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Charles Martin illustrated sheet music. 5 Illustrations including La Pieuvre, water Chute, Colin-Maillard, Traineau & portrait of Charles Martin; printed sheet music of Erik Satie including La Comedie Italienne, Le Flirt, water Chute, Colin-Maillard, L

Song Sheet: 'The Victorian Volunteer Waltz' by Mrs. T.W.L Martyr, Arranged for the band by Mr. T. Ellis, bandmaster 1st. B.V.R', 'Dedicated to Viscountess Canterbury, Published by the composer. Later editions published by Troedel, Melb. cov

Song Sheet: 'Flying Squadron Galop' by N.La Feuillade (Australian Composer) 'Principal violinist at Weston's Opera House, Melb'ne' and 'Late of H.M.Brig Arab', 'Dedicated by Permission to Rear-Admiral Homby And the Offic

Song Sheets: ' Manly-By-The-Sea' (1923) with attractive cover art, ' The Bridge We’ve Been Waiting For' (1931) scarce Harbour Bridge title, ' Canberra Waltz' (1927).,

Song Sheets: 'The Australian Musical Album 1894', with 16 titles by Australian composers with biographical notes && adverts, plus ' Coo-ee! An Australian ballad' (1896).,

Song Sheets: ' Unfurl The Flag' (1883) composed by Sir William Robinson (1834-1897), Governor of both WA && SA, plus ' Our Star Cross Ensign' (1908) with ealaborate back cover.,

Song Sheets: ' The Victorian Galop' (1881/82), cover illustrates Melbourne Town Hall, plus ' Old England And The New' (1887) with cover artwork by prominent 19th century UK illustrator Alfred Concanen of an Australian stockman.,

Song Sheet: ' The Waratah Blossom Waltz' (c.1879) Tasmanian composition, published by Mercury newspaper, features Tasmania’s endemic species of waratah, Telopea truncata.,

Song Sheet: ' The Alfred March' (1867) Composed for a Reception Concert in honour of the visit to Australia by Albert, Duke of Edinburgh.,

Song Sheet: ' Advance Australia' (1859) 'the first song lithographed, and the first national song published in Victoria,…' (from notes by lyricist Eliza Postle).,

Song Sheet: 'The City of Sydney Polka', (c1854), early Australian song sheet with engraved illustration of George Street, Sydney.,

Antique French cast iron book press and wooden stand, sheet music slots, approx 118 cm high

Les Darcy - Song Sheet, 'Les Darcy - A Song of Remembrance' (1917), published by W.Shackleton, Sydney. Only one copy recorded in libraries.

Song Sheet, 'You've Got To Be A Cricket Hero' (1933), with photos of Australian players on front.

1932-33 Body-Line Tour, rare song sheet 'Keep Your Tail Up Kangaroo - The Big Australian Cricket Chorus Song', composed by Neil McBeath, published by Harold Neal [Melbourne, 1932]. Good condition.

Don Bradman: 8-page song sheet for 'Our Don Bradman' (1930). VG condition.

Sheet music: early 1900's to 1950's, mixed range, both instrumental (piano) and song, with classical music & lieder as well as various popular music incl. British and European traditional music. Some duplication, mixed condition, not counted by US, approx

A large collection of sheet music. The majority Australian, c. 1910-1930, approximately 70 in total, a/f (a lot)

Sheet music for The Rain in Spain signed by Julie Andrew with certificate of authenticity

Aviation sheet music: 'The 'rial post, Descriptive Fantasia', 'Roplane Pictured on cover. Cover in good condition the Remaining Pages Fair. Pilot Gustav Hamel. 27 x 36 cm.

Sheet music: 'Colonel Campbell - Mister Lang' sheet music composed by John Quinlan, published by Jack O'Hagan, dated in ink to front: July 1932. Banned by the NSW Government on publication as the lyrics lampoon the fact that new Guardsmen de Groot and Eric

Aviation sheet music: 'Amelia Earhart's Last flight' 1939; 'Hustling Hinkler'; plus two dedicated to Miss Amy Johnson 'Johnnie (Our 'roplane girl)' and 'Johnnie's in Town' (both copyright 1930)

Sheet music: 'Manly-by-the-sea - Australia's prize-Winning song' sheet music with words by Herbert Bailey and wonderful cover Art by Vera Campbell; published 1923 and signed by publisher of the Manly Daily, J. R. Trenery, July 1923.

Sheet music: 'Loyalty Waltz' sheet music dedicated to the 2nd Battalion 3rd Infantry regiment C.M.F, composed by Mrs F.C. Timothy, inscribed to H.S. Piesley of the Australia Hotel, by the composer Mary Timothy and dated 1922. Tipped in to back cover is a p

Aviation sheet music, the 'rial post, descriptive fantasia. 'roplane pictured on cover. Cover in good condition the remaining pages fair. Pilot Gustav Hamel. 27 x 36 cm