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A bronze Art Deco figure, after Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1938), modern, a bronze figurine, 'Tireuse a L'Arc', featuring a young Grecian woman poised on one foot releasing her bow; facsimile signature of Pierre Le Faguays to the rockwork, and mounted on a ch

Pierre Le Faguays, 1892 - 1962 (France) the Sprinter, c.1925 cast bronze on marble base signed in cast height 36 cm

A large Art Deco terracotta figure by Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1935), circa 1930s, a dramatically posed figure of a man working a tiller, inscribed signature P. Le Faguays verso, height 41 cm, width 67 cm, depth 20 cm

An Art Deco terracotta figure group by Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1925). A modelled terracotta figure group depicting three nude flapper dancers, upon a stepped base plinth. Signature incised in clay, 'Le Faguays'. Height 45 cm (statue height)

A large Art Deco bronze figure, 'Girl Holding Dove' by Le Faguays unsigned. on an oval marble base. Height (including Base) 54 cm.

Pierre le Faguays (1892 - 1938) 'Tireuse a L'Arc' bronze figure of an archer, circa 1925, signed to base and foundry mark for Susse Paris, modelled as a female archer wearing a short tunic, holding aloft her stretched bow, on naturalistic base, approx 68 c

Pierre le Faguays (French, 1892-1935), dancer with a Thyrsus gilt, cold painted and patinated bronze figure, marble plinth incised 'Etling.Paris', incised to underside of base 'Made in France'. Height 57 cm, width 49 cm

Bronze Art Deco female Archer on a circular marble base, signed Le Faguays. 50 cm high

Pierre Le Feguays (1892 - 1935), Tireuse a L'Arc, circa 1925 modelled as a female archer firing her bow skyward, signed 'Le Faguays' to base with foundry mark 67 cm high

A silvered bronze and onyx figure of 'Messages D'amour', after Pierre Le Faguays, cast after the original as a female nude holding aloft a dove, raised on a green onyx and marble base 40.5 cm high

A Pierre Le Faguays bronze sculpture Tireuse a L'Arc, the female archer depicted in a linear manner with bowed arm upstretched with her leg raised en pointe raised on a rocky base, incised signature Le Faguays to front of base, foundry seal and incised Sus

An Art Deco style bronze figure of a dancer, 20th century, the standing figure holding long drapes standing above a marble base. Signed Fayral to foot. Height 36 cm

An Art Deco figure, after Pierre Le Faguyes 1892-1935, 20th century, wheel man. Terracotta. Height 50 cm. Length 62 cm. Depth 14 cm

A life sized silvered metal sculpture of a naked maiden, inscribed Fayral. Height 161 cm. Maximum. Width 117 cm. Depth 42 cm (base)

Pierre Le Faguays, (French, 1892-1962), bronze figure group, a nude woman with a gazelle on a black slate marble base, signed 'Fayral' (Le Faguays pseudonym). Length 65 cm. Depth 14 cm. Height 23 cm.

An Art Deco nickel bronze figure, signed fayral, modeled as a stylized semi draped standing female figure with one arm outstretched; incised to the base Fayral;. Width 114 cm. Depth 42 cm. Height 160 cm

Figurine early 20th century, Deco period Nickled female nude, signed 'Fayral' (Pierre le Faguays). Height 32 cm