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Six stereoviews of New Zealand and Australian scenes and events.

Stereoscope Viewers with various world cards comprising thirty six taken in Delhi circa 1877 to 1903 by George rose of Melbourne, sixty three of the Boer war including several of Lord Roberts by Underwood & Wnderwood & sixty eight various cards of

Stereographs Collection of cards including 'The American Fleet' (53), 'Duke of York Celebrations' (53), 'The Great War' (22), Boer War (12), New Zealand (39), Australian themes (40), total 219 cards

Early Sydney themed glass slides with a large sequence showing Inauguration day celebrations in George Street, Centennial Park, Sydney harbour, the Showground these often marked 'HN 1' to 53, the photograph noted by institutions as unknown Photogra

Collection of vintage stereocards including Circular Quay, Mosman, Hawkesbury river, 45 approx.

Great White Fleet stereographs, Rose series in original cardboard case. (35 cards)

Stereographs: Group including 1860's anti slavery African American Dandy receiving shoe shine from white boy, also includes Australian country views, English cards etc. 27 cards.

American Fleet The Rose Stereographs. Group of 43 stereoscope cards circa 1908.

Stereograph cards, Boer War group of 22 cards.

Antique stereo viewer & Australian content cards 36 'Rose's Stereocopic Views' cards

Monarch stereopticon with stereo card collection, approximately 84 stereo cards of primarily American content. All Keystone View Co. Includes New York, Oregon, Alaska, Florida.

Eureka Stockade: 2 Stereoscope cards of the monument erected on the sight of the rebellion. c1904

Stereograph Cards: Group by Roses including Australian Military cards (33)

Stereo Cards (2). Roses Australian Views, 'Doncaster Tower'. Underwood and Underwood card 'The most famous Inventor of the Age Thomas A. Edison in his Laboratory'. Sawyer's bakelite View-Master and discs (12). Magic Lantern colour slides, box set of (8) 'R

25 assorted French tissue stereoscopic views, makers including E.H. Paris, views including Chateau Rouge, Champs-Elysees, Jardin Mabille, portraits, faults to most

29 French Tissue stereoscopic views of Russia maker unknown, circa 1860s, views including Moscow, St Petersburg, St Basil's cathedral, hand tinted and hand pricked, presented on embossed orange card mounts, ten stereocards damaged

37 French Tissue stereoscopic views of theatre/opera, makers including B.K. Paris, E.H. Paris, views including Don Juan, Hippodrome, Cinderella, Diableries, Le Coup de Satan, some views damaged

Two boxed sets of French Tissue stereoscopic views of La Coupe du Roi de Thule and Robert Le Diable Robert de diable, maker: B.K, Paris, circa 1870s, presented on embossed pink mounts, hand tinted, set of twelve housed in red and blue cardboard envelope sh

131 French stereoscopic views of Europe views including London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Zurich, all views worn

Boxed collection of French stereoscopic views of Europe maker unknown, box in the form of two book spines, damaged

71 stereoscopic views of Europe, makers including Underwood & Underwood, Rose, J. Place, H.C. white Co., views including Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco. Scotland, Austria

39 stereoscopic views of Japan, makers including Underwood & Underwood, views including charming Geishas at dinner, Japanese landscape Gardening, Expert workmen Creating Equisite designs in cloisonne

5 stereoscopic views related to Science and Astronomy, makers: Kilburn, Underwood & Underwood, views including Thomas A. Edison in his laboratory, Equatorial telescope, Lick Observatory and three views of the moon

49 stereoscopic views of America views including Washington D.C, Cleopatra terraces, Troop I 15th U.S cavalry on the trunk of the 'Fallen Monarch', Brooklyn bridge west

42 stereoscopic views of Monarchy views including Coronation of H.M. King George V' and 'Coronation of H.M. King Edward VII'

22 stereoscopic views of the middle East and South Africa, makers including Underwood & Underwood, W. Green, views including Palestine, JersUSAlem, Kruger's church, Pretoria

Collection of 79 stereoscopic views of Eygpt Underwood & Underwood, views including Valley of the King's Tombs, Temple of Sethos I, Great Pyramid of Gizeh, Temple of Luxor

61 stereoscopic views of arch'logical sites, makers including Kilburn, Universal stereoscopic View Co, Underwood & Underwood, views including Pompeii, baths of Caracalla, Eygpt

45 stereoscopic views of architecture and art, makers incla. Braun, Rose, J. Place, G.W. Wilson & Co., J.H. Schonscheidt, views including Milans Cathedral, turner's fighting Temeraire, Royal opera house, Dresden, beautiful study in skeleton leaves, the Wre

36 stereoscopic views of children, makers including Underwood & Underwood, Universal stereoscopic View Co., H.C. White Co. Kilburn Brothers, views including The child's prayer, the Pillow Fight, the Defeat etc.

39 stereoscopic views of humorous scenes, makers including H.C. White, Rose, Keystone View Co., Strohmeyer & Wyman, views including A straight Flush and cards to Spare, the chicken Dispute, Miss Squires Select Boarding school, a well Fed Beggar

24 stereoscopic views of interiors, makers including H.C. White, Underwood & Underwood, F. York, Rose, Views including Gallery of the Battles-Versailles, Library of the Vatican-Rome, foyer of the Grand Opera house-Paris

35 stereoscopic views of gardens and floral arrangements, makers including The fine Art Photography Publishing Co., Underwood & Underwood, C.H Graves, Webster & Albee, W. Kilburn, views including The silvery Drapereies of Daytona, on the lake of in the Bos

28 stereoscopic views of wildlife and nature, makers including Keystone View Co., H.C. white Co., Universal Sterescopic View Co., the Keraton stereoscopic Nature studies, Underwood & Underwood, views including belted Kingfisher, N.Z hawks, African lioness

11 stereoscopic views of industry, makers including Keystone, James. M. Davis, Underwood & Underwood, views including Harvesting the Hops-Tasmania, Tolling the vineyards-Germany, barley harvest-Palestine

17 sterescopic views of military scenes, makers including American stereoscopic Company, Rose, Australasian stereoscopic Co., views including Boers waiting exam, balloon corps with L. Roberts' army near Johan, British heliographing from the Johannesburg Fo

24 stereoscopic shipping views, makers including G.W. Wilson, Kilburn Brothers, J.G. Parks, views including H.M.A.S Adriadne, New York harbour, the Trossachs Pier, with Steamboat, most views faded

29 stereoscopic views of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands George Rose stereographs, circa 1904, views including Bowen Falls, Maggie Papakura and her sister Bella Tupou, Solomon Islands, Fijian native canoe

38 stereoscopic views by Australian amateurs views including nature scenes, picinics, salmon ponds reserve, Tasmania, the Yarra-Eltham