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The carte de visite was a standard size small albumen photograph, that when mounted on a thicker paper card, measured 2.5 inches (64mm) by 4 inches (100mm).

The advantage over previous methods of photographic reproduction that allowed for only a single reproduction at a time, was that the inventor, Frenchman Adolphe Disderi had patented a photographic method in 1854 using the 'multiplying camera-obscura', that took multiple separate negatives on a single plate thus reducing production costs. Later versions of this camera took 8 and then 12 negatives on a single plate.

The format and cheaper cost meant that for the first time it was economical for relatives and friends to exchange portraits either by hand or by post, no matter where they were located, and from about 1859 their use spread from Paris to other areas of Europe and the Americas.

The popularity of the carte de visite was enhanced through their use by the ruling classes. In 1859 in France photographs of the Emperor Napoleon by the inventor of the carte de visite, Disden, made the first more popular, and the second famous. more...
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Tasmania: A collection of 1870s-90s albumen photographs laid down on pages or card, various sizes. Subjects mostly annotated in a contemprary hand and include 'Abandoned Penal Establishment, Salt Water River', Hobart Town Harbour 6th April 1880, &#

Burgess Bushranger Gang 1866 Carte de Visite by Captain Coulston showing the Victorian bushrangers Philip Levy, Richard Burgess, Thomas Kelly (Noon) & Joseph Thomas Sullivan, most famous for the Maungatapu Murders in New Zealand, plus a 1924 book on th

Batchelder and O'Neill photographers: Carte-de-VIsite photograph depicting William Landsborough and two Aboriginal trackers, Jemmy and Jack Fisherman. circa 1862. Landsborough led a search for Burke and Wills after their disappearance.10 x 6.5 cm

Carte de Visite photographs by Ballarat photographers, includes one showing a carriage in front of a house; and another of a man wearing what appears to be a masonic collar.

Carte de Visite photographs (175) by Victorian photographers, one an earlier tintype photograph.

Carte de Visite photographs (198) & Cabinet Card photographs (30) by Australian photographers, plus range earlier tintype photographs (10).

Foy Brothers (Thames). Portrait of a young Ngati Maru woman wearing korowhai and hei tiki. Original carte de visite, c. 1865

The Glew collection of rare carte de visite/ albumen prints by Elizabeth Pulmen, Auckland, c1870's. Print sizes generally: 90 x 5.5 cm. Three images have been cropped to an oval by the photographer. Mild fading and wear to prints. This exceptional collecti

Piggoreet Murder: Facinating group of 19th century photograph including 3 captioned carte de visites of the murder scene near Ballarat showing where Mr Ballan shot Mr T Ulicke Burke, 'Black trackers finding the pistol', 'The exact spot.....', & 'The tree f

Aboriginal carte de visite by S.Duesbury of Brisbane c1870; carte de visite, 'One Thousand Portraits of Living & Historical Celebrities'; J. W. Lindt cabinet portrait of a gent; & a carte de visite portrait.(4 items)

Charles Darwin: printed autograph on carte de visite by Elliott and Fry of London c1870. good condition

Photographs, ex the Norm de Pomeroy collection, from three signficant rail Tours: 1958 last train to Thorpdale (20); 1962 last train to beech Forest (11); 1974 Nowingi-Millewa south line (21). G/VG. (52 items)

Cricket Carte de visite: Photo portrait of a seated cricketer (c1865) by Rodgers of Hamilton Ohio. Sitters name & some details also on the reverse in ink (William Lauder?). Rare piece. Corners trimmed

Group of 'Carte-de-visite' photographs. Many early Australian photographers including Nettleton, [Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and the U.K.]. (83)

Collection of Cartes-Des-Visites over 300 images backing card 1.2 cm high, 6.3 cm wide other notes album 18

Collection of studio cards, cartes-des-visites and tin types approximately 100-175 images various sizes

Large collection of carte de visite including Portraits by N.J. Caire

Quarter-plate Union case 'Roger de Coverly and the Gypsies Fortune' by A.P. Critchlow & Company, black, containing an ambrotype to interior of a mother, father and daughter, some darkening, old repair to top edge of case case 10.3 cm high x 12.7 cm wide x

