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Albumen paper prints of Hobarttown 1862 (3) plus one of Sydney 1862 (A garden party at the family mansion, Woollahra House, built by Sir Daniel Cooper. Aboriginal servants in the background.)., 15.5 x 20cm average

Batchelder and O'Neill photographers: Carte-de-VIsite photograph depicting William Landsborough and two Aboriginal trackers, Jemmy and Jack Fisherman. circa 1862. Landsborough led a search for Burke and Wills after their disappearance.10 x 6.5 cm

Northern Territory: An album of 48 albumen photographs, circa 1880s, titled in pencil below the image, subjects include Abraham's Billabong, Ironstone Camp Birdum Creek, Daly Waters Telegraph Station, Typical Chinese Hut, N. T., Daly Waters Telegraph S

Charles Henry Kerry (1857-1928), Charles Kerry Photographs of Samoa, Tonga, 52 albumen prints circa 1900 affixed in later album, subjects include Working a 4 in. Naval Gun, Malietoe Natives Drilling, Making Tappa Cloth, Lieutenant Gaunt's Squad, Street

Fred Kruger (1831-1888), Victoria, An album containing 60 albumen photographs with subjects including: Yarra Street Wharf Corio Bay, Geelong, Victorian Aboriginals and War Implements, Victorian Aboriginals and Canoe, New Lighthouse and Quarters, Dromana, W

An impressive album of photographs assembled for H.J.Younger in 1890. Titled "Vol.1. Melbourne & the Surrounding Country" with 87 images of Melbourne, Fernshaw, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Sandhurst, Aborigines and several of Malta. 87 photogra

Aboriginals: Two early photographs (1 probably by Kerry), each 20x15 cm; together with 8 lantern slides (square format) depicting Torres Strait and Pacific Island natives. (10 items).

Tasmanian Photographs, late 19th & early 20th century including street scenes, Hobart, Bicheno, hydro-power pipe lines plus an unusual group (most likely Queensland) of 6 Aborigines & 10 whites. (17 items)

Native odalisque. An original albumen photograph showing a Western pose, 1890s. Albumen photograph. 15 x 25 cm

Group including early Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, World War I real photographs, Australian & New Zealand, Aboriginal & Maori. Inspection will reward. 150+ cards

Aborigines: Noted; 1914 souvenir set of 6 in original envelope 'Trans-Australian Railways' (set #2); Kerry photo; 'Fun in the Camp, Lake Tyers' & others.(13 items)

Aboriginal carte de visite by S.Duesbury of Brisbane c1870; carte de visite, 'One Thousand Portraits of Living & Historical Celebrities'; J. W. Lindt cabinet portrait of a gent; & a carte de visite portrait.(4 items)

Aborigines: desirable group of cards with photographs by Kerry & Co. (5); 'A Modern Aboriginal Camp' showing north Queensland warriors with shields; 'Old Sandy' last of the Kerang tribe; 'West Australian Blacks' etc. G/VG condition (15 items)

29 stereoscopic views of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands George Rose stereographs, circa 1904, views including Bowen Falls, Maggie Papakura and her sister Bella Tupou, Solomon Islands, Fijian native canoe

An album comprising 184 albumen paper photographs, circa 1880, various photographers including John William Lindt the main body of photographs depicts a number of subjects and locations in Australia and New Zealand, incorporating images of ships at both th

Cartes De Visite - Aborigines: 'Queensland Aboriginals, Photographed Direct From Life By E.H.Forster, at His Studio, Maryborough', two cartes De visite photographs, one showing two aboriginal women with a man, other showing young aboriginal woman. (2 items

Aborigines: c1885 photographs - 'Native Climbing with Vine' by Charles Kerry (1857-1928), 16 x 22 cm; plus 'Australian Aborigine N.S.W.' by Henry King (1855-1923), 16 x 21 cm. Latter in Poor/Fair condition, though image mainly intact. (2 items)

