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Susie Cooper began her career as a paintress decorating wares for A. E. Gray & Co. Ltd. in Staffordshire in 1922, and her early work features bright, geometric and abstract patterns, hand painted onto tableware.

By 1930 she was working in her own design business, Crown Works and based in London. She purchased blanks from local potteries, and these were decorated by her team of six paintresses.

In 1931, she moved and expanded production to Crown Works, part of Woods & Sons, in Burslem. In 1932, she began to design her own shapes as well as designs, unlike fellow designer, Clarice Cliff.

Her wares were intended to be attractive yet functional: cups that retained the heat and handles designed with comfort in mind.

Her most famous shape, "Kestrel", was considered an ingenious design when it was launched in 1933; the lid to the vegetable dish also acted as a stand for the tureen as well as an extra serving dish. more...
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A Susie Cooper 'Glen Mist' dinner set for six (51), six each dinner, entree and side plates, bowls, coffee cups and saucers, tea cups and saucers, a sugar and creamer and tea pot (AF). Fifty-one pieces in total.

Susie Cooper dinner set for 8, comprising of a platter, serving plate, tureen with lid and 8 each main, entree, bread/butter plates, bowls, coups with saucers and teacups with saucers

Susie Cooper vase. Grey glaze with incised floral decoration. Signed & dated 1932 to base. Height 18 cm

A Susie Cooper 'Fragrance' coffee set for 6, comprising pot, sugar and creamer and six cups and saucers

A part Susie Cooper dinner set, in the 'Wedding Ring' pattern, consisting of dinner plates, luncheon plates, ashettes, side plates, lidded casseroles, dessert bowls, condiment set, soup coupes, tea and coffee pots and cups and saucers, the odd piece staine

Vintage Susie Cooper gravy boat with saucer and bowl, 'Dresden flowers' pattern

Susie Cooper dinner set comprising of five dinner, entree, bread/butter plates, four saucers, teapot, milk jug, 8 teacups with five saucers and six soup coups with saucers

Susie Cooper dinner set for 6 comprising of coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 6 each dinner, entree, bread/butter plates, bowls, coffee cup/saucers & tea cup/saucers

An extensive Susie Cooper polka dot and burgundy tea and dinner service, English, circa 1935, approximately 102 pieces

Susie Cooper teaset 'Nasturtium' comprising teapot (no lid), milk, sugar, 6 cups and saucers, 2 plates and a dish

Susie Cooper dinner set consisting of a pair of tureens, a pair of lidded sauce tureen with underplates, a set of three graduated platters, eight side plates, eight bowls, eight entree plates, eight mains plates.

A Susie Cooper Art Deco porcelain jug ovoid, with black and orange banded decoration, flanked by a loop handle, stamped factory mark. Height 13 cm

A Studio Ware Susie Cooper vase, of baluster form with light terracotta glaze. Tapered base with repeating rope pattern. Signature incised to base with Ref 517. Height 19.5 cm

Susie Cooper dinner service pattern #1161, including tea and coffee with coffee pot, 147 pieces

Extensive Susie Cooper 'Talisman' dinner service, setting for 8 plus spares

Susie Cooper green glaze vase. Dimple decoration, hand signed to base 'Susie Cooper, England, Ref.256(?).'. Height 15.5 cm