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A silver mounted meerschaum pipe, Austro-Hungarian, 19th century, embossed with trophies of war, 52 cm long

A silver mounted meershaum pipe, Austro-Hungarian, 19th century, carved with hunting medallions, 53 cm long

A George IV silver mounted meerschasum pipe by Edward Waltham, London, 1819, 52 cm

A Victorian sterling silver mounted carved wooden pipe by Benjamin Barling, London 1850

A Dutch silver mounted carved meerschaum pipe, Amsterdam, mid 19th century, carved with soldiers and a maiden

A large silver mounted pipe carved with a scene of Crusaders, stamped "PEST", 19th century

'Von Tempsky's Pipe,' the briar bowl with gilt metal fittings and curved horn mouthpiece mounted to a varnished back board with applied, hand-written vintage plaque 'Von Tempsky's Pipe. This pipe was found among the possessions of Major Von Tempksy after h

Three Victorian meerschaum and amber pipes, one of a gallant with a beard and two of ladies, one boxed, longest 16 cm

19th century Meerschaum clay pipe in original case with another early pipe

Glazed display of 17 antique clay pipes in ornate scroll decorated frame

Meerschaum pipes one modelled as a Victorian lady & another of a 17th century gent. Both set in original cases. Condition: fair, some losses, length pf largest 9 cm

Early Victorian Sailors pipe with Bowsprit of Topless lady

Meerschaum novelty bowl pipe carved with fallen boy, bowl and claw pipe, bowl and hand pipe

Meerschaum pipe of a Bearded Persian having three raised panels of flowers, & with a ebony mouthpiece. Condition: good, slightly loose thread. Length 32.5 cm

An antique novelty clay pipe, modelled as a sailor (Punch), his trouser leg forming the stem and his boater hat forming the rim of the bowl. Length 12 cm

A 19th century 'erotica' carved meerschaum pipe, in battered case

A Wade pipe and holder, with German shepherd applied figure. C.1920-1930. (2) pipe; 14 cm, stand; 13 x 6 cm

Two 'BBB Ultonia' English Smoking pipes, with 9ct gold fittings. Cased

Antique German porcelain bodied long pipe, with hand painted scene, approx. 100 cm long

Meerschaum pipe modelled as a Persian gent with a grape vine leaf decorated headpiece, with an amber mouthpiece. Condition: good, minor wear. Length 16 cm

An Edwardian Bakelite Smoking pipe, silver rim and cuff; Lester & Leafe, Birmingham, 1908.

Antique Meerschaum & amber cigar mouthpiece with carved pigs figure group, in original storage case 16.5 cm long

An antique Meerschaum pipe (AF), with sterling collar, Birmingham 1898, with presentation plaque 'Presented to Mr G. Joy by the working staff if the Royal Italian opera, Covent garden, 27th July 1890.' retailed by B.R. Arkell of 127 the strand, Lon

A full-bent pipe by 'Charles Maas & Co. Crown pipe,' Birmingham 1897. AF. Hallmarked and in original box. Extensive repairs to amber mouthpiece

Early Meerschaum pipe. Bearded man. Chips & crack. Length 20.5 cm

A figural Meerschaum block pipe, 20th century, unmarked, the creamy white pipe in the form of a jovial bearded man, the piece attached to a black shaft and housed in a fitted box. Length 17.5 cm

Meerschaum pipe with a screw in amber mouthpiece, set in a hard velvet lined case. Condition good, minor wear, used condition, wear to the velvet, damaged hinge to the case. Length 16 cm

Two carved meerschaum tobacco pipes, with locking mouth piece (2)

An ivory smoking pipe, 19th century. 37.5 cm long

Antique 'The Civic' pipe shop display cabinet with six pipes, approx 63.5 cm high, 42 cm W. Antique 'The Civic' pipe shop display cabinet with six pipes, approx 63.5 cm high, 42 cm wide