Photographer unknown,: Aboriginal couple in European clothes, carte de visite, c1870s

Otto von Hartitzsch, Rundle St., Adelaide: 'A Native Pickinina with child' carte de visite, c1869-75

C. E. Bevan, Edward St., Brisbane: 'Native Blackfellow' carte de visite, c1868

C. E. Bevan, Edward St, Brisbane: 'Native Gin (Australia)' carte de visite

19th century photograph entitled 'Mimukulari.', albumen photo of posed Aboriginal woman mounted on book leaf with printed title. 'A woman of the Coorong Clan of the Narrinyeri.', photograph, 12 x 9.5 cm

Three, circa 1906 Australian Aboriginal Corroboree Photos. Corroboree group; two painted men with boomerangs; and two painted men posing with spears. Taken by touring American missionary, c.1906. Contrast poor. Silver Gelatin photograph, 8.5 x 10.5 cm

19th century photograph of a group of Western Australian Aborigines. 6 European men posing with large mixed group of Aborigines. 'W.A' (Western Australia) inscribed in contemporary hand verso. Staining to right margin (4 cm). Albumen print, 14 x 19 cm

Victoria: 'Gippsland Scenery' binder with 19 photographs from the series by Nicholas Caire, (1837-1918), albumen photographs, each 20 x 15 cm, mounted on card, including three showing Aboriginals - 'Native Camp in Gippsland', 'Native bark Canoes' and 'Lake

Aboriginals: c1890s sterograph views, two endorsed on reverse 'Aboriginals N.S.W.', one showing 3 aboriginal men cutting timber, other showing aboriginal family at side of road; also another titled 'Alipan Creek, Clarence river'. Fair/good condition. (3 it

Aboriginals: photograph 'Australian Aborigines N.S.W.' by Henry King (1855-1923), 21 x 15 cm, beautiful toning in fine condition

Last of the Tasmanian Aborigines photographs, a most remarkable collection of photographs from the great Grandson of Charles Woolley, principal photographer of the Tasmanian Aboriginals. Taken from life in 1866. They have been only in the possession of the

Australian Aboriginal CDVs c1900, pair of pictures (male and female) by Duryea Photographer 253 Fulton Street Brooklyn N.Y

Tasmanian Aboriginal Carte de Visits 'The Last Tasmanians' four photographs comprising, Truganinni (2), William Lanney or 'King Billy', Truganinni King Billy and other female. Three by photographer Charles Wolley, Hobart Town, other by H.H.Baily, Hobart To

Kerry photo, Sydney c1885 'Native climbing with vine. 540' 16 x 22 cm

Manning & Knight Carte de Visite, Aboriginal mother and child, albumen paper photograph 9.5 x 6 cm

Frederick Kruger (1831-1888) Aboriginal men with weapons, Geelong, albumen paper photograph 20 x 13 cm

H. King & Co.(late 19th century) Aboriginal with boomerang albumen paper photograph 15 x 20.5 cm signed and titled in negative lower left

Captain S Sweet (1825-1886) aboriginals outside their tents, albumen paper photograph glued to board 14.5 x 11 cm

Photographer unknown, head hunter with head (early 20th century), also another native in tribal dress, silver gelatin photographs (2) each 5.5 x 10 cm

Fred Kruger (1825-1886) mounted and titled albumen photograph titled 'Kruger's Victorian Scenery. Aboriginal Cricketers at Coranderrk'

Fred Kruger (1825-1886) mounted and titled albumen photograph titled 'Kruger's Victorian Scenery. Badger's Creek, at Coranderrk, (Aborigines' Holiday)'

Fred Kruger (1825-1886) mounted and titled albumen photograph titled 'Kruger's Victorian Scenery: Aborigines' war implements'

Framed group of 3 antique photographs depicting a Queensland farming family and aboriginal servants and labourers. 9.5 x 13 cm each