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Goyder: Atlas of South Australia as Divided into Counties and Hundreds 1877

A lettersheet (folded to provide 4 sides) headed 'Map of Melbourne & Collingwood' with a detailed representation of the street grid, gardens and some significant buildings, with numbered references below the map. [Published by Blundell, engrave

A map of St Kilda, Victoria, c. 1840, lithograph with watercolour highlight on paper backed on linen, 30 x 36.5 cm

De Wits edition of the Hemispherical map of the Antarctic Region by Hondius, 1680, originally published by Hondius, 'Polus Antarcticus' went through several changes. This edition shows Tasman's discoveries from his 1st voyage in Australia and N

Stephens & Stokes: 'New South Wales Calendar and General Post Office Directory, 1833.' [Sydney: December, 1832.] with folding map, engraved title-page with view of the GPO, two folding tables, two folding plates (one hand-coloured), map of Moun

First Large-Scale Map of the Australian Continent 'Hollandia Nova detecta 1644, Terre Australe decouverte l'an 1644' by Melchisedech Thevenot [Paris, 1644]. The very rare first issue in its first state: with the latitudes incorrectly numbered,

After Emanuel Bowen: a New and Accurate Chart of the World, hand coloured framed map bearing date 1744 upper right 36 x 44 cm (image)

Chart of part of the South Sea shewing the tracts & discoveries made by His Majestys Ships Dolphin...& Tamer....1765, Dolphin...& Swallow...1767, and Endeavour, Lieutenant Cooke, 1769", engraved by W.Whitchurch [London, 1773], window mounte

NSW Maps: ";Map of Part of New South Wales" by Lizars [Edinburgh, 1824], plus "New South Wales, Compiled under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge" [London, 1833], both framed, various sizes.

Captain Cook: ";A New and Complete Chart of the World, Displaying the Tracks of Captn Cook, and other Modern Navigators" by Thomas Bowen [London, c1787], plus Portrait of Captain James Cook "Engd. by H.B.Hall's Sons, New York" [c1880]. B

William Dampier: 'A New Voyage Around The World', 2nd Edition, 8vo, original calf, folding maps, London 1697

Christoper Saxton, Hand coloured engraved map by William Kip, circa. 1575, 38 x 27.5 cm

Jjoannes Van Keulen, Yrland, Schotland, hand coloured map, circa. 1681, 50 cm high, 58 cm wide

Robert Morden, Somersetshire, hand coloured map, circa. 1695, 35 cm high, 41 cm wide

L. Cary, Map of Somersetshire, hand coloured engraving, circa.1787, 39 cm high, 51 cm wide

Ionhannah Van Keulen, Engeland, hand coloured map, circa. 1681, 50 cm high, 55 cm wide

Rare Chart / Map of New South Wales (Van Diemen's Land) & Survey in the Interior of New South Wales, also showing the British Settlements at Port Jackson, J, Aspin, Hewitt Buckingham Place, approx 52 cm x 62 cm (Excellent condition, framed and glazed) See

Australian Interest: two framed hand coloured antique Maps i) Oceania Keith Johnston's General Atlas, London 44 x 57 cm ii) West-Australien & Neu Seeland (New Zealand ) c.1863, Stieler's hand-Atlas 33 x 40.5 cm

Australian Interest: two framed hand coloured antique Maps i) the Pacific Ocean, including Oceanica Entered 1850 by Thomas Cowperthwait & Co, USA 32 x 40 cm (image) ii) Johnson's china, East Indies, Australia and Oceanica, circa - mid 19th century,

John Speede, (1552-1629) British, Kent with her Cities and Earles, as described and observed 1612-c.1616, Handcoloured engraving Published London, sold by G Humble in Popes head Alley, English text to the verso, 38.5 x 51.5 cm. Literature: John Speede was

Antique map dated 1690 by Richard Brome of south Wales, approx 38 cm x 47 cm

Maps 2, Africa & Bay of Bengal. A new & correct map of Africa, by Emanuel Bowen, pub. London 1744; & a new Chart of the Gulf or Bay of Bengal, by Laurie & Whittle, pub. London, 1797. Copper engraving, 38 x 46 cm & 62 x 66 cm

Map, Ottens Carte Nouvelle Moscovie. Map of Northern Russia after cartographer de L'Isle, pub, by Reiner & Joshua Ottens, Amsterdam, 1720. Hand coloured copper engraving, 42 x 56 cm

