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A cruet also known as a caster, is a small container to hold condiments such as oil, vinegar, mustard, pepper. Its shape and adornments will depend on the specific condiment for which it is designed. For example a cruet for liquids may have a jug-like shape, while a cruet for a spice may be cylindrical with a lid and perhaps a small spoon for serving.

Cruets were made in silver, silver plate, ceramic and glass, and sometimes a combination of two materials, usually as a glass body with a silver or silver plated top.

The earliest cruets, from the beginning of the 18th century were known as "Warwick cruets" after a cruet set made by Anthony Nelme in 1715 for the Duke of Warwick, and include three elaborately decorated and shaped matching silver casters, usually with one unpierced, which held powdered mustard, and the other two for oil and vinegar, combined in a stand with a handle enabling it to be passed between dinner guests. more...
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A Sheffield plate four bottle cruet set, 19th century, the cruet with a shaped gadroon edged base raised on scrolled feet, with four compartments for the facet and flute cut bottles all with mushroom stoppers, a central ornately cast carry handle; unmarked

Antique silver plate four bottle revolving cruet set, approx 41 cm high

A silver plate Robur teapot, cruet set, 2 comports and a serving dish with handle, 19th and early 20th century. Tallest 26.5 cm

Silver plated cruet set with crystal bottles, EPNS stand and lids

A silver bowl and cover with a glass inset and a hinged cover. Together with a plated box and cover. Together with a plated sauceboat, sugar castor. A Sheffield plate muffin dish. Together with a Drummond & Co. Melbourne reproduction Sheffield plate. Toget

A late Victorian silver plated cruet set, circa 1880s, with three bottles and one pot each with chamfered corners, the bottles with waisted faceted necks, three pieces with silvered tops, one bottle with a faceted globe, enclosed in a long stand with a sha

A Victorian cruet set with a silver plated stand, the four bottle set, each piece of unusual knopped form and raised in a circular pedestal frame, pierced to hold the bottles, with a central stem and a decorative loop handle with foliate designs. Height 22

An Edwardian silverplate cruet set, Sheffield, early 20th century, with maker's mark for Walker & Hall, number 5956. a four piece set comprising two vinaigrettes with faceted stoppers, a pepper pot and a salt shaker, all of rectangular form with a diamond

A silver plate and glass cruet set, late 19th to early 20th century, a complete six bottle cut glass cruet set within a silver-plated stand with a pierced Prince of Wales feather-style gallery and upon four shell scroll feet, the central stem with a quatre

A Doulton Lamberth glazed stoneware three piece cruet set in silver plated mounts and stand, 1882. Decorated with leaves and beading comprising a salt, a pepper caster and a mustard pot, inscribed initials for Georgina burr, Alice Longhurst and Emma Shute,

An Edwardian plated cruet set of oval form with pierced decoration on four feet with a central handle flanked by six bottles. Height 31 cm

Late 19th century oak cruet set, English, c1880, modelled in the form of a wheel barrow with a pepperette, mustard pot and open sale, with plated mounts. Length 21 cm