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Parian is a white unglazed statuary porcelain resembling marble, named after the Greek Island of Paros, which produces a very fine white marble. The Copeland & Garrett factory at Stoke-on-Trent is credited with the introduction of parian ware to Britain. Production of parian ware figures at Copeland commenced about 1841, and some of the figures were based on works by sculptors John Bell, and American Hiram Powers. Sales of parian figures were boosted by special orders from the Art Union of London commencing in 1844, where subscribers paid an annual fee, and in return participated in a ballot to receive a copy of an art work. The increased populatiry of parian ware encouraged other factories to begin production of statuary figures, with Minton and Robinson & Leadbetter being the major producers along with Copeland.
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A miniature parian ware bust, 20th century, with Neapolitan Crown mark, the bust of a smiling young girl, upon a gilded porcelain base; blue stamp underside, height 7.5 cm

Antique French Parian ware bust of a maiden in a bonnet, signed to the back Lefevre and foundry mark approx 60 cm high

A parian group figure by Volkstedt, late 19th century, depicting frolicking putti and goat, marked Kve, 18 x 19 cm

A parian ware bust of King Edward VII, inscribed to back of figure 'Published by Bro's J.S. Crapper, P.H. P.P.G.A.D.C., Bros C Marsh P.M. P. -p. S CN Staffordshire 35, designs office, April 16 1875, Registered, Ht. 53 cm

French parian ware figure, of child signed and foundry mark to back

Parian ware pair of busts modelled as two classical ladies, scantily clad mounted on scrolled pedestal bases. Condition good to fair, some losses to one floral headdress & a chip to one pedestal. Height 47 cm

Two Parian ware porcelain seated figures, English, circa 1870, the tallest 33 cm

An Art Union of London Parian ware porcelain bust of a woman signed C. Delpch, by Copeland, circa 1837, 36 cm high

Three Parian ware busts, 19th century, a pair of Copeland busts, one of the poet, John Milton, after the model by Matthew Noble, one of William Shakespeare, after Raphaelle Monti, both with Ceramic and Crystal Palace Art Union impressed marks, 36 cm high,

A Parian ware porcelain classical female nude and putti, English, circa 1870, 56 cm high

A slip cast parian ware bust of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 20th century. the bust upon an integral square form plinth and incised 'Emerson'. Height 29.5 cm

Victorian Parian bust of a gentleman, 27 cm high approx

A parian ware figure of a Gamekeeper 19th century. The figure of a young man seated upon a rocky pile, his devoted hunting dog at his side and dead game upon a stick over his shoulder; unmarked. Height 47.5 cm

Large Victorian Copeland Parian figure of a maiden entitled 'Maidenhood', 56 cm high approx.

Early European? parian group. Soldier & elderly man. Some losses to fingers etc. Height 40 cm

A Parian ware cupid figurative group, late 19th century, French. 39 cm high

Victorian Copeland parian ware bust of young woman, incised 'Owen. Hale. 1881', 43 cm high.

A Victorian Art Union of London parian-ware bust of Clytie by C. Delpech, 1855, 31 cm high

Large 19th century Parian ware figure of the water carrier, Anchor mark to the base and marked Gold Medallion Exhibition Medal of Paris 1878

Antique French Art Nouveau parian bust of a young maiden, signed

An impressive Victorian Parian bust 'Clytie', on socle base. 40 cm x 56 cm

Antique French parian bust of a woman with bonnet (AF to base), approx 52 cm high

A Victorian Parian porcelain figure of a classically draped maiden. 47.5 cm high

A Victorian Parian porcelain figure of a medieval musician. 35 cm high

A Victorian Parian porcelain medieval figure group. 46 cm high

A Victorian Parian porcelain figure a medieval chain-mail clad knight, impressed to the base Godfry Bouillon. 47 cm high

A Victorian Parian porcelain figure of Beatrice. 44 cm high

A Victorian Copeland Parian figure of 'Rebekah', dated 1857, after the original sculpture by W. Theed, impressed marks. 46 cm high

Victorian parian 'Bacchus & Ariadne' figure group draped in robes & a goat skin pelt on a raised platform base. Condition good to fair, all over good condition, small losses to the Crown & robe. Height 47 cm

Victorian Copeland parian figure. 'Happy dream.' inscribed 'Crystal Palace Art Union, 1875. L a Malempre.'. Height 32 cm

A small parian ware figure of two winged lovers, 19th century, damaged

A Victorian Parian figurine, a female goat herder seated on a rocky outcrop with a goat in her lap. Impressed to the side 'Art Union of Great Britain', some damage. Height 35 cm

A pair of Victorian Copeland parian figurines, Evangeline and Marguerite, both figures modelled with their heads downcast, Evangeline holding a water pitcher and Marguerite a prayer book, on titled round bases, impressed marks to reverse for S. Terry and C

A Victorian parian figurine, 'Thalia', a Greek maiden holding a comedy mask, on circular base with impressed name plaque, impressed marks to reverse for Brown-Westhead & Moore, and Beattie for William Beattie. Small nibbles to base. Height 40 cm

A parian Art-Nouveau figure of a scantily clad woman, holding a cherub, on a circular base. 45 cm high

A parian figure of Aphrodite modelled seated on a rock. 38 cm high