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Romanian-born Demetre Chiparus (1888 – 1950) studied in Italy from 1909 with Raffaello Romanelli and from 1912 in Paris under Antonin Mercie and Jean Boucher and exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francais sporadically from 1914 to 1928. Chiparus developed the technique of chryselephantine bronze, (usually a bronze body with ivory face, hands and feet), pioneered in Belgium at the turn of the century, and gave it its peculiar Art Deco character. He initially produced numerous figures and small groups of children, principally girls, their features carved in ivory set into the bronze, gilded and enamelled. In his later period from the 1920s, as he became more famous, his most notable output were depictions of various dancers in the Art Deco style, leading to huge commercial success.
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Figurine, bronze Deco dancer, Demetre Chiparus, on marble base, height 52 cm

Demetre H. Chiparus (1886-1947), 'Dancer of Kapurthala', circa 1925, cast and carved in cold painted bronze and ivory, depicting an exotic dancer balanced on her right leg, with her arms outstretched, above an onyx base, incised on the onyx base &#

A vintage Art Deco style figurine, in the manner of Chiparus, a figure of a woman in bronze and faux ivory sitting on a polished variegated marble base, 17 cm x 6 cm x 22 cm

Demetre H. Chiparus, 1886-1947, Antinea', circa 1925. A patinated bronze and ivory figure, cast and carved as a dancer, standing with her arms raised and entwined at the wrist, wearing an exotic costume with a headdress and a flowing cape, signed on the ma

A cold painted figural group of two girls and a bird by Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947), in a rubbed silvered and brass finish, depicting two small girls tentatively observing a stork, raised on a mottled caramel and cream onyx base, bearing inscribed signatu

A large bronze Art Deco style figure of 'Diana and the hounds', 20th century, after Chiparus, the figure 90 cm high

A French bronze figure of 'The Thinker' after Auguste Rodin, by Demetre Chiparus, signed, onyx base, 30 cm high

'Eternal Friends Forever' Chiparus style figure group in gilt bronze on marble base, approx 42 cm high, 47 cm wide, 15 cm deep

French Art Deco spelter sculpture / figure, after Jean de Roncourt, signed Chiparus lower right, showing dramatic figure of a native man bending a piece of wood, approx 54 cm high, 88 cm wide, 18 cm deep

Bronze figure of woman with borsois, after Chiparus, signed, 66 cm high, 61 cm wide, 25 cm D

Spelter & marble figure, after Chiparus modelled as a young lady scantily clad, holding a shell to her ear. Signed 'D.H. Chiparus'. Condition good, minor age related wear. Length 74.5 cm

An Art Deco bronze exotic dancer, after Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947), a later casting of a 1920s model of a dancer in orientalist attire with a beaded girdle and a decorative cloche, raised on her toes with a patterned cape falling from her clasped hands,

A Chiparus-style bronze of a dancer on marble base 41 cm high

A Chiparus Art Deco bronze figure of a lady in a kneeling pose French repro

Dimitri Chiparus 'The Clowns Dream', gilt and patinated bronze with carved ivory, circa 1920. 33 cm

A bronze and ivory figure of a dancer, 20th century, Thais, modelled after the original by Demetre Chiparus, 34 cm high, 34 cm wide, 18 cm deep, Nb: This Item requires a Cites certificate for export. This lot cannot be shipped to the USA or Territories., S

A bronze and ivory figure of a seated exotic dancer, 20th century, Hindu Goddess modeled after the original by Demetre Chiparus, 36 cm high, 21 cm wide, 18 cm deep, Nb: This Item requires a Cites certificate for export. This lot cannot be shipped to the US

A Demetre H. Chiparus (1886-1947) gilt-bronze and ivory figure, 'The Accordian Player', circa 1920, depicting a boy singing and playing the accordion, set upon a marble plinth, engraved H.Chiparus Etling Paris, 15.5 cm high.

