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Leitz (Germany) a 3.5 cm slide Projector, in textured black finish contained in the original brown composite fitted suitcase.

Cased vintage French magic lantern projector, 62 cm x 41 cm x 20 cm

Helioscopic Magic lantern, circa 1880-1910, probably Walter Tyler. Incomplete and requiring some attention but with attractive 7'' lens in good condition and with slip in slide box in base

Camera Projector limited (England): a Midas 9.5mm movie camera/projector

Mickey Mouse Projector, By Mattel 1950s projector in original distressed box. Missing screen and films. Length 23 cm

An Edison Projecting Kinetoscope Underwriter's model. C. Early 1900s, 35mm, with maker's plate 'Made by Thomas A. Edison, Inc., Orange, N.J., U.S.A....Serial no. 3766, special license no. K 73', brass lens, nickel plated cast iron body; with arc illuminant

A Perken, Sons & Co. Ltd 'Optimus Magic Lantern', tin case with brass lens holder

Magic lantern slides, collection including Cinderella (11), Arctic (13), Jesus (10), the hole Where Father's Wages Went (6), other photographic types including china (4), Egypt (2) and Fiji. Condition varies. (70 items)

Magic lantern Robert Ballantine, Glasgow; polished wood body, with lacquered-brass fittings, brass bound lens, electric illuminant, slide carrier and chimney, in a fitted wood case

Magic lantern and glass slides c1900, consisting of lantern by Newton & Co Makers London W.I. And approx 200 glass slides of Europe some Australia. Lantern not tested but complete andin good condition. (200+)

Stereo cameras, comprising a Belplasca in maker's case with a Belplasca stereo projector; a Stereo-Iloca; a Universal Stere-all, -5 (4)

Magic lantern, British; mahogany-body with lacquered-brass fittings, condensing lens, brass bound lens, slide carrier and chimney

Boule magic lantern French; painted metal body, with chimney lens and lens cover

Victorian magic lantern, German, black tin with gold painted detail, 'J S' logo, with twenty-two slides (some damage) lacking burner, in original wooden box (P) ; and another incomplete magic lantern (P) (2)

Kaleidescopic Optical Magic lantern slide c1860, double Rackwork Chromatrope mechanical hand painted hand crank slide. Fruitwood and brass crank, wooden encased glass revolving slide. In wonderful condition

W.B. & Sons Ltd. British made Magic lantern projector (c1900) for 31/4 x 3 1/4' slides, converted to electric power, with 8' lens & box of glass slides (38, hymns) & 2 wooden slide carriers. Also, Stereo glass Positives: a group of stereo images including

Zograscope and Stereo Viewer Combination, c1865 a very rare and beautiful rosewood table model viewer. Designed to take both stereo cards and full sized photographs. Complete and in wonderful condition. Included are 15 view cards