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A carved ivory figure of Madonna and child, Philippines, 18th/19th century. Provenance: Acquired in Manilla 1980s, height 10 cm

Byzantine double side gold and enamel pendant, circa 11th-12th century AD depicting portraits of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ with 2014 Christies catalogue entry description

Religious roundel, of circular form, decorated with Madonna and Child flanked by angels on copper in silvered and gilded finish, diameter 11.5 cm

Late 19th century painted German porcelain plaque, depicting Madonna and Child after Raphael, set within wooden framed, 16 cm x 16 cm

Russian painted egg on stand, painted with Madonna and Child, in rich tones of red, green, yellow and gilt, on stand, height 25 cm

Two Continental religious Icons, of rectangular form, one depicting Madonna and Child the other winged angel, with oclad, 13 cm x 11 cm, 17 cm x 15 cm (2)

Two framed enamelled religious Icons, by Kamilla Szakos, on copper, depicting Madonna and Child, in bright tones of red, blue and gilt, height 18 cm, 14 cm (2)

Two framed enamel religious Icons, by Kamilla Szakos, on copper, both of arched form, depicting Madonna and Child and three wise men, in bright tones of green, red, yellow and blue, height 20 cm (2)

Pair of English Royal portrait busts, depicting George V and Queen Mary, wearing Royal regalia in brown finish, height 23 cm, 22 cm (2)

Pair of Royal portrait busts, depicting Queen Mary and George V, in earthernware, on pedestals, height 19 cm (2)

Italian porcelain bust, of Mary with hallow and scarf decorated with flowers in tones of yellow, pink, green and black, height 24 cm

Antique French porcelain Madonna statue with gold thread canopy, under glass dome, approx 60 cm high

Two German porcelain panels, 19th century, one of a the Virgin Mary and a framed oval panel of a Vestal Virgin, the panel 19 x 12 cm, the stand 49 cm high, the oval panel 16 x 11.5 cm

Figure of Mary, Mother of Christ, approx 120 cm high

Figure of Mary, Mother of Christ, approx 177 cm high

Figure of Mary, Mother of Christ, approx 148 cm high

Figure of Mary, Mother of Christ, approx 127 cm high

A 17th century Spanish polychrome bust of the Saint Anne with young Virgin Mary, Signs of old Borer, 50 cm high;

A carved marble relief of the Madonna & child, Italian 18th/19th century, in gilded arched frame, 62 x 37 cm and 50 x 74 cm, including frame. Provenance: the collection of Amina & Franco Belgiorno-Nettis Ac Cbe

Good 19th century Alter triptych, depicting the Adoration of Christ, possibly inspired by Hugo van der goes 'Portinari Alter piece' depicting a beautifully painted central panel depicting Mary and child, with angel (Gabrielle) playing mandolin at f

Antique French cast iron statue of Mary and the baby Jesus, approx 100 cm high

Antique French white marble bust of Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, approx 40 cm high, 40 cm wide

An impressive polychrome carved figure of the Virgin Mary, modelled standing with her hands in prayer. 186 x 52 x 46 cm.

A rare polychrome carved figure of the Madonna and Child, Northern France, 15th century, 107 cm high

Set three Victorian polychrome painted religious figures comprising the Madonna & child and two Saints

Antique French polychrome terracotta statue of the Virgin Mary, 173 cm high

A rare large painted pine figure board of Mary Magdalen and Mary the Mother of Christ, 17/18th century, 154 cm high, 97 cm wide, Ppovenance, John Dunn Antiques, Melbourne

Italian School, Madonna and Christ, oil on board, in a two door presentation frame, 36.5 x 24.5 cm

Pair of early apostle spoons one of St. Peter the other of Madonna and dove, marked with Georgian marks partially rubbed approx 97g (2)

Limoges Pierre bonnet Meilleur Ouvrier de France enamel of the Madonna signed 'P.bonnet Mof Limoges', set in a gilt frame. Condition, good, some losses to the frame. Dimensions, 12.6 x 11.8 cm

19th century polychrome painted wooden figure, of the Virgin Mary, with glass eyes raised from a stepped plinth. Height 97 cm

A French Limoges Art Nouveau enamel circular panel of the Virgin Mary, “Ave Maria” within a rectangular gilt frame. 10 x 8 cm

Robert Prenzel (1866-1941). A rare carved Madonna figure, incised Robert Prenzel, Blackrock Vic.,1932, 168 cm high

A collection of letters containing correspondence between Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop and Joanna Barr Smith, (5) comprising two letters hand written and each addressed to Mrs Smith, dated 17th October 1873 and 19th November 1873 respectively, the lat

An early French polychrome painted Madonna and Child, possibly 13TH/14th century, modelled holding the child in one arm, set upon an integral base, 87.5 cm high.

Early Portuguese Madonna & child Sancta. Acquired in Portugal in the 1970s. Height 43 cm