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A 1790's patent by the English cabinetmaker Thomas Saint promised to stitch boots and do quilting but was probably never made. Tangible success did not come until the Thimmonier machine patented in 1830 which was used for making French army uniforms in his shop a decade later. The mqachine was destroyed by angry tailors fearing for their livelihoods. The American, Elias Howe, Junior drew on earlier discoveries to develop what is regarded as the modern machine. It was subsequently refined by Isaac Singer of New York and in 1851 he patented and gave his name to, the ubiquitous brand of sewing machine. It is generally held that the sewing machine was the first domestic mechanical aid to be mass-produced.
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Two vintage miniature sewing machines including Singer together with a novelty sewing machine sharpener

A Singer treble sewing machine c.1920 with Egyptian motif to celebrate discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb

Singer sewing machine, approx 100 cm high, 120 cm wide, 44 cm deep

Singer Sewhandy child’s sewing machine in box, English circa 1950s

A Jones Sewing Machine Co. serpent neck sewing machine, c.1890, the black body decorated with a gilded leaf pattern, complete in box with later Singer decal

A child's 'Singer' hand operated sewing machine. Height 18 cm

Early boxed Singer portable electric sewing machine. Serial no. 221K1, with manual and accessories.

Singer mini sewing machine hand operated, 18 cm wide, 16 cm high. with clamp

Singer child's sewing machine, one other and a miniature flat iron

Singer portable 'Featherweight' sewing machine: model 221. This machine comes complete with case, foot controller, original tray and attachments, the Featherweight came in a standard black model made in the U.S. Those made before World War II (and apparent

An oak veneer and cast iron Singer sewing machine table, the hand painted sewing machine later converted for electricity

Singer table model sewing machine c1920s, beautiful decals in wonderful condition. It is working, housed in its' own carrying case and complete with atttachments

Singer cabinet sewing machine, ornate oak case with hidden treadle mechanism