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A timber and brass half plate camera. With plaque to rear standard 'J W Smiles Maker Edinburgh'. The camera with Ross 8 X 5 Rapid Symmetrical and set of stops for lens. Additionally Thornton Pickard Beck Symmetrical and Taylor Taylor Hobson lenses, a Laver

Thornton-Pickard (England): Type G3 aerial camera gun of the type used by the Royal Air Force during the First World War and post-war period [#4990]; c1930.

A Thornton Pickard c.1900 mahogany glass plate land camera, large extension black bellows, brass fittings, complete in original tan canvas carry case with further mahogany plate backs and tripod

Thornton Pickard: Triple Imperial field camera with three original plates and stand, ground glass measures 16.5 x 12 cm (6รณ x 4') and is in good condition, bellows intact and also in good condition. This is a very attractive classic field camera.

Houghton triple Victo field camera half plate, mahoghany body, brass trim, front movements, Thornton Pickard roller blind shutter with Busch Rapid Symmetrical f/8 brass bound lens, ground glass focus screen cracked and bellows has some repairs otherwise ex

Thornton Pickard Imperial plate camera mahogany and brass fittings in matching carry satchel with three plates, light meter and two tripods

Tailboard camera, Germany; 13 x 18 cm, mahogany-body, lacquered-brass fittings, blue cloth bellows, with a Ross, London lens and Thornton-Pickard roller-blind shutter

Dublex ruby Reflex tropical camera, Thornton-Pickard Mfg. Co., Altrincham; half-plate, polished-wood body, lacquered brass inset binding and fittings, tan-leather viewing hood, focusing screen cover and bellows, brass strut bellows supports, with an Aldis

Ruby stereoscopic field camera, Thornton-Pickard Mfg. Co, Altrincham; half-plate, mahogany and brass (lacks focusing back), black bellows, with a pair of brass bound lenses on a Thornton-Pickard stereoscopic roller blind shutter

Reflex cameras, comprising a Marion & Co, London; 3. 5 x 5 cm./postcard, horizontal, camera with a Goerz Celor 6. 5 inch f/4. 8 lens No. 303161 with a McKenzie-Wishart daylight slide; a Thornton-Pickard 6 x 9 cm. Speical ruby with a Carl Zeiss, JenaTessar

Premo Sr stereo hand camera, Rochester Optical Co., Rochester, Ny; half-plate, polished-wood interior, focusing screen and dark slide, with a pair of Aldis, Birmingham, Anastigmat f/7. 7 lenses in a Thornton-Pickard stereoscopic roller blind shutter

An old Victorian mahogany and brass Thornton-Pickard Imperial camera, with tripod and canvas carrying case.

Thornton Pickard, Victory Reflex camera with Cooke F4.5 lens, 2.1/4 x 3.1/4' SLR, patent no 6283.12, with tripod and leather case

Thornton-Pickard wood and brass camera, 1/2-plate triple extension camera with brass plaque the Favourite Victo specially made for Harringtons Ltd, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Tornton Pickard-Beck Symmetrical lens. Included are six double dark slides and

Wood and brass field camera, c1898 'Sanderson Junior' with Thornton-Pickard Rectoplanat lens. in very good condition. Shutter is missing

Thornton Pickard: c1900 half-plate wood and brass camera with black leather bellows, swing out back and Thornton Pickard-Beck lens, also 8 double dark negative holders. A restorer's delight.