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Leica Drp Ernst Leitz Wetzlar camera in a hard leather fitted case, with various other associated lenses & coloured filters, dimensions of box 27.5 x 24 x 9.5 cm

Leitz (Germany) a bayonet mount Rangefinder film camera, Leica M6 with Elmarit-M 1.2.8/28 lens made in Canada. Body has black finish. SN1742907, with instruction booklet.

Leitz (Canada) a bayonet mount Rangefinder film camera body with winder, Leica M4-2 SN14227. 3.5 cm film.

Leitz (Germany) a bayonet mount Rangefinder film camera, body Only. Leica M2 SN1048843 in good condition. C. 1965, 3.5 cm film.

Leitz (Germany) a bayonet mount Rangefinder film (3.5 cm) camera with goggle eye fitting, Leica M3 SN985553 with summicron 1:2/35 Leitz Canada lens SN1655737.

Leitz (Canada) a bayonet mount Rangefinder film camera, Leica M4-P black body only made in Canada, SN1587812. Part of ERC case

Leitz (Germany) a bayonet mount Rangefinder roll film camera body, Leica M4 SN1178607 with part ECR case.

Leitz (Germany) a screw mount Rangefinder roll film camera, Leica late 1950s IIIG SN 879201 with Ernst Leitz Summicron f-5 cm 1-2 nr 1479609 in leather ERC.

Leica IIIF no. 526422 (1951) with Summaron F3.5 cm 1:3 no. 1004930 (1951)

Leica Compur B with rim set shutter and ER case, condition: 6

Leica IIIg (1957) with Elmar F/5 cm lens no. 1540168, lens cap and original leather case; Leitz Itdoo attachment and a Weston light meter (condition 4: showing signs of use, But not misuse)

Leica II Outfit no. 838374 (1932) with Summar 2.0 50mm lens no. 350846, Elmar 3.5 35mm lens, Elmar 4.0 90mm lens, Hektor 6.3 28mm lens, 2 Leica cassettes, sunshade, filter and lens cap in original fitted leather suitcase, condition: 5

Leica IG no. 925619 (1958) with Summicron 3.5 33MM green filter lens and ER case, condition: 5 (case broken)

Leica II no. 327146 (1939) with Elmar 3.5 lens and Er case, condition: 5

Leica II no. 326000 (1937) with Elmar 3.5 lens and ER case, condition: 5

Leitz (Germany): Leica bayonet mount camera Leica M3 single stroke Sn 964846 with Summitar 5 cm f2 lens Sn 849266.

Leitz (Germany): A Leica 1, Model A Sn 27054 in chrome finish with Elmar 50mm f3.5 and green filter. The camera in maker's leather case.

Two Leica IIIc 35mm cameras, one serial no. 669939 with f/1.5 lens, serial no. 1210174; the other serial no. 554253 with a Summitar f/2.0 lens serial no. 762134; a Hektor f/4.5 lens, serial no. 1075970; an Elmar f/4.0 lens, serial no. 1182110; and collecti

Minolta Leica miniature camera. Minox Digital classic camera Leica M3. in presentation case.

Leitz (Germany): Leica M3 (Double stroke) Sn 900549 with Summarit 5 cm f1.5 Sn 1500613, Leitz Summarit Uv filter and maker's leather Erc. A nice example of this classic camera.

Leitz (Germany): Leica IIIf Black Dial Sn 535472 with Summitar 5 cm f2 Sn 662300, Leitz green filter 1 and maker's leather Erc.

Showa Kogaku (Japan) Leotax F, 1956, Leica-copy rangefinder camera [#250043] with Elmar f3.5 50mm screw lens.

Pontiac (France): Lynx II, c1948, polished aluminium bodied camera for 127 film. With Flor Berthiot f3.5 50mm lens in Leica-style collapsible mount. In leather Erc. Also, an Iloca Quick-A, 1953, 35mm viewfinder camera. (2 cameras).

Minox: Minox Digital Classic Camera 5.0 Leica M3 Plus, sub-miniature camera [#89038190] in satin-lined timber box.

Minox: Classic Collection Leica IIIf Swedish Army Type sub-miniature camera in black [#DM0879] in satin-lined wooden presentation box; also, a Minox Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 sub-miniature [#8116851] in satin-lined wooden box.

Minox: Minox Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 Plus, sub-miniature camera in gold; in black satin lined wooden presentation box. Also, a Minox Classic Collection Leica IIIf Swedish Army Type sub-miniature camera in black [#DM0171] also in satin lined wooden

Minox: Dcc Digital Classic Camera (5.1 pixels) sub-miniature in wooden display box with original packaging, instructions and receipt. Also, a Leica M3 Type sub-miniature camera in small presentation box. (2 cameras).

Leica (Fake): A well-made grey Leica II (D) [#351127] with fake grey Elmar f3.5 50mm lens. Internal engraving 'Marine-Eigentum'.

Leica (Fake): Attractive but strange gold-metal and polished timber Leica II camera [#10518, which would be a 1928 manufacture, if correct!] with fake Elmar f3.5 50mm lens together with an eagle & swastika engraved lens cap. Also, a grey-metal, brass and s

Leitz: Leica C1 cameras, c2000, in black and silver bodies, both with Vario-Elmar 38-105mm Asph lenses. (2 cameras).

Leitz: Leica IIIf camera, 1952-53 [#627190] 'red-dial' with Summar f2 50mm lens and plastic cap in original Leitz lined box. Accompanied by maker's leather Erc and Leitz torpedo finder.

A vintage Leica IIF camera with 'Leitz Elmar F=5cm 1: 3.5' lens, the body in good clean original condition, Leica lens cap, the Leica leather cover re-glued at the front/back join. Serial No. 763056.

A vintage Leica camera, vewfinder and Angenieux lens, circa 1930s, the leather cased camera marked Ernst Leitz Wetzlar and no 185053, with a detachable viewfinder marked 30408, and a Angenieux Paris lens, 135 type Y2, no 177941, also in a leather case

One shelf of collectors reference including Millers, Guide to Leica copies etc

Leica range: Bakelite developing tanks (2); bakelite 'Roninax'; Leica leather camera case; Leitz filters (5); light meter; camera parts; lens caps (4); extension rings, manuals and accessories. G/VG condition. (30+items)

Apo-Telyt-R F/3.4 180MM. No. 2815783 Leicaflex-Fit, with caps, in maker's box, condition: 3

Pa-Curtagon F/4 35MM. No. 2816288 Schneider, Germany; for Leicaflex, with caps and Lenshood, in maker's box, condition: 3

A Leica Ig 3.5 cm camera with Leitz Elmar 5 cm f/3.5 lens. Camera S/N 924647. In later associated case

A Leica IIIc 3.5 cm camera, with Leitz Summar 5 cm f/2 lens, (replacement cap). Engraved with owner's name Lt. Col. D.T. Morrison dated June 1945. Camera S/N 369690