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Four various 35mm Cameras. Praktica LTL3; Minolta SR101; Olympus OM10; and Pentax SP500. All untested.

Olympus Kogaku (Japan): O-Product Limited Edition [#10492/20000] compact 35mm camera, 1988, with aluminium body, Olympus f3.5 35mm lens and flash attachment.

Pen Fv No. 125057 Olympus, Japan; 35mm./half-frame, chrome, with an Olympus F.Zuiko auto-S f/1.8 38mm. Lens No. 143830, in maker's ever ready case B (ii)

Olympus pen outfit, Olympus, Japan; comprising an Olympus chrome pen Ft No. 189095, an Olympus auto-W f/4 25mm. Lens No. 117984, an auto-T f/3. 5 100mm. Lens No. 210442, an auto-S f/1. 8 38mm. Lens No. 251073, an auto-Zoomn f/3. 5 50-90mm. Lens No. 203644,

An Olympus Slr OM1 camera and various other photographic equipment with tripod