Map, Sanson, Le Bresil, dont la Coste. Brasil from the Amazon to Rio de Janeiro by Nicholas Sanson, pub. Paris, 1656. Later colouring to cartouche. Hand coloured copper engraving, 40 x 55 cm

Maps, Tallis, Panama & British Guayana. Isthmus of Panama with hand coloured delineation including Proposed canal; & British Guayana; both with coloured vignettes by John Rapkin, pub. By Tallis & Co. London, 1851. Hand coloured steel engraving,

Five early engravings. 'Esher place in County of Surrey, the seat of Thomas cotton..... After L. Knyss; grand Riss und Prospect... Vestung und Stadt Dunsberg u Trankenbar by Matthaus Seutter, pub. 1745. Plan & view of Danish East India Co. In prese

Maps, two of polar Region. Southern Hemisphere by William Foden, pub. London 1802; & Sud polar Karte by Petermann, pub. Stieler, Germany, 1863. Hand coloured copper engraving & coloured steel engraving.60 x 60 cm & 34 x 41 cm

Map, Jannsons china Veteribus Sinarum Regio. Map incorporates Eastern china, Japan, Korea, parts of India & Siam. Pub. Amsterdam 1658. Hand coloured copper engraving, 41 x 51 cm

Map, Ortelius Candia Insula. Map of Crete with 10 additional islands, by Abraham Ortelius, pub. Antwerp, 1573. Descriptive Latin text verso. Hand coloured copper engraving, 36 x 51 cm

Mortier Pacific Ocean map. 'Mer de Sud ou Pacifique' from suite du Neptune Francois pub. Amsterdam 1,700. Short edge tears, foxing. Hand coloured copper engraving, 60 x 75 cm (plate)

Various early botanical & Faunal prints, including Phalanger Tachete by A. Prevost. From Atlas Zoologique which accompanied voyage Antour de Monde by Saulces & Freycinet, Paris c1820; 11 botanical prints by Weinmann, c1745; three German fruit print

Jan Wandelaar, (Dutch 1690-1759) four Skeletal studies. From the Anatomical Atlas Tabular V, pub by Joannem & Verbeek, 1740. Two have major losses to bottom 12 cm. Also French anatomical charts, 1 with index. Hand coloured copper etching (8) 54 x 39 cm

New Zealand: c1832-70 fold-out maps, most published by the Royal Geographic Society, noted 'Map of the North Island, New Zealand, Shewing the Native and European Territory' & 'Map of the Southern Alps', also one Sottish map.

1788-1929 range of maps, noted 'Carte De La Terre Van-Diemen' by Bonne [Paris, 1788], 'Het Eiland Norfolk' from Dutch edition of Cook's Voyages [London, 1788], 'Track of the Bounty's Launch from Tofoa to Timor by Lieut. William

Emisfero Terrestre Meridionale, Tagliato Su L'Equatore', map from Zatta's atlas 'Atlante Novissimo' [Venice, 1779], depicts the Antarctic Hemisphere to the equator and Captain Cook's route on his first voyage. New Zealand and the Au

Australia: Collection of maps in folder, noted 'Chart of the Track of the Dolphin, Tamar, Swallow & Endeavour through the South Seas...' by Bowen [London, 1773], 'Karte von Australien' by Johannes Walch [Augsburg, c1810], 'Oceanique

Carte Reduite Des Terres Australes, Pour servir a l'Histoire des Voyages' by Jacques Bellin, [Paris, 1753], lovely map showing hypothetical east coast of Australia, 36x25 cm.

Copper engraved map of Firth of Thames, Bay of Islands and Tolaga Bay entitled 'Riviere Tamise et Baye Mercure a la Nle. Zelande' with insets 'Baye des Isles dans la Nle. Zelande' and 'Baye de Tolaga dans la Nle. Zelande', engraved

Two Maps of 'Cumberland County Planning Scheme 1949' (87 x 60 cm) and the other of 'New South Wales Railway 1949' Maps (99 x 50 cm).

Vintage map of Australia dated 1945, framed 62.5 x 80.5 cm (frame)

Map, 'Partie de l'Australie,' 1756. 'Partie de l'Australie qui comprend la Terre des Papous ou Nouv. Le Guinee, et la Nouv. Le Bretagne,' l'Histoire des Terres Australes, Robert de Vaugondy, 1756. Engraving. 28.5 x 42 cm (sheet)