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In 1905 Conway Stewart was established in East London to manufacture fountain pens. Around 1919, Conway Stewart began producing lever filling fountain pens in which ink was sucked into the sack by using a metal lever in the barrel. Their designs were aimed mainly at clerical workers and students and were therefore often bright and inventive. Although they produced pens with alternative filling systems, the bulk of sales remained lever fillers.

During the 1920s and ’30s they used the new plastics to create pens in every conceivable colour and in patterns imitating everything from Italian marble to cracked ice. Some of the prettiest were the small pens designed for ladies and known as ‘Dinkies’, many of which came with a ring in the cap so that they could be worn on a ribbon.

The next size up was known as a ‘Dandy’. A vast number of model number/colour/pattern combinations were made making these pens a popular collectable item.

The firm suffered financially in the 1960s, due to the popularity of cartridge pens and the dominance of the Biro, and in 1975 the business was wound up. more...
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The Conway Stewart no.68 fountain pen & another, early fountain pen

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Conway Stewart cased pen & pencil set, blue marble, 14 ct gold nib

Conway Stewart pen set, comprising fountain pen, biro & pencil

Vintage Conway Stewart 759 fountain pen, with 14ct gold nib and marbled case, in original packaging

Onoto no.14 fountain pen & 2 others, comprising of a the Conway Stewart (as inspected) and a Platignum pencil

A selection of four vintage fountain pens, to include a wyvern14ct nib pen, a conway stewart 14ct nib pen, a parker and mentore.

Conway Stewart No. 757 fountain pen, including original box and 14ct gold nib

A Conway Stewart 'The Cornway No32' pen and pencil set in original box

Four various fountain pens, consisting of Mentmore, Parker 51, Conway & Faber, wih 14k nibs

Michel Perchin ribbed green and gold fountain pen decorated with clear enamel over green guilloche and silver gilt, 18ct two tone gold nib, limited edition 251 of 500, signed and stamped 'Germany 925', together with Conway Stewart 'Churchill' fountain pen,

Five various fountain Pens. Shaeffer imp VIII; Empress; Buck Vulcanite; Conway Stewart; Watermans U.K. and Dunhill, with silver barrel

A boxed set of Conway Stewart matching pencil and fountain pen set with 22k gold nib, original box and guarantee C1950

Conway Stuart 'Churchill' fountain pen with 18k gold Nib in classic green, numbered to shaft 462/500 length including lid 15 cm

The Conway Stewart no.58 fountain pen & pencil set in original box with 14ct gold nib, together with Parker & Platignum fountain pens

The Conway Stewart No. 58 and No. 27 fountain pens with 14ct gold nibs

Fountain pen: the Conway Stewart No. 21. England, with 14ct gold nib

A vintage Conway Stewart fountain pen shop display stand together with 24 various vintage fountain pens. Length 50 cm Height 2 cm