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Ferdinando Vichi (1875-1945) was a central figure in the production of Florentine sculpture at the end of the 19th century. He is associated with the sculptors Cesare Lapini, Pietro Bazzanti and Guglielmo Pugi, all of whom executed works at The Galleria Bazzanti. The gallery, originally Bazzanti's studio, was inaugurated in 1822 and is still open today. His compositions are varied in subject matter, ranging from busts after the Antique to Orientalist themes and Renaissance-inspired models. Like many other late nineteenth-century sculptors, Vichi often took inspiration from classical antiquity. Historicising romantic subjects were very popular in Italian sculpture of the late 19th century
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An Italian marble figure of the nymph, Daphne by Ferdinando Vichi (1875-1945), Florence, the classical figure transforming into the tree, signed F Vichi, Firenze, 106 cm high

Ferdinando Vichi 'Harvester Femminile" alabaster figure. Ferdinando Vichi 'Harvester Femminile' alabaster figure of a young female harvester standing on a rock, mounted on an alabaster stand. Signed 'F Vichi Firenze' to the pedestal rock. Condition fair, r

Ferdinando Vichi (Italian 1875-1945) bust of a lady wearing a head scarf on Socle, marble, signed F. Vichi Florenceto verso, total height 57 cm high

A late 19th/early 20th century marble and alabaster figural lamp on verde marble pedestal; the figure signed F.Vichi (Florence). Lamp height 71 cm. Pedestal height 113 cm. (Ferdinando Vichi 1875-1945)

Ferdinando Vichi (1875-1945 Italian) fine 19th century Italian carved Carrara white marble sculpture of a standing young naked woman, one arm raised to her hair, the other lowered holding a bouquet of roses, on fitted plinth base, fitted to an octagonal st

An important 19th century Florentine marble statue depicting Ariadne on the Panthersigned F. Vichi, Firenze, after the original by Johann Heinrich Von Dannecker (1758-1841), modelled as a nude classical female figure with drapery held in one hand and a gar

A very fine sculptured marble group of a seated mother with young child, signed Fernando Vichi Firenze. Height 67 cm

A large and impressive marble sculpture of 'The Three Graces', signed F. Vichi, late 19th century depicting three scantily clad young maidens, perched on a crested waved platform, supported on a mottled green marble column and octagonal base Sotheby's Melb

Vichi, Ferdinando (1875-1945) boy fishing on Ocean Shore. Missing wooden pole. Marble. Height 45.5 cm

Outstanding Italian sculptured marble group of a courting couple. Depicting a seated lady with gentleman standing. Supported on a green marble pedestal, signed Fernando Vichi Firenze. Height of figure 89 cm