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A Rolleiflex SLX medium format camera, circa 1976/1979 case and accessories including, Carl Zeiss Distagon 1:4 f=40mm lens, Carl Zeis Sonar 1:4 f=150mm lens, spare film back insert, charger, filters, Pentax MV 35mm camera body, Nikon SB-E flash unit and St

Nikon Fg SLR camera, with Sigma 35-70mm lens & Nikon speedlight flash unit.

Nikkomat FTN 35 mm camera with with four extra lenses together with a Nikon R8 movie camera

Nippon Kogaku K.K (Japan): Mixed group of Nikon lenses and accessories. The lenses (4) all pre-Ai, accessories including extension tube set and adaptors. Also a Nikon F-401s with Af Nikkor 35-70 f3.3-4.5.

Three various Cameras. Vest pocket Kodak (non stylus model); Nikormat SLR; and Nikon N70.

Nikon M90 auto camera. In case, with light meter and two lenses.

Two vintage cameras, Nikon fm2 and Brownie 127. With cases

Nikon F2 camera. Nikkor 50mm F1.4 and 35mm F2.8 lenses included

Nikon F Photomic body serial No. 6531287, lens f/2 50mm Nikkor H-auto serial No. 653355, meter not working, condition: 7

Nikon S No. 6126695 with Nikkor-S.C 5 cm f/1.4 No. 355505, condition: 4

Nikon S2 No. 6126695 with Nikkor-S.C 5 cm f/1.4 lens No. 353530, condition: 4

A Nikon F4 35mm Slr camera with Nikkor 35-70mm lens with Nikon power winder

Nikon S3 No. 6302803 Nippon Kogaku, Japan; chrome, with a Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-S f/1.4 5 cm. Lens No. 401827, in maker's ever ready case; a Nippon Kogaku W-Nikkor.C f/2.5 3.5 cm. Lens No. 255774 in maker's case; a Nippon Kogaku black Nikkor-Q.C f/3.5 13.5

Nikon S2 outfit, Nippon Kogaku, Japan; comrpising a Nikon S2 no, 6170677, a Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-S. C f/1. 4 5 cm. Lens No. 367822, a Nikkor-P. C f/2 8. 5 cm. Lens No. 294974, a Nikkor-Q. C f/3. 5 13. 5 cm. Lens No. 263892, a W-Nikkor. C f/2. 5 3. 5 cm. Le

Nikon M-35S No. 80223, Nikon, Japan; black, 35mm., half-frame, with slide-shutter; a Nikon Varifinder No. 338157 and Nippon Kogaku 'Yellow-paint' frame finder, (3)

Nikon F No. 6576119, Nippon Kogaku, Japan; 35mm., black-paint, with black pentaprism housing, and Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-H f/4 50mm. Lens No. 890088; chrome clip-on light meter and a chrome waist-level finder

Nikkor lenses, Nippon Kogaku, Japan; Nikon-rangefinder-fit, comprising a W-Nikkor. C f/3. 5 2. 8 cm. No. 347225 with caps, in maker's case; a W-Nikkor. C f/2. 5 3. 5 cm. Lens No. 257692; a Nikkor-Q. C f/3. 5 13. 5 cm. Lens No. 272066 in maker's case, (3)

Remainder of camera collection including, Leica III camera body with metal lens cap, Meopta Mikoromatic 16mm sub miniature, Nikon Kogaki F Photomic 35 mm, Rollei-Werke 35mm made in Singapore. (4)

Nippon Kogaku: Nikon F Photomic T 35mm Slr camera (#6807535), c1965, with Nikkor-S auto 50mm f1.4 lens (#347655) and cap. Condition: 2/3B.

Nikon F2 Photomic camera (7609845) 1971, with Nikkor 55mm micro auto lens (214884) with original hood, Nikon Dw-2 6x etc. All in good + condition (4)