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Leitz (Germany) an Enlarging camera lens fitting, ZQG00 with monocular eyepiece and Kodak Ektar f/4.5 lens.

GRAFLEX (USA): A Graflex RB Tele Graflex with Kodak Anastigmat 7 1/2 inch f4.5 lens, a cut film magazine with film sheaths, a 120 film back and holder, and a Graflex Crown Tripod No. 2

A late 19th - early 20th century timber half-plate studio camera, 'Photographic Productions Pty Ltd Sydney' to front standard the only identification. The camera on fitted stand with leather bellows (in need of attention), a Cooke Aviar Anastigmat Series I

Kodak (Eastman Kodak Co.) (USA): Kodak box cameras comprising a Pocket Kodak, 1895 model (third type) and a No.2 Beau Brownie. (2 cameras)

Kodak (Eastman Kodak Co.) (USA): Kodak Boy Scout 127 roll-film camera in olive.

Cine 'Kodak' Eight Model 20 movie camera with original carry case

A twentieth century no.1A Autographic Kodak Junior camera, with original case

Early Kodak Autographic camera. Estate late Douglas Osborne Hawke.

Vintage 'Kodak Prints' promotional change plate 19.9 cm diameter

A small group of vintage cameras with an Agfa Billy Clack a Vest Pocket Kodak Series III and a Bell and Howell Stereo Colorist I. (3 cameras)

Kodak Carousel slide projector AV 1030 with remote and two round slide trays

Kodak Retinete 1A camera, and a Weston master III light meter

Two vintage Kodak cameras, with one case and one set of instructions

Three various Cameras. Vest pocket Kodak (non stylus model); Nikormat SLR; and Nikon N70.

Group of vintage instruments to include Experimental Turbine, Praktica camera, Labelled instrument Private R Wallace, by Graseby Instruments, Kodak tank, etc

Two cameras: Kodak Reflex & Voightlander

Two vintage Kodak Eastman Brownie box Cameras, a leatherette covered Brownie Junior with its Art Deco inspired metal front plate, introduced in the US in 1934 for the original price of $2.75 and discontinued in 1942, and the Australian made version of the

8 various Cameras, including Ensign Cadet; box Brownies; and Cine Kodak model E

Antique Cameras: Kodak 5 x 7 View camera (modified to take 4 x 5 inch film) plus an antique expanding timber & brass camera with 'Robbins Photo Depot...Liverpool' makers plaque. Fair condition (2 items)

Kodak View camera number 2-D, with brass lens engraved J.H. Dallmeyer, numbered 48460, magnification 12x10. London Rapid Rectilinear patent. Dimensions 29.5 x 36 cm

Four vintage cameras, Finetta, Comet, Brownie Flash III and Kodak Jiffy

A vintage cannon T50, together with Brownie, and box of vintage lenses by Kodak and Synchro Compur and others

Six empty vintage film canisters a long with two Kodak film Tanks

Kodak No.3 folding pocket camera, U.S.A., circa early 1900s, 31632-e

Kodak Retina Rangefinder Cameras comprising Retina II (type 011) Heligon f2 lens in Compur-Rapid shutter; Retina IIc (type 020) Xenon f2 lens, jammed shutter; and Retina IIIc (type 021), meter, Xenar f2 lens, shutter will not cock, condition: 5 (3)

Kodak Medalist II superb f3.5 Ektar 100mm lens in unreliable Kodak Supermatic shutter (jammed), Crf, condition: 7

Kodak Bantam special 1936, superb example of true Art Deco styling, condition: 5 other notes the Bantam special of 1936 was one of the prettiest camera to come from Kodak.

Kodak Stereo model 1 circa 1918, large folding camera for #101 film, rising, cross front movements, red spirit level, some minor repairs to bellows, film chamber and camera back, condition: 6

Boy Scout Kodak camera (English) folding camera with dark green crinkle-enameled body, shutter face with 'Boy Scout Kodak' and emblem; original black bellows.

Kodak cameras Kodak; comprising a Retina IIIc No. 87096 with a Schneider Xenon C f/2.0 50mm. Lens; as Retina IIIc No. 77140 with a Rodenstock Heligon C f/2 50mm. Lens; a Retina IIc, a Retina If and others; a Kodak 35 (7) -4

Regent camera Kodak A.G., Germany; 620-rollfilm, with a Carl Zeiss, Jena Tessar f/4.5 10.5 cm. Lens No. 1714467, in maker's fitted leather case B(ii)

Cine Kodak special outfit Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY; 16mm., comprising a Cine-Kodak special camera No. 8128, a f/2.7 15mm. Lens, f/1.9 25mm. Lens, a f/2.5 38mm. Lens, f/4.5 16 inch lens. A f/2.7 63mm. Lens, f/1.6 50mm. Lens B(iii)

Kodak: boy Scout Kodak camera (English) folding camera with dark green crinkle-enameled body, shutter face with 'Boy Scout Kodak' and emblem; original black bellows.

Group consisting of Bolex Paillard 8mm movie camera, 16mm bell and Howell twin lens movie camera, Kodak disc cameras (2), Zeiss Ikon 35mm Contina, Agfa Karat, Adox 35mm, and assorted catalogues. (8)

Kodak Medalist camera, Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY; 620-rollfilm, with a Kodak Ektar f/3. 5 100mm. Lens No. EC2692 in a Kodak Supermatic No. 2 shutter

Kodak cameras, Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY; comprising a No. 3A Autographic Kodak special model B with lens in a dial-set Compur shutter; a No. 4 screen Focus Kodak, (2)

Kodak Stereo camera No., Eastman Kodak Co., Roxchester, NY; 35mm., with a pair of Kodak Anaston 35mm. F/3. 5 lenses, lens cover, and instruction booklet, in maker's box

Kodak Bantam special camera No. 16315, Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, Ny; 828-film, black-enamel and metal Art-Deco styled body, with a Kodak Anastigmat Ektar f/2 45mm. Lens No. 17140 in a Compur shutter, in maker's evere ready case