examples.
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19th century Irish Killarney jewellery casket, of handsome proportions, the rectangular hinged top inlayed with thatched cottage, surrounded by fern leaves, the underside inlaid with ruin scene and trailing clovers, above a pair of inlaid doors with ferns,

A magnificent, very large Anton Seuffert parquetry writing slope made of various New Zealand inlaid timbers. The top inlaid with a large fern surrounded by Maori motifs and a geometric band. One of very few pieces known to incorporate Maori motifs which in

A superb early Anton Seuffert marquetry fern box, the top inlaid with a design of two ferns to the centre framed by an unusual rococo design with birds and foliate inlay showing European influence. Burr totara outside boarder repeated to the lid exterior.

A superb handkerchief box by Anton Seuffert. This Seuffert handkerchief box was returned from England after remaining within the same UK based family since it's original acquisition. Apparently the family ancestors purchased it new at a public exhibition i

A magnificent fern box by Anton Seuffert, (1815-1887). This Anton Seuffert fern box is one of only seven known examples of this genre from the workshop of New Zealand's premier cabinetmaker. Fern boxes were made to store pressed native fern specimens mount

19th century pine box, decorated on the top and sides with hand painted fern decorations