37 French Tissue stereoscopic views of theatre/opera, makers including B.K. Paris, E.H. Paris, views including Don Juan, Hippodrome, Cinderella, Diableries, Le Coup de Satan, some views damaged

Two boxed sets of French Tissue stereoscopic views of La Coupe du Roi de Thule and Robert Le Diable Robert de diable, maker: B.K, Paris, circa 1870s, presented on embossed pink mounts, hand tinted, set of twelve housed in red and blue cardboard envelope sh

Dame Nellie Melba (1861-1931), two Carte-De-Visite photographs by Johnstone O'Shanessy & Co. Melbourne, taken c1880 when she was about 19, one endorsed on reverse 'Nellie Mitchell (Melba) with Amos Norcott' (Norcott became secretary of Melbourne Football C

Cartes De Visite, three taken by Maryborough Qld photographers, noted tintype carte De visite endorsed on reverse 'Mr.King, Bundaberg'; carte De visite endorsed on front 'Maud Hay, Gayndah'; carte De visite of girl; plus another carte De visite endorsed on

An album comprising 184 albumen paper photographs, circa 1880, various photographers including John William Lindt the main body of photographs depicts a number of subjects and locations in Australia and New Zealand, incorporating images of ships at both th

Cartes De Visite - Aborigines: 'Queensland Aboriginals, Photographed Direct From Life By E.H.Forster, at His Studio, Maryborough', two cartes De visite photographs, one showing two aboriginal women with a man, other showing young aboriginal woman. (2 items

Two rare carte vista, Abraham Lincoln & Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale, with stamp verso Mr Kilburn 222. Rgent Street, Abraham Lincoln with signiature verso and stamped J. Oldershaw, faded and with dirt to suface 5.7 cm. x 9 & 6 x 9

An interesting album of late 19th early 20th century photographs, postcards and Cartes Vistas, including images of buffalo bill (photograph), Actors of the stage, Della Ray (signed), Mary Pickford, Mabel Hurst, Nellie Jackson (signed) Charlie Chaplin (cart

Two Australian Cartes de Visite. W.Keene, taken June 2, 1868 in the Studio of T. D. Webb, Launceston; railway worker, taken in the Studio of David Scott, Sydney. Albumin photograph 10 x 6 cm (each )

Carte-de-visite album of embossed leather containing forty civil war period carte-de-visite's including Gen Winfield Scott, John Wilkes Booth, the Wisconsin eagle, old Abe, the Humiston children, other soldiers, politicians, women etc

Two carte-de-visite's 'Girlie' photos circa 1860's, one as Rosa Lea (2)

Photographer unknown,: Aboriginal couple in European clothes, carte de visite, c1870s

G. W. Perry, Melbourne: 'In Memory of the Rev'd William Hill, Wesleyan Minister, who met with a violet death at the hands of a prisoner, whilst visiting as chaplain, in the Pentridge Stockade, May 13th 1869. Aged 45 Years.' carte de visite, c1870. (Nb: the

Otto von Hartitzsch, Rundle St., Adelaide: 'A Native Pickinina with child' carte de visite, c1869-75

C. E. Bevan, Edward St., Brisbane: 'Native Blackfellow' carte de visite, c1868

C. E. Bevan, Edward St, Brisbane: 'Native Gin (Australia)' carte de visite

Robinson's patent photograph album, D. Millard & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; wood-body, metal and white-glass fittings, containing a strip of carte-de-visite photographs, visible through a glass window, exterior handles for changing moving the images, the

New Zealand : 'Panorama of Christchurch N.Z. From Cathedral Tower 1881' by E.Wheeler & Son (Christchurch, 1881), accordian-fold album with 10-part panorama, with additional tipped in albumen photograph of Christchurch Cathedral, and Carte-de-Visite photogr

Collection of 19th century carte de visite and cabinet portrait photographs

Collection of carte de visite, cabinet portraits, postcards and photographs, examples by Caire, portraits, buildings, and shops etc

Australian Aboriginal CDVs c1900, pair of pictures (male and female) by Duryea Photographer 253 Fulton Street Brooklyn N.Y