Learn about Decanters

The earliest decanters date from the late seventeenth century and were made from blown moulded glass. They were used to serve wine at a time when there was a move towards less formal dining procedures and the reduced reliance on servants and waiters. The 1745 Excise Tax caused manufacturers to make decanters lighter in weight. The tax benefited the industry in Ireland where it did not apply. When the tax was repealed in 1845, a heavier gauge was reverted to. In the second half of the eighteenth century blue, green and amethyst coloured decanters were made. Decanters often sat on silver bottle coasters with baize bases (some even on castors) and could be 'pushed' around the dining table without making scratches or requiring serving staff.

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Stuart crystal ships decanter having a disco ball stopper, with acid etched stamp & original sticker.

An antique amethyst pinch waisted decanter with original stopper, Ht. 26.5 cm

A pair of Crstal decanters, Scandanavian style, Ht. 28 cm

A finely cut small scale crystal decanter, a few fleabite chips to end of stopper, height 20 cm

A small vintage crystal decanter, mid 20th century, of tapering form elegantly decorated with a series of vertical incisions from the shoulder to the base, with a flat topped stopper, height 20.5 cm

A small vintage French crystal and silver plated decanter, early 20th century, conical with delicate vertical lines descending to clusters of lens cut motifs, the mount with stylised pierced and vegetal motifs, height 25.5 cm

A pair of mid-Victorian faceted green glass large decanters, good and heavy mallet form, star cut bases, with original spire stoppers.

A pair of Kozminsky crystal and sterling silver decanters, of classical pear form with rounded base engraved 'Kozminsky'. Sterling silver collar mount and rounded stopper. Made for Kozminsky by Ari Norman, Sheffield, England.

Waterford crystal Lismore decanter, height 34 cm approx

Massive pair of cut crystal decanters with large mushroom stoppers

A pair of Georgian decanters and stoppers, each with lozenge decoration ring neck and mushroom stopper, 24 cm high. Provenance: Robert Milne Brand, Windsor Antiques The Estate of Stanley Crawford Stevens.

French figural Musketeer decanter, approx 37 cm high

A glass Absinthe decanter with stylised dolphin finial, Ht. 38 cm

Edwardian glass & brass figural owl decanter having a hinged head & glass eyes. Condition: good, minor wear to the base. Length 24 cm

A set of 6 Bristol blue glass decanters and one ebony stand, English, early 18th century, 22 cm high

Waterford crystal 'Lismore' decanter of mallet shape, having a flat head stopper. Condition: good, minor wear to the base. Height 24 cm

Stuart crystal 'Hardwicke' decanter having cut criss cross & starburst detail. Condition: good, minor wear to the base. Height 34 cm

Pair of antique French decanters, each approx 29 cm high (2)

A Waterford crystal ships decanter mid 20th century. Height 25 cm

An English etched glass decanter with Teardrop stopper, height 33 cm

A Victorian Bristol green water decanter with plated silver mounts, of tall cylindrical shape with bottle ticket and stopper. Height 31 cm

A Waterford crystal 'Alana' ships decanter and an ashtray, 1952, decanter pattern introduced. Handcut, the decanter of typical ship form with a plain diamond design to the body, long slice cuts to the neck, a spherical stopper with hexagonal cuts a

A Victorian cut crystal decanter. Later 19th century, the body richly adorned with cushion cut diamonds and cross hatched designs, with slice cuts and fluted rings to the neck, surmounted by a ball stopper. Height 29.5 cm

A glass decanter, 20th century, the high shouldered decanter with a slice cut neck and a flat topped octagonal stopper, the body upon a slightly extended octagonal base. Height 22.5 cm

A crystal wine decanter, of facetted shape. Height 34.5 cm

A glass Georgian decanter, English, 18th century, with etched decoration, 29 cm high

A Georgian mallet shaped decanter and bulls eye stopper, English, 18th century, 26 cm high. Provenance: Montague Sainsbury Collection, Christie's, London, 6 July 1999

An early George III glass decanter, English, 19th century, 29 cm high

A Vidrios de Levante glass decanter, Spain, 16 x 38 cm

A pewter Wit & wine claret decanter, made in France, 28 x 18 cm

Two glass decanters, & a cut glass lidded jar

Waterford crystal shipping decanter, together with a Stuart crystal decanter, a crystal jug and perfume bottle

A late 19th century vase, together with a pair of edged vases, a decanter and stopper and a Swedish vase.