A bronze figurine of a seated Ballerina, after Chiparus, the seated figure stretching to tie her ballet shoes and attired in a flowing skirt, patterned and girdled top and an exotic jewelled cloche, upon a bronze base and rectangular marble plinth; inscrib

Art Deco style bronze figure of young girl bearing signature D H Chiparus measures 34.5 cm high

Chiparus, Demetre H. (1886-1947), 1920s-30s, an Art Deco figure of the period, but after the original, in patinated and cold painted spelter and ivorine, depicting a modish woman in a cloche hat and medieval draping attire with a well modelled ivorine face

Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947) 'Wheelbarrow' a fine gilt bronze and ivory group figure. In gilt bronze and carved ivory, modelled as three children playfully tumbling out of pushed wheelbarrow by another child, raised from a naturalistic base and mounted on

A patinated bronze and ivory figure of 'Everlasting Love,' after the original by Demetre Chiparus signed D.H. Chiparus to the marble base. 66 cm high, 51 cm wide, 15 cm deep

A large bronze and ivory figure 'Persian Dancers,' after the original by Demetre Chiparus, 20th century, signed D.H. Chiparus to the stepped marble base. 64.5 cm high, 37 cm wide, 16 cm deep

A patinated bronze and ivory figure of 'Civa', after the original by Demetre Chiparus together with an Art Deco style architectural onyx surround the figure 40 cm high

A bronze and marble figure of a water carrier by Demetre Chiparus, circa 1920 signed D.H. Chiparus to the base. 74 cm high

A large bronze and ivory figure group 'Tango,' after the original by Dimitre Chiparus, 20th century, signed D.H. Chiparus to the stepped marlble base. 61.5 cm high, 39 cm wide, 15.5 cm deep

A patinated bronze and ivory figure of 'Thais,' after the original by Demetre Chiparus signed D.H. Chiparus to the marble base. 53 cm high, 59 cm wide, 16 cm deep

Chiparus chryselephantine figure of a schoolgirl carrying satchel with an ivory carved face & bronze body, signed 'Chiparus' to verso & numbered '7' & a foundry number '2492' set upon a associated weighted base. Height 19 cm

Chiparus, Demetre (1886-1947), after, in bronze, an exotically clad dancer affecting a reclining dance pose with one leg outstretched, an arm above her head, inscribed signature to base of bronze and raised on an elongated black marble plinth. Height 26 cm

A Dimitri Chiparus gilt chryselephantine figural group of children huddled under an umbrella on an onyx plinth. Signed and numbered 4235. Height 24 cm

Demetre Chiparus bronze the chain dancer in cold painted gilt bronze on onyx plinth, signed and impressed 207 29 cm height

Demetre Chiparus, Romania 1886-1947, Ayouta (circa 1925), patinated and cold painted bronze with ivory face and hands, inscribed 'D. Chiparus' to onyx base, 47 cm high

Chiparus, Demetre (1886-19479, after, an Eastern dancer, bronze, the female figure modelled in jewelled flowing dress and cowl, half-kneeling with arms out-stretched, on an oval black marble base, incised D.H. Chiparus signature and foundry medallion to th

Demetre Chiparus, Art Deco bronze and ivory and dancer, after Demetre Chiparus (Romanian, 1886-1947), Thais, of a dancing woman with arms outstretched arms, with beaded ornamentation and in flowing pleated dress; on an architectural banded onyx base, inscr

An Art Deco style cold painted metal panther on onyx base cast as a crouching panther raised on a stepped and tapering base, spurious signature D.H Chiparus incised to base, 55 cm length

Demetre Chiparus (1888-1850), 'The Skater', a cold-painted bronze and ivory figure, circa 1925, modelled in motion with one leg outstretched and scarf blowing in the breez, on a speled onyx and slate plinth, signed 'D.H. Chiparus' on the onyx, 36.5 cm high

Demetre Chiparus (1888-1850), 'The Golfer', a cold painted bronze and ivory figure, circa 1928, cast as a woman in green-patinated golfing attire, posed post-swing with her arms raised clasping a club, on marble base with canted corners, signed to the cast

Demeter Chiparus (1886 - 1947), Venetian Figures, circa 1930 patinated and cold-painted bronze, ivory, marble plinth, signed to the black marble base 'D. H. Chiparus' 54 cm high

'L'Age Du Bronze', a Demetre Chiparus cold-painted white metal sculpture, cast after the original and modelled resting on a black veined marble plinth, engraved 'D.H.Chiparus' to the plinth 75 cm long, 52 cm high