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A bronze model of a dog, on a copper plinth, dog: 98 cm long, 78.5 cm high, plinth: 135.5 cm wide, 29.5 cm deep, 111 cm high

Bronze figure of a wild boar, after Fritz Diller mounted on a black slate base, with a signature, length 53 cm

A Brian Webb (N.Z.) well carved Tasmanian blackwood carving of three leaping humpback whales, fine carved detail showing their distinctive body shape and long pectoral fins. Height 100 cm

Large French Art Deco period spelter figure group of a stag & deer, on a multi coloured onyx base

A pair of French grey marble and dog figured bookends, 16 cm high, 12 cm wide, 8 cm deep

A pair of French marble bookends with deer decoration, 11 cm high, 16 cm wide, 9 cm deep

A French deer figure on oval marble base, 37 cm high x 47 cm long

An Art Deco patinated spelter antelope group, circa 1930s, a pair of antelope in perfect step with their right forelegs raised, in deep bronze and copper colours, raised upon an elliptical cream marble base with red inflections, height 20.5 cm, width 44 cm

A pair of cold painted Art Deco spelter terrier bookends, circa 1930s, the animated dogs in pewter and bronze colours upon mottled dark grey marble bases, height 12.5 cm, length 13 cm, width 8 cm

A pair of cold painted spelter Art Deco deer bookends, circa 1930s, the green patinated does upon pale grey and red striated marble bases, height 13.5 cm, length 14 cm, width 8 cm

A pair of cold painted spelter goat bookends, circa 1930s, a pair of goats in gold colours leaping across grass and rockwork in green, upon a striated near black marble base, height 13 cm, length 14 cm, width 8 cm

A pair of Art Deco antelope bookends, circa 1930s, the pair of stylised antelope busts in modulating bronze tones raised on black marble veined bases, height 14.5 cm, length 13 cm, width 8.5 cm

An Art Deco elephant photograph stand, circa 1930s, a pair of trumpeting spelter elephants in bronze colours, flanking a photograph stand with clear glass panes, raised on a long black marble and two tone onyx base in pale celadon and cream colours, total

A set of three bronze cranes in the Japanese style, 20th century, the tallest 114 cm high

A vintage carved 18 inch duck decoy, of balsam wood with painted face and tack eyes, made by John Doyle, Long Island, New York.

A vintage carved solid wood American Goldeneye 14 inch duck decoy, with glass eyes and some original paint finish remaining.

Early 18th century finial in a form of a Greyhound. Unmarked English silver, approx 3 cm high, 3.5 cm wide

Wonderful, modelled bronze cheetah, depicted in sprint, the whole raised on a black marble base, signed Milo, 25 cm x 42 cm

Large French bronze figure group, after Pierre-Jules Mene, depicting a hunter on horse back above a group of five hunting dogs on a naturalistic ground, on a vert marble base, 82 cm x 69 cm, with custom made oval table. Provenance: The Estate late Mr. Lesl

A bronze figure of a bear, 20th century, 13 cm high, 23 cm wide

Franz Xaver Bergmann (Austrian, 1861?1936), Petit bronze figure of a Greyhound, c. 1900, patinated and gilded, with impressed B amphora foundry mark, height 13 cm

After Clovis Edmond Masson (French, 1838-1913), Pair of Hunting Dogs, patinated spelter, on marble base, 44 cm high, 82 cm wide

A patinated bronze lion, after Louis Vidal (1831-1892), 19th to early 20th century, the well patinated figure of a snarling male lion in golden green bronze tones, upon an integral base with inscribed signature of Vidal, height 26 cm, width 47 cm, depth 16

A gilded spelter eagle by Charles Theodore Perron (1862-1934), 19th century, the spread winged eagle upon a globe and a waisted plinth above a green flecked marble base with canted corners; inscribed mark of Ch Perron to spelter base, height 23 cm, width 3

A spelter lion by Thomas Francois Cartier (1879-1943), a brightly gilded growling and stalking male lion upon a cold painted green black base, inscribed mark of T. Cartier to base, height 29 cm, width 57 cm, depth 19 cm

A pair of bronze life size figures of greyhounds, 20th century, 76 cm high

A Continental bronze boar on green marble base c.1930 - 1940's, probably German or Austrian height 12.5 cm, diameter 27 cm

A patinated bronze model of a Stork, Charles Artus (French, 1897-1978), signed Artus to base, 16.5 cm high

Wooden statue in the form of a standing deer with attached horns, blackened brown patina, height 67 cm

Two Black Forest carved wooden boxes, 19th century, one with pheasants, the other a dog and puppies, the largest 24 cm wide

A bronze figure of a wild boar, early 20th century, 24 cm high, 36 cm long, wooden stand

Pair of French Art Deco bronze pheasants to ground on oval marble bases, approx 27cn high, 46 cm wide (2)

Tibetan bronze gilded Garuda & Nagas figure group depicting a spread eagle Garuda waging war on Nagas, holding one snake in his beak & right hand & another in his right. Standing on a rock form base. Marked to the base. Height 27 cm

Franz Bergman cold painted bronze dog, Austrian, stamped, 13 cm high, 12.5 cm long approx.

Antique J Bettdlly? Late 18th century French gilt wood barometer / thermometer, well carved giltwood surround, with cornucopia to the sides, and surmounted with a eagle, approx 78 cm high, 46 cm wide

Carved hard stone elephant on stand, approx 39 cm high, 54 cm wide

Large oriental dog of fo vase on wooden base, approx 90 cm high including stand