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Collection of vintage and antique postcards including real photograph street scenes of Rosebud and Dromana, Aboriginals, aviation, Roses Series, Olinda, Monbulk, country towns etc. Inspection will reward. (220+ cards)

Album of postcards including Australian country towns, Louis Wain, real photograph Aboriginals, 'Coakley's Royal Hotel Daylesford', the Australian Cricket Team etc. 110+ items

Album of vintage postcards including Aborigines, real photographs of Portland, advertising etc. Well worth inspection.

An impressive early 20th century post card album featuring approx 950 postcards of a world trip which encompasses Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon, America, Canada, United Kingdom, also with signed Maggie Papakura postcards, the last Aboriginals of Tasmania

C1910-80s postcards in album, noted two nice real photo postcards of Aborigines at Bairnsdale 1912; some nice scenes of Victorian country towns. Fair/G condition. (94 items). E x 1930s speedway champion Frank Apted.

Attractive group of postcards; noted themes, Aboriginal, advertising, aviation 'Walsh Bros Seaplane Flying Over Auckland Harbour C1916', Mabel Lucy Attwell etc. Some very rare cards. (73 items)

Postcard Album. Over 100 cards (early 20th century), English, Japanese, French and Australian. Noted Aboriginals (2), London Exhibition 1908, Cricket 'M.M.C. Australian 1907-8 Team'. Housed in a period album. (100+)

Australian Aborigines: album of c1900-70s postcards (87) and photographs (2). Mainly G/VG. (89 items)

Postcards, Northern Territory and Aboriginal subjects: real photo postcards including Aboriginal women 'Driving' a Ford car (c.1909 - G.M. Nixon, Perth); 'Queen of her Tribe' (Jolley, Melb. C1909); Christ church, Darwin; Albert Namatjira and N.T. Scenes; A

C1905 postcards showing Aborigines (3); 1904 Sydney, Theatre Royal postcards (2) advertising 'The Flood Tide'; 1903 postcard with various 'Paquebot' postmarks; c1970s-2000 cricket postcards (70) & photographs (8). (84 items)

A large post card album with mixed cards, including novelty, humorous, New Zealand and other shipping, Christmas and greetings, Australian scenes and subjects including Aboriginal people

Australian Aborigines group of 18 postcards of Australian Aborigines including 5 VSM series of Aborigines in each state, by 'Nutall', some Kerry Photo's etc.

Fishing: Life-time collection in album, with 86 postcards, mainly Australian salmon trout fishing, c1900-30s, many are extremely rare, noted 'Haunts of the Trout - Southern Monaro' series by Kerry & Co, (14); others from NSW, Tasmania, Victoria, aborigines