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The Carlton Ware works were set up about 1890 by James Frederick Wiltshaw, James Alcock Robinson & William Herbert Robinson in Stoke-on-Trent, and Carlton Ware was adopted as a trade name in 1894.

About 1890 the company introduced its "Blush Ware" range, with floral designs on delicate pastel coloured backgrounds, sometimes with gilded additions.

In 1911 the partnership was dissolved and James Frederick Wiltshaw became the sole proprietor.

During the 1920s, the company became known for its Art Deco lustre wares, which command high prices today.

Many of the patterns were of imaginative geometric and stylised floral designs, some using Egyptian and oriental influences, such as the highly collectable ‘Tutenkahmen’ and ‘Mikado’ ranges.

The "Handcraft" range introduced in 1928 offered modern freehand painted designs with matt glazes which distinguished them from other manufacturers of the time using similar designs. more...

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Carlton Ware 'Chinese Figures' vase depicting a high status official in front of a temple with a gaggle of servants in attendance. Set in the classic Chinoiserie Chinese garden with bridges & barges & an island, with Chinese caligraphy form

Carlton Ware square vase, decorated to each side with a bird and basket of fruit, 10 cm high

Carltonware 'China Land' ovoid lustre vase, height 12 cm, pattern no. 2950

Carltonware 'New Stork' large covered vase, the lide with a gilded temple dog finial, height 39 cm

Carltonware 'Forest Tree' lidded urn vase, height 28 cm, pattern no. 3244

Carltonware 'New Mikado' tall cylindrical vase, height 26 cm, pattern no. 2728

Carltonware 'Devil's Corpse' vase, height 20 cm, pattern no. 3787

Carltonware 'Fighting Glade' small vase, height 9.5 cm, pattern no. 4212

A Carlton Ware 'Fighting Cocks' vase, 1937-1941, pattern 4161, shape number 1695, the tapering vase with a beehive base and gilded chilong style handles decorated with tracery style foliage and flowers in bright enamel colours and a rooster with sp

A Carlton Ware 'Floral Comets' Yen Yen vase, circa 1929, pattern 3405, with design attributed to violet Elmer, shape 139, with clusters of autumn and purple toned flowers to the rim and base upon arcs of blue, mauve, and blue mottle interspersed wi

A Carlton Ware - Stoke-on-Trent vase, the hand painted body depicting a flower composition, on tripod scroll feet. Height 25 cm

A Carlton Ware 'Persian' vase, 1927-1938, introduced 1924, shape 443, pattern attributed to Enoch Boulton, with a figure seated within a temple accompanied by musicians and other attendants in an exotic garden setting, with flowers, birds, palms in

A Carlton Ware 'Sketching Bird' vase, circa 1935, pattern 3891, shape 456, with pattern attributed to violet Elmer. the ovoid vase with a cushion profile collar, decorated with a crane with pastel enamelled feathers flying through a landscape of la

A Carlton Ware 'Forest Tree' vase, circa 1928, pattern 3244, shape 406. the waisted baluster vase depicting stylised birch trees with moody teal and black foliage contrasting with white trunks, with gilt enriched pendant foliage and streaking cloud

A fine and rare Carlton Ware 'Chinaland' vase, circa 1950s, pattern 2948 introduced 1925, this 'Handpainted' version, shape 2089 introduced 1950 indicates a probable reintroduction of the pattern, a tapering lobed vase with a undulating han

Carlton ware 'New Mikado' vase, baluster form with a waisted neck decorated with flowering trees and pavilions upon a mottled blue ground, W & R mark stamp underside and painted pattern number 2729

Carlton Ware Bleu Royale ovoid handled vase pagoda pattern painted in enamels on speckled light blue ground, 22 cm height

Carlton Ware ovoid specimen vase painted with moths on speckled orange lustre ground, 26 cm height

Carlton Ware ovoid vase stylised florals painted in enamels on dark speckled blue ground, 20 cm height

Carlton Ware Moonlight cameo lustre vase 23 cm high approx.

A Carlton Ware 'Babylon' vase 1937-1939, pattern 4126, shape number 1695 from 1938 onwards. Atapering vase with a beehive base and oriental style looping handles, with underglaze shadowy leaves, flowers and tracery style foliage in enamel colours a

A Carlton Ware 'Devil's Copse' vase, circa 1933 period, pattern 3787 attributed to violet Elmer, shape 226. The vase jewelled with exotic and fantastic blooms and spear leaves beside a twisted tree with pendant tracery and 'Watching eyes

A Carlton Ware 'Mandarin's Chatting' baluster vase, circa 1932, pattern with design attributed to violet Elmer, shape 443 until 1938. Depicting two figures chatting beneath a twisted tendril embellished tree upon a gloss black ground between ro

A Carlton Ware 'Chinese figures' vase 1927-1939 period of production, pattern 3199, shape 406 until 1936. Richly decorated with figures in an oriental temple, garden and water setting with auspicious foliage, bridges and barges, in enamel colours w

A Carlton Ware handcraft 'Honesty' vase 1928-32, production period, pattern 3278, shape 406, with an irregular lattice of mauve branches dotted with ovals of white and yellow Honesty seed pods with black and plum leaves and tangerine buds, with sil

A Carlton Ware 'Paradisebird with tree & Cloud' vase 1927-1931, pattern 3154, shape number 457. The baluster shaped vase with a phoenix flying before a blue cloud decorated with flurries of gilt tendrils, with angled branches jewelled and drape

Carlton Ware Chinoiserie 'Chinese figures' covered vase on a cobalt blue ground painted with various Chinese scenes, highlighted in gilt & painted with raised enamel detail, with a foo dog finial cover. Condition: good to fair, minor paint wear

A Carlton Ware W&R 'Long Tailed Bird & Tree Peony' vase, circa 1924, pattern 2834, design attributed to Enoch Boulton, shape 139, the yen-yen shaped vase depicting an exotic bird in a famille rose palette of deep pink, apple green, blue and

A Wilton Ware lustre vase and a Carlton Ware dish, 1920s-30s and after, the baluster vase with a short neck with transfer design vegetal borders and body design of cranes and foliage upon a mauve and aqua mottled lustre ground; and an Art Deco shaped Carlt

A Carlton Ware 'Crested Bird with Waterlily' vase, circa 1931-32 production era, pattern 3530, design attributed to violet Elmer shape 167, depicting a bird in bright ombre shaded colours of rose, blue and lemon, with enamel jewels and gilt highlig

A Carlton Ware 'Chinese Bird and Cloud' vase, 1928, short production period; pattern 3275B, shape 443, the baluster shaped vase with exotic long tailed birds accompanied by butterflies in orange and teal colours with delicate lace like gilding and

A Carlton Ware handcraft 'Zig Zag' vase, circa 1928-1935, no pattern on item but similar to 3299, shape 465, the geometric Art Deco geometric vase with bold zig-zags in ultramarine blue, teal, tan and plum and gold upon a mottled pale blue ground,

Carlton Ware Chinoiserie 'Chinese Figures' vase on a cobalt blue ground painted with various Chinese scenes, highlighted in gilt & painted with raised enamel detail. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 